Friday, September 28, 2012

Eloise: Her cute face saved 6 other cats!

Remember this story?
Once upon a time there was a little black and white kitten who had spent the entire three months of her short life at an impound facility in Princeton, MN.
Unlike many facilities of this type, kitties are allowed to stay until they need room for more kitties, and it was just about at that point. First in, first out meant she and two adults were scheduled for euthanasia.
Feline Rescue agreed to take the black and white kitten, but fortunately the transfer crew had very soft hearts and came home with the b/w kitten, named Eloise, the beautiful calico adult female who became Nannie, a handsome gray tomcat to be known as Princeton, AND four kittens under 8 weeks old.
The volunteers who went to get her were immediately charmed by her adorable looks and her self-confident, energetic attitude despite her tough start.
She got along with other cats in her foster home, but was be fine on her own.
She is a bit of a diva and likes nothing more than laptime and your undivided attention.
Her cute face will win you over every time!
Eloise was adopted by an Karen as her only cat. According to Karen, she is shy of strangers, but queen of her castle and very good company.
 Looks like a happy ending to me!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Need a lap warmer or two?

Fall is here, so winter's coming!  Need some company in the house? Perhaps a little purrbox to keep your lap warm?

Here at Feline Rescue's Adoption Center we have lots of great cats just waiting for forever homes.  One of them is little Lola. Lola is a beautiful and athletic young cat.  She's almost always on the go.  But when it's time to snuggle, she's all over that too!

Looking for a pair of cats to keep your mind off the impending cold?  Sven and Fynn were born outside this summer but never want to experience a Minnesota winter.  They will be more than happy to spend the winter inside with you! Everything these boys do- even sleeping- is adorable. So they will have no problem keeping you entertained.

If you're looking for a less active cat, someone with years of experience sitting in laps, Sphinx is your guy.  This sweet, older kitty so deserves to be in a home.

Adopt a cat from Feline Rescue: a cat gets a great home, you get a great cat, and we get room to save another homeless cat. It's a win-win-win!

To meet these and other great cats, stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friendship After Loss

A couple of months ago, we took in three kittens that were part of a large group of orphaned kittens rescued in the spring.  Chip, Winnie, and Lili enjoyed romping around the house together and were often found snuggling in a kitten pile.  Sadly, Winnie and Lili were never quite healthy, and both passed away recently.   We miss them dearly but are grateful for Chip’s cheerful presence in the house.   Little “Chipper” is healthy and thriving.

Since the loss of his sisters, Chipper has attached himself particularly to our adult foster cat, Buddy.  Buddy spent the first year of his life living outside so didn’t enjoy a carefree kittenhood.  But through his friendship with little Chipper, Buddy is experiencing kittenhood all over again.

Although Buddy has always gotten along well with other cats, he has never had a friend quite like Chip. Buddy and Chip chase each other up and down the halls, wrestle, and play hide-and-seek.    They snuggle in our laps together.  Buddy even lets Chipper “nurse” on him.

Chipper is a sweet kitten and would be happy to be adopted to live with any young cat  and people who would play and snuggle with him.   But wouldn’t it be great if Chipper and Buddy could find a home together?  Buddy is about three years old and has been waiting for his forever home for a while now.   Because of his background, Buddy is shy of new people and situations at first.  Once Buddy warms up to you, he is a joy to have around.  You won’t meet two nicer cats.

If you are interested in meeting Buddy and Chip call Molly at 651-295-3758.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

She's got Spirit

Spirit, a Feline Rescue cat, has been hanging out at Woody's Pet Food Deli in St. Paul.  Although she could act a little aloof when she was at the Adoption Center, her personality really shines now that she's not surrounded by so many other cats.  Spirit enjoys hanging out with the Woody's staff and customers. Even dogs don't faze her!

Spirit likes making herself useful around the store.  She'd really love to find a home where her only job would be as your trusty companion.  Spirit is always entertaining.  She's really sweet and even gives hugs.

Stop by Woody's to visit Spirit or call 651-642-5900 ext.3 for more information.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Charlotte and Amelia: Homes at Last!

Over two years ago, I took in a pregnant mom cat, Charlotte, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who soon had four kittens. Three of the four kittens were adopted within a few months, but no one chose Charlotte or Amelia. It was the longest I ever had had foster cats and the longer they stay, the harder it is to let them go. However, I could not continue fostering if I adopted them myself and I knew they deserved more attention in their own home.

CHARLOTTEThen I heard from one of my former Feline Rescue adopters (of my kitten Eloise) that she was looking for a cat for her mother. The two of them drove over and fell in love with Charlotte. Apparently, she made herself right at home:

Charlotte and I are doing just fine. I think she likes me. She follows me everywhere and slept with me from the first night. K~ and I are both surprised. Right now she's sitting on the desk next to the computer. Anyway, shes doing just great and she says to say Hi to Amelia and Gilligan and the rest of the gang.

Thanks again,
Charlotte's doing fine. Still sticking to me like glue...although I have noticed she's not quite as dependent as the first week or so. Still haven't introduced her to Eloise yet....maybe one of these days....... Poor Amelia. Hopefuly one of these days, she'll get her forever home and have different things to think about other than " Where has my Mom gone to?"

Have a good day ...... Charlotte sitting next to me and meowing. Must be saying Hello to you and the gang!!!!!


Another couple months went by without a home for Amelia and I decided to give her a chance at the Feline Rescue Shelter where more people would see her. Feline Rescue has agreed to take in two cats from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue at the shelter to help them find homes, so when there was a spot to fill, I took Amelia there. I've never suffered so over a decision for a foster cat. She had been there a couple of weeks when I stopped to visit and learned that she might be getting adopted that day with another cat from the shelter named Gilligan. Well, I've had a cat named Gilligan for ten years, so I took that as a sign and spoke briefly with the adopters. Time passed and I was so anxious for an update that I contacted them and got this great news:
I'm so glad to hear from you as we had such a short time to meet at the shelter. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I have loved having the summer off to bond with the kitties but am starting to gear up to go back to school.

I am happy to report that Amelia seems to be happy in her new home. My husband and I don't have kids or other pets so she and Gilligan are our only 'children'. We love them so much though it has been an interesting transition. Amelia is so much an alpha female, since she crossed the threshold, she has definitely been the boss. As a result, with Gilligan being a shy boy, we set up a screen door between the first and second levels of our house so they could sniff and view each other but have slow physical introduction. I so wish I had a photo of the night when Amelia decided she'd had enough and wanted to meet Gilligan so she climbed our modified screen door and made her way over!

GILLIGAN AND AMELIASince then, they have gotten to be fast friends and even snuggle and have taken to sleeping together, as well as playing, chasing and eating together. I'm a bit surprised but thrilled that they are getting along so well, so quickly. I've attached a few photos of her/them for you. Please know she's in good hands and that I'll be sure to send photos and updates about her.

L~ and B~

FINALLY, happy endings for the whole family (and me!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Help for Fluffy and Skittles

**Note, these are not Feline Rescue cats, but we're posting this as a courtesy to their rescuer because we want them to find great homes!

Fluffy and Skittles were born outside to a stray and injured mom.  Some kind folks rescued the mom, got her medical attention, and found her a loving home.  Then they set about capturing the kittens.  Fluffy and Skittles are now neutered, well-socialized, and ready to go to a loving home.

Unfortunately their rescuers can no longer keep Fluffy and Skittles so feel they have no choice but to send them to live with a relative back outside, where they will receive food, water, and shelter.  But this is not ideal for such sweet, young boys, who are now used to living in a home with people.

Fluffy and Skittles are a bit shy with new people but sweet and outgoing with their caretakers.  They will warm up quickly in a new home.  They would do best to go to a home together, as they have always been together and love to snuggle, wrestle, and play. If you can help give these kitties the indoor lives they deserve, please email

Monday, September 17, 2012

Neighborhood Spay Day and Community Open House

Photo: Alley Cat Allies

Sunday, October 14, 10-1
Feline Rescue, 593 Fairview Ave. N.

In honor of National Feral Cat Day, Feline Rescue will hold a Community Open House and Neighborhood Cat Spay Day.  Come tour our shelter, learn about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and humane care of feral cats, and find out how you can help when you see a stray cat in your community. We will also host a low-cost spay/neuter clinic at the shelter that day.  All cats must be scheduled in advance by October 1st.

For assistance with getting a community cat spayed or neutered, for more information, or to make a donation to support our efforts to help reduce the number of cats that are out on the streets or euthanized by animal control facilities, contact 651-642-5900 ext. 4 or We can also use donations of cat food, Tru-Catch live traps, and wire dog kennels. And we can always use more volunteers!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Beanie Buddies

Henry and William were not single orphan kittens, or "lonely onlies" as we call them, and have always had each other, but these sweet boys still love snuggling up with their beanie buddies.



Henry and William are currently available for adoption.  Please contact our foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264 for more information.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Casper Update

Casper is back in his foster home and doing much better.  Thank you for all your support!

From his foster caregiver:
Casper is home from the kitty hospital. He can sort of see now as his eyelid swelling is resolving, and got his first toys!

He's still sneezing but can see out of both eyes now. He spent yesterday running around the bathroom, playing with his ball, mouse, and stuffed chicken, and generally hopping and popping. Eating well, taking his medicine like a champ. Has started drinking water and eating Baby Cat kibble. Loves cuddles and purrs up a storm.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Desperately Seeking Foster Homes

This gorgeous white momma cat and her 5 kittens (3 of the kittens are also white like mom) need a foster home urgently. Mom is currently outside trying to protect her kittens under a porch. A Feline Rescue outreach volunteer has been checking on her and bringing food. The last time the volunteer was there neighbors reported momma cat had recently been attacked by a dog.

Momma is a sweet, friendly girl and her kittens are 8 weeks old.

Feline Rescue would love to bring her in but all of our current foster homes are full.  If you have an extra room in your home (bedroom, den, office, or bathroom), please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Casper Needs Your Help

Baby Casper was rescued with his sister Wendy. Both orphan kittens came in with a severe upper respiratory infection. Wendy spent a number of days in intensive care at the emergency vet hospital but the virus was too much for her and she passed away yesterday morning. Casper is currently in intensive care with pneumonia at the vet hospital as he needs supportive care and oxygen. The veterinarians are optimistic that he will make it.

Donations for Casper's care would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263 if you can help in any way, or if you prefer to donate online, click on the donate now banner on the right of this blog or the link on the Donate page and specify your donation should go to Casper.

Please send good thoughts his way for a full recovery. We hope to have a positive update very soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


An update from Feline Rescue's favorite redhead, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago:

Here are some pictures of Huey (formerly known as Oscar). He has adjusted really well and is now king of the castle. He's still shy around new people (when my parents came, he hid under the bed the whole time), but I think he's really happy here. Enjoy the pics! -Becca

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Update on Katia the Community Cat

Remember the community cat that was looking for a safe place to go?  She found a place with a pair of Feline Rescue supporters who clearly have a knack with shy kitties.

Katia loves her canned food, seems to enjoy listening to haiku, and is already rolling over to let them pet her belly!   Katia will make a very sweet kitty for someone someday. We’re glad she will have that chance.

There is always a need for people who are willing to take in stray cats or kittens temporarily for assessment or socializing.  These are community cats that have been rescued by individual rescuers to be spayed and neutered with the help of Feline Rescue’s Outreach program.   If you are interested in helping other cats like Katia, email

Friday, September 7, 2012

Oliver at home

This little guy comes from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. I was in Bemidji and offered to transport to the Cities any animals that needed a ride. Tristan (now Oliver) was a bonus rider, picked up literally on the way to meet me. He was scrawny and sickly then, but is now a beautiful, healthy boy adopted by a couple who adores him!
Well, Tristan and I have been playing ever since we got home, and is he ever a happy boy! He's been purring, making happy paws (kneading), and rubbing all around me. Gary's in with him now. What an absolutely adorable little guy he is! He hasn't hidden at all, but is very curious. He is a bit startled at new sounds, but will soon learn what is normal. I think he's going to adjust very nicely. He's a *very* good little traveler. Thank you, thank you, thank you for encouraging me to come and visit. He is already very precious to us!

P.S. He's still moving a bit fast to get a good photo! I'll keep trying as he settles in.

You'll be happy to know that our little guy had an absolutely wonderful morning on the porch! Windowsills! Birds! Perches! Squirrels! Toys! He finally dropped in his tracks and slept. Last night, he kept hopping up on the bed to nuzzle us, purr, and knead his paws. He is such an affectionate little guy! He's shown a real curiousity about the rest of the house, too, so maybe tomorrow afternoon I'll let him tour the first floor with me supervising. My mom is coming over to meet him
this afternoon. I know she'll fall head over heels in love with him, too. We're thoroughly enjoying him, and he seems to be enjoying us as well. I do believe we have a wonderful match here!

I've included three photos of Tristan. He has been a *very* busy boy today. Around four this afternoon, he was positively begging for a tour of the house, so off we went. He has had a wonderful time exploring each room. He's here with me as I type this, sound asleep on top of the sofa bed. I also introduced him to a really pouffy fleece doughnut bed, and he was totally enthralled by it. I think he kneaded every square inch of it before curling up for a cat nap! He's a darling cat, and is adjusting to his new home amazingly well.

Tristan is a very content kitty today. We brought out the window perches this afternoon, and he is in seventh heaven. I've attached a couple of photos below. (He looks less alarmed!!) I just can't sing his praises enough. He is a dear little kitten, who is very gentle and affectionate, and quite social. He has taken over the house as if he owns it! Either he's feeling more at home or I tuckered him out yesterday -- he's been a very relaxed, mellow kitty today who has enjoyed naps in the window. His new toys (the Peek-a-Prize wooden box and the Turbo Scratcher ball-go-round) arrived this afternoon, and he knew immediately what to do with both of them. I'm just delighted that he loves his scratching toys/posts. Neither of our other cats took to them, and our furniture has the scars to prove it! What a luxury to have a kitty who prefers his toys/posts. We just love our little boy! Next up -- a name.

Our boy is growing and thriving! I was thinking about sending you a recent photo when I got your note. Oliver is absolutely adorable, and he's ruling the roost here. We love it when he gets the "kitten crazies" and gallops from one end of the house to the other, multiple times. He plays fetch with his plastic springs -- I'll throw one, and he'll scamper after it, chasing it all over the house. Then he'll bring it back and drop it at my feet for me to throw it again. He also adores a catnip mouse my mother bought for him. Probably his favorite activity is with his "stumpy stick" (a feather stick without the feather). I move it back and forth under his catnip "boogie mat." I'm very pleased that no matter how frisky he is, he still has "soft paws," and doesn't claw us. And we love his soft little voice, and all the trills and squeaks he vocalizes. He's got one that comes out at playtime and at dinner time (when he gets a bit of moist food) that is as close as a kitty can get to "woo hoo!!"

He met our vet a week ago, and was pronounced a healthy, beautiful (of course!) kitten. He also got the vaccination that was due. He's right on target, weight-wise -- 6 pounds at six months old. I'm working on training him to use his scratching posts/toys consistently (lots of praise and a tiny treat when he gets it right). He has slipped out to the garage three times already, so we're very, very careful when we open the door from the garage to the house, or the doors leading outside. He's a *fast* little dickens! And he's earning his keep -- he nailed his first mouse a week ago! Yay, Ollie-boy!!

He's still doing the "nursing" with me, but it's fine. I really appreciated the neck massage from his little paws a few mornings ago when I was stiff and sore!! ;-) He's definitely my little shadow, but he's bonding with Gary, as well. Everyone who has met him loves him. We love him more and more each day, and are SO glad that our little Oliver came to live with us! He's a dear, dear little kitten! I've included below three photos of him. As you can see, he also loves his window perches! Thank you so much for bringing us together. It's been a happy match for all three of us!
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