Saturday, June 28, 2008

Millie finds a home!

Last summer, this cute litter of five kittens and their mom cat entered the Feline Rescue foster system. The mama, Lucy Lou, was a very friendly girl, but her kittens were somewhat shy due to living under a porch for the first six weeks of their life. With socialization and time, the kittens tamed up and started finding homes. Not surprising, the colorful kittens were adopted first. The boys Willy, Mikey, and Joey went off to separate homes with great people. Lucy Lou was adopted too, and shortly after one of her kittens, Molly, went to join her in her home. Soon, only shy little Millie was left. Millie was the shyest of the bunch and she is also a black cat so she had a harder time finding that special person to adopt her. After a few months, we decided to move her from her foster home into our shelter where she would have more exposure and more socialization with various people, which would hopefully increase her chances of adoption.
At our shelter, Millie remained quite shy, but she was very receptive to a gentle pet and even accepted belly rubs when she felt comfortable. Her former foster mom is also a volunteer at the shelter, and she felt badly for poor Millie. Then one night, she had an idea. She emailed all of the people who adopted Millie's siblings letting them know that Millie was still searching for a home to accept her and love her as she is. Miraculously, the family who adopted Mikey last summer came to our shelter to take Millie home as well! So Millie has now rejoined her brother in their forever home! If we get updates we will be sure to share them.

Millie as a kitten, summer 2007

Millie now, all grown up

*****Congratulations, Millie!*****

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vanna and the Vanalikes are Ready for Homes!

It's been awhile since we've posted an update on the Vanalikes. They are fourteen weeks old and will be spayed/neutered next week. They have remained smallish and downy soft like their mother, Vanna. They love to race around and play, but are unusually gentle and sweet, in addition to being exceptionally beautiful! The kittens all ended up with pale green eyes instead of crystal blue like their mom. If you're interested in adopting one of these beauties, please call Cathy at 651.230.3263. They should be ready to go to their new homes the week after the 4th of July.



Beautiful mama cat, Vanna
And below is lucky little Beau! We're very pleased to report that Beau has a home all lined up and waiting for him once he's neutered. He will join another young cat at home. Beau is the first adoption as a result of this blog!! Woo-hoo!!

Lucy adopts Linus

A tiny, tiny kitten was brought into a clinic organized by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. He was apparently all alone in the world, found with no mom or siblings, but he was only three or four days old. It is almost impossible to save a kitten that small without its mother and they were not equipped for newborn kittens at the clinic; they didn't even have kitten formula. A volunteer tucked the kitten inside her clothes to keep him warm for the day, but they worried what they would do with him that night.

Lucy was found abandoned at a dumpsite at Red Lake and when she was brought into the clinic, it was discovered that she was a lactating mother cat. Her kittens were nowhere to be found. Would she accept the orphaned kitten?

Cautiously, they put the kitten with her and she didn't hesitate a moment. She immediately began washing him and then nursed him! Feline Rescue agreed to take in the pair and they have been in foster care now for about three weeks.

Linus weighed just 5 ounces when he arrived, but he weighs about a pound and a half now. Lucy is very attentive and protective of her little adopted son, but they are both a bit bored because they have been kept separated from the rest of the household. Linus hasn't started eating kitten food yet, but he is scratching in the litterbox and he has learned to climb. Mother and son are both quite talkative and love to be held and cuddled.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goodbye, Sweet Patina

Patina, the oldest cat in our foster system, passed away the night of June 13 at the advanced age of 24 years. She was in good health and good spirits until about a week before her passing.

When I took her in as a foster cat, she was 18 years old. An apartment manager called to report that a cat had been left alone after her owner went to jail. After she was in our shelter for a week or so, a man called to claim her, saying that her name was "Stinky" and that she was 18 years of age. We knew she was a senior but were surprised that she was that old. He said he was going to come and get her.

A couple more weeks went by, and Patina was miserable in the busyness of a cat shelter. The shelter atmosphere is often difficult for older cats to adapt to, and she really disliked other cats. She'd probably spent her life as an only cat so it must have come as a huge shock to her to find herself in a large room with about 20 other cats, separated from them by only the metal bars of her cage.

I had talked about fostering 'sometime' when I had a larger place or if there was a great need. Our foster coordinator asked me if I could take Patina because she was so unhappy. I agreed without thinking and brought her home with me on July 4, 2002.
She wasn't much happier in my place, at first. I had a two-bedroom apartment, which should have provided ample space for Patina and my other three cats, but Cleopatra (FR alum) was determined to make the new cat's life miserable. Lying in wait for Patina to come out of her hiding place in my closet and try to use the litter box, Cleo would race over and chase the poor cat away. I finally ended up closinig Patina in the bedroom, which seemed sad to me but Patina immediately perked up.

Cleopatra tried to burrow under the door during the day and cried and howled at night when I shut her out of the bedroom. The first month or so was absolutely horrible. I felt sorry for Patina and there wasn't anyone else who could take her. It was clear that she would be happiest in a home without other animals.

Fast forward to the summer of 2007. Patina is now 23 years old and I have three foster kittens in my home. Patina still keeps to herself a lot, but Cleopatra has long since stopped harassing her. Patina was curled up in the cat hammock that hangs from the windowsill in my home office. Next to her was Teddy, the orange tabby kitten. I was pretty confident that she had been there first and he had made himself comfortable next to her, but still. She hadn't growled and chased him off.

Earlier this year, I bought an overstuffed chair for my office so I would have a place to read or do paperwork that was more comfortable than the computer desk. I have used the chair about twice. It was instantly taken over by several of my female cats. And there with Samantha, Cleopatra and Nimue was….Patina. Relaxed and happy, cuddled up with her feline friends.

I had tears in my eyes as I grabbed my camera to record the momentous event. Whenever someone tells me that they have to find another home for their cat because it doesn't get along with another animal, I think of Patina and how she was able to overcome her dislike of other cats and finally become one of my pride of cats. Of course, you have to be willing to stick it out for 3,4,5 years but it is possible.

Patina liked to sleep on my pillow, with her front paws on my neck or upper arm, so I learned to sleep in position so she wouldn't be disturbed. She gave wonderful massages with her tiny declawed paws. She loved her canned cat food and was always willing to eat a hearty meal. She was bold at the vet's office, willing to get out and walk around to check things out. She learned to tolerate other cats and even more amazingly, large dogs. I think basically she felt they weren't really worth her notice.

The last few days of her life, when she was unwell and I knew it was a matter of time before she would leave me, she was sleeping elsewhere, on a towel on the bathroom floor, in a laundry basket , on top of the wooden chest at the end of my bed. The last two nights, though, she came and slept with me again in the old way, snugly purring in my ear.

I am sad that she is gone, but I am so happy that I was the one who was asked to take her and so happy that I took the chance on her. Six years goes by so fast, but it was a good ride while it lasted.

Here are some photos of Patina (dilute tortie) snuggled up with the friends she made.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tabbies Galore!

We seem to have an abundance of tabbies in our foster system this spring! This litter and their mama was brought to our shelter earlier this spring by a concerned and caring man. They were living in a garage or warehouse and his boss told him to "take them to the river and get rid of them". Well, fortunately he didn't do that and he brought them to us. They should be spayed & neutered in the next week or two and then they'll be ready for adoption. Of course, we're hoping they can find homes in pairs! Mama's name is Mama Jo, and the kittens are Diego, Minnie, Fluffy, and Tootsie (adopted). They are hard to tell apart, that's for sure!

Update 7/17/08 Tootsie (below)has been adopted!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Adoption Update: Ellison

Ellison was adopted from our shelter awhile back and his adoptive mom sends us regular updates and photos. We love seeing our cats so happy in their forever homes!

Hello Feline Rescue, I wanted to share these beautiful photos of Ellison. I believe that he is losing weight and he is two or three times more frisky than when I first adopted him. He still has that big belly but he is very happy and active. He's doing MUCH better around strangers as well. He is soooooo adorable!!! I have never been around a more gentle or sweet-tempered cat. We are very attached to each other. Until the next update...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sponsor Me: Sissy

Sissy truly enjoys the good things in life. Although her day is scheduled from dawn to dusk with napping, dozing, resting, slumbering, snoozing, getting in forty winks, taking a siesta, nodding off, drowsing off, and sleeping, she is sure to incorporate her feline friends into her schedule. Her activities require plenty of nourishment, so Sissy takes plenty of breaks for crunching kibble and lapping up canned cat food. One can only guess that Sissy must be close to exhaustion when she crashes into the nearest bed after her last meal of the day!

To tell the truth, Sissy is not always eating or sleeping. Because she is not particularly comfortable with humans, visitors are not likely to see Sissy out and about, unless she is surprised by their presence, in which instance she is likely to scurry across the floor to the most secure position apart from them. Sissy is most likely to be observed hunched down in her bed, making herself as small as possible, as she waits in a semi-petrified state for the strange humans to depart. Although Sissy is not a spa aficionado, she does have some human friends who pet her, brush her, and clip her nails to keep her looking and feeling her best. During quiet times at the shelter Sissy frequently sits at the door to her room, observing the roaming cats. In reality, she is waiting for the coast to be clear, so that she can chase the toy mouse in her room while maintaining her staid reputation. Her closest human friends know that on occasion, Sissy may be enticed to forget herself, and chase and attack the feather on the end of the wand! Shhh!

Donating to Feline Rescue's sponsorship program is a great way to support our mission. Sponsorships make wonderful gifts! Recipients receive a photo and biographical sketch of the cat. Download this form to sponsor Sissy or one of her friends. To see other cats available for sponsorship, click here.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Black-and-white Beauties

We've shared photos of these two lovely ladies with you before, but now we'd like to give you some more information about their personalities. With so many all-black cats in the back room at Feline Rescue right now, Opal and Whispers really stand out in the crowd. These two black-and-white beauties, though they may look alike at first, couldn't be more different.


When Opal came to Feline Rescue, she was very scared. She didn't like to be touched and brushed off volunteers'attempts at friendship. But Opal has become quite tolerant of her two-legged friends. Occasionally, she will even choose to snooze on a nice warm lap for a while. (She gets to choose the lap!) Once you gain Opal's trust, she will become a loving companion.

Opal is the definition of an independent cat. Most of the time, she likes to perch on a nice, quiet chair to watch what the younger cats are doing. She plays with wand toys when she's feeling frisky and is an excellent soccer player. But here at Feline Rescue, Opal is mostly a spectator. She would love to find a home where she could take center-field! Stop by the shelter or visit Opal's Petfinder page for more information.


Whispers came to Feline Rescue with her daughter, and they were inseparable for a while. But you know how it goes with teenagers; she decided to go off on her own and was adopted to a great family. Now Whispers is still waiting for her perfect home.

Whispers loves to curl up in the "Kennel Club" with her power-napper friends and snooze the day away. She is a sweet girl who loves to be brushed and pet and will even crawl into your lap every once in a while. While she rarely takes part in the play time activities, she likes watching all the tricks that the youngsters can do! Whispers is like the den mother, keeping the kennel warm for any cats who come to visit. Her ideal family would consist of some friendly people and at least one other cat (maybe even one of her friends from Feline Rescue, like Scrappers). Whispers truly enjoys the company of other cats! Stop by the shelter or visit her Petfinder page for more information.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This lovely mother son pair that we featured a few weeks ago was adopted together last night. We wish them the best of luck in their new home, and will share an update when we get one!

Congratulations, Lady Lucy & Lance!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lovely Lexi needs a home!

Hi my name is Lexi and I came to Feline Rescue several years ago as a four week old kitten. I came with my mom and brother. The place we had been staying was rough and we were treated very badly. My brother had to have an eye removed due to the bad treatment. But that is in the past. My mother and brother have been adopted but I am still waiting for my forever home.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am a beautiful tortie and quite the talker. I have a cute way of throwing my head back when answering someone. My favorite thing in the world is to be around people and lounging around them. I have a loud purr and love to sleep under the covers when it is cold. I have beautiful fluffy fur that is quite stunning when I am just brushed. I think I may even have some Maine Coon cat in my heritage. In any case I get a lot of compliments about my looks.

I have my standards when it comes to associating with other felines. Not that I am a prude, but I prefer my feline friends to be more cultured and not so rough. I usually spend my time separate from other felines who are too bossy. That is not to say I don’t want other feline friends. I have been surrogate mother to many many foster kittens and a few shy cats. After a few hisses at kitten to let them know I have standards, I have been known to hold them down and clean them up and let them snuggle and play with me.

I would be quite happy as an only cat or with another cat who is not bossy.
Note: Lexi's foster family will be undergoing some life changes very soon, and we really need to find this girl a perfect forever home soon! If you are interested in sharing your home with Lexi, please call Cathy at 651.230.3263.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Five Brown Tabbies Growing Up

I received an update from the foster mom:

Here are more recent pictures of the kitties. As you can see, they’re getting easier to photograph but much harder to keep confined to one room! They scamper out every time I open the door!

"I took the pen out of their room over the weekend and put up the jungle gym that was donated to Feline Rescue. Unfortunately, I had to take it apart to get it in the car and I had no idea how it went back together. I ended up with nine left over pieces. The kittens don’t seem to mind!"

Yesterday, before I left for work, I said goodbye to the kittens, counted them and shut the door. I let the dogs in, made sure all four of my cats were accounted for and started to leave when I heard the sound of little kitty feet running. They don’t go anywhere slow! Sure enough, one of them had managed to get out between the time I counted them and closed the door which I thought was pretty much simultaneous. Geez!

Two of my cats are friendly little guys, they’re ready to make friends. The other two have made their feelings clear. They are not impressed. The kittens do well with the dogs. Dangly beagle ears are just too tempting to ignore. A lot of the time they look like they have a growth on their butt shaped just like a beagle!

I’ve started to take them out to play in the living room at least once a day. My instinct says to start weaning them a little from each other by letting them play with me and the dogs.

All in all, they’re a lot of fun.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sponsor Me: Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie came to Feline Rescue when her family could no longer care for her. She's been at the shelter a while now, but it's hard to understand why. Maybe it's because she's a black cat. For some reason, black cats are usually the last to get adopted.

But Miss Ellie is more than just another black cat: She's a sweet little thing with loads of personality. She loves to have fun and is quite a tease. She'll roll over on her back and beg you to play with her. In quieter moments, Miss Ellie likes to be picked up and petted and even to snuggle on volunteers' laps. She seems to do better in smaller crowds, so she would really settle down in a home without too many other cats around.

While she awaits her new family, Miss Ellie is available for sponsorship. Donating to Feline Rescue's sponsorship program is a great way to support our mission. Sponsorships also make wonderful gifts. Recipients receive a photo and biographical sketch of the cat. Download this form to sponsor Miss Ellie or one of her friends. To see other cats available for sponsorship click here.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Velvet: Shelter Greeter

Visit the Feline Rescue shelter, and Velvet is likely to be the cat running to greet you or rubbing your legs. Touch her hair, and you will wish to wear her next to your skin. Velvet is quite appreciative of head stroking and petting from strangers. Occasionally she will carry on conversations, though usually she is just a good listener. Volunteers seek out Velvet for her softness, friendliness, and gentle forehead kisses. She gets along well with most humans and felines, though she prefers cats that are not sprightly. She is flexible in terms of the home she seeks: she will do fine by herself, with other cats, or with dogs. Just don't covet her hair, because Velvet is not willing to share it! After all, she is the Queen! But she is willing to hang up her throne in exchange for a forever home and will easily reach a mutual understanding with her new family.

To learn more about Velvet, please call our shelter at 651.642.5900 ext. 3, or visit her Petfinder Page.

Friday, June 6, 2008

2008 Meow Match Challenge Grant

No fooling us cats – we’re smart. We’ve noticed that people are losing jobs, even homes, and just when prices for food, fuel, and feline necessities are flying higher than birds.Feline Rescue has quietly helped folks spay and neuter their kitties for a long time. The volunteers tell me, though, that the phone now trills all day long. What to do. What to do. Meeoow!! Oh, Meeoow!!
The good news: our Shy Benefactor from last year is back! Willing to put up $10,000 to help my fellow felines get fixed, no matter how tough times are for their people.The better news: we cats heard that humans are getting something called a Stimulus Check. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s money. And I know that, if you send us part of it, the Shy Benefactor will match every dollar. And I know that some really special cats will get all fixed up for good lives.
Buddies – it’s Time to “Meow Match” again. You can do it!
Deadline: July 15. $100 from each of you will have us singing – on key – but we’ll love whatever you can do. If you want to honor or remember someone – four legs or two, please do. Just print this post and mail the form to the address below, or contribute online by clicking on the orange "donate" button in the badge on the sidebar. Be sure to designate your dontation for the “Spay & Neuter Meow Match” so we can get our matching dollars.

Yes! I want to be a Meow Matcher for Spay/Neuter!




In Honor Of_____________________In Memory Of________________________

Send Card to:____________________________________________________

Address, City, State, Zip____________________________________________

Amount Enclosed:_______________

My check is my receipt________I need a receipt___________

Send to: Meow Match, Feline Rescue, Inc., 593 Fairview Ave N , St. Paul , MN 55104 Feline Rescue, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) corporation; your contribution is tax-deductible.
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