Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Chipmunks' 11th Birthday!

I'm so pleased as a foster caregiver for cats and kittens for Feline Rescue to get updates on my former fosters. I get an update from adopter Lisa every year. She adopted one kitten (Chip, now Nelson) from the litter of tabbies that I called the Chipmunks and later adopted a second tabby from FR (Lana Kitty Pierson). She also discovered that another one of the Chipmunks (Nelson's sister Alvie) is the "store cat" at Calhoun Pet Supply, so she updates me on her, too!

Hello Denise,

It is that time of the year again when June 1st rolls around that I want to give you another update on your foster boy Nelson, his housemate Lana Kitty Pierson (another feline rescue kitty), and his biological sister Alvie.

As you remember both Nelson and Alvie turn 11 tomorrow. Nelson is still doing well in spite of his feline hyperesthesia, changing his diet and Prozac from my vet help him immensely and allow him to continue to live a happy older gentleman like life.

He will never tolerate Lana Kitty Pierson though and I still have to keep them separated but they both seem to live happy. I just make certain that they both get the run of the house at different times and lots of individual attention and love.

Nelson continues to enhance my life in spite of all his past issues and I have been very lucky to have shared my home with him the last 11 years.

I continue to visit Alvie every 2-3 weeks at Calhoun Pet Supply. Alvie is so sweet and mellow and seems very content and happy with her home at the store. While I still wish I could have adopted her with Nelson I’m thankful she has a home and folks who visit her and care for her.

She is smaller than Nelson and does not have his tabby circles but rather beautiful tabby stripes. When you look at just their faces they are the spitting image of each other and cute as a bug!

Once again I want to thank you and Feline Rescue for all you do for our feline companions. Your organization is awesome and everyone who I’ve ever been connected with have hearts of gold and such compassion for their missions to help cats in need.

I hope all is well with you Denise and that this past year has been a bit easier for you. Without you I would not have had the honor of sharing my life with Nelson!

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