Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adoptable Friends Marlin and Luca

Marlin and Luca were rescued a year ago.  They had been left behind, in filthy conditions and without food and water, on a foreclosed property along with over 60 other hungry cats. 

Luca was the first cat to be rescued. She was so hungry that, despite her shy nature, she hovered around our cars when we pulled up with food and quickly went into a live trap. Luca spent time in three different foster homes, where she lived with other cats and learned all about trusting people again—especially people with food. Luca loves her food!

Marlin, who often prefers to stay undercover, was unknown to volunteers until he turned up in one of the live traps we set in the living room of the foreclosed house. He was the only cat already neutered out of 60 we found on the property. Marlin was scared and had a big hiss, but you could tell he was a sweet, gentle, undemanding guy. Over the next few weeks, he was a comfort cat for many of the other cats we rescued from the property. You could always find a little girl cat—Little Turnip, Trix, Libby, or Luca—snuggled up with Marlin in his carrier. Marlin has always preferred sleeping in a carrier. Even in his foster home where Marlin came out to play, purr, and give head-butts to his foster people, Marlin liked to be able to retreat to the safety of his cat carrier.

Many of Marlin and Luca’s friends have already found loving homes, and Marlin and Luca are waiting for theirs at the Feline Rescue Adoption Center. Marlin and Luca will do great in a home with patient, understanding people. Feed them regular meals of yummy canned food to keep them healthy, and you will see them come out of their shells even faster. Here they were at playtime/snacktime with their buddy Trix (who's been adopted) in their foster home.

If you’re looking for a couple of cats that are sweet but quiet and that get along well with other cats, spend some time getting to know Marlin and Luca. Don’t judge them by how shy they are at the adoption center. Once Marlin and Luca get settled comfortably into a home, you will discover how sweet and entertaining they really are.

To meet them stop by the Adoption Center or call Molly for more information: 651-295-3758.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kitten Season

Boil some water! Roll up your sleeves. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Put on a pot of coffee. Get some fluffy towels. It's going to be a long season. It's Kitten Season and we have lots of kittens waiting to be born!

If you're not a doula or a midwife, one other way you can help is by donating. Kittens need blankets, beds, toys, formula, and food. You can order items from our wish list - (which will be delivered straight to Feline Rescue). If you're not an on-line shopper, you can also purchase the items from your favorite local store and then drop them off at the shower (Chuck & Don's in Edina on 4/26). The items that we need most are:

  • KMR kitten formula
  • Wellness Core kitten food - both canned and dry
  • Cash donations
  • Pet store gift cards
  • Toys
  • Blankets
  • Beds
Help us celebrate our new arrivals on Saturday, April 26th. Drop in between 1:30pm-4:30pm at Chuck & Don's Edina Store (6821 York Ave. S., Edina 55435). There will be treats, games, and prizes! Also, meet several of Feline Rescue's foster caregivers and learn more about Feline Rescue's foster program, volunteer opportunities, and cats.

In typical baby shower fashion, we'll have treats, games, and prizes. Attendees can enter the drawing for fabulous door prizes, which include: A brand new cat tower; a professionally matted & framed, hand cross-stitched cat picture; a new cat bed with tapestry design; and a fabulous cat carrier.

No shower is complete without silly games! We'll have pictures of past momma cats and you can guess how many kittens they had; match the cat to kitten face; and bingo!

Finally, at the shower you can meet one of the kittens your donation will support. There will be cute, fluffy, cuddly kittens in attendance. Different kitties will appear hourly on the half hour (1:30, 2:30, etc).

Feline Rescue Kitten Shower - the happening place to be to play games, win prizes, meet fluffy kittens, and donate supplies. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thursday at Home

Thursday's new family sent some wonderful photo updates.  This fun tuxxy boy was adopted last month.

At his new home. He's doing well and settled in nicely.

His name is Thursday but... It should be curious George!!

Thursday on his cat tree.

Thanks and good night from Thursday!

He's a fun and energetic guy! We love him. His new family.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Early Spring Kittens

As the Minnesota landscapes turns from white to dull brown before turning green, sometimes the best thing to brighten the day are some cute kitten photos.  We have quite a few early spring kittens born already in foster homes and we already have more than a calendar full of cute kitten photos.




Axel Rose


Baby Tabby

Two New Babies


Three of Sunshine's Babies

Friday, April 4, 2014

Frankie and Shirley's Playroom at Woody's

Some lucky Feline Rescue kitties get to be fostered at Woody's Pet Food Deli in St. Paul. The foster cats there get to eat good food and meet nice people and dogs while they await adoption. The kind folks at Woody's recently built a "cat room" so the kitties have room to stretch their legs and play without getting into too much trouble around the store.

Frankie and Shirley love it! Although they still hope to find a fabulous forever home soon, this isn't a bad place to hang out until just the right home comes along. They have everything they need.

They even have a sweet, little roommate named Creme.

This enclosure is perfect for shyer cats like Frankie and Creme to get more accustomed to meeting different people while still feeling secure.

Store cat Ahlers occasionally visits the cat room but prefers to stay on the outside, lounging in the window or in his very own chair.

Come meet adoptable cats Frankie and Shirley, Ahlers, and Creme at Woody's, 647 South Snelling Ave. in St. Paul. When these kitties get adopted, more lucky kitties get to take their place!

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