Friday, August 29, 2008

Lovely Lizzie

Lizzie is a pretty young tabby with soft grey stripes. She's an independent gal who appreciates the peace and quiet of living in the c/d room with her friends Milo and Lola. Lizzie is also a bubbly little girl who knows how to play. No one tracks down superballs like Lizzie does! She follows them, bounce for bounce.

In quieter moments, Lizzie appreciates petting and will even crawl into your lap. Sometimes all the commotion of the shelter is a little much for Lizzie, and she will feel much more at ease when she's living in a home of her own. Lizzie would be equally happy to be your spoiled little princess or to share your affections with another cat. She gets along with most cats, especially her playmate Milo.

While Lizzie never lets a ball get away, sometimes the other cats lose them under the furniture. So if you stop by the shelter sometime, bring a superball for Lizzie. She would love to see you soon! For more information on Lizzie, visit her Petfinder Page.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Fun Girls are settled in their new home!

After fourteen months living in my house as fosters, Lana & Starlet finally found the right home. They are the only two cats in the house and there are aquariums for entertainment. Their adopter is an experienced cat owner who loves black cats and knew he wanted a pair. He found Lana and Starlet on the website and learned more from the blog. Even though Starlet hid during his entire visit to my house and Lana didn't want to be held, he was not deterred. I think you will enjoy the updates I have been receiving and the photos I got today.

Hi Denise, The weekend was great, but always too short. Lana is almost over her shyness and craves attention. She loves the sleeping area under the stairs. Starlet is more relaxed, but still very shy. She loves to sit on my 20 gallon aquarium or behind the Washer & Dryer. I'll let the cats explore the rest of the house Friday night. Starlet, has shown an interest in the single window in the laundry room, thus, I think she will be happy to have more widows to explore. Thanks, D
Hi Denise, The girls are great! They timidly started exploring the house on Friday and would run back to the laundry room (Basement) when ever they got nervous.The house has two levels (Basement and Main). Lana, seems comfortable and will jump up on my lap while I watch TV in the living room (Main level). She has been exploring the entire house and I'm not sure if she has a preferred spot. She has been extremely playful. Starlet, has explored the entire house and seems to like sitting at a window in the basement best. Lana, likes the same window, since it has a wide base to sit on and it is easy to jump to.
Thanks, D
Hi Denise, I just sent you 6 pictures in separate emails. Starlet, has finally gotten over most of her shyness. She has been extremely playful over the last 2 days. Yesterday, she jumped up on my lap for the first time while I was watching TV and demanded constant petting and purred like crazy. Lana, is very playful. Both cats were sleeping on my bed when I woke up this morning.
Thanks, D

NOTE FROM DENISE: WOW! I haven't even looked at the photos yet, but this is such great news. Thank you for being willing to trust that I knew how these cats would respond to you given some patience. I hope they are all you had hoped for. It sounds like it!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic, Sat. Sept. 13

We are so grateful for the many great volunteers at Feline Rescue, Inc. and would like to take an opportunity to say thanks.

Join us for a volunteer thank you picnic. We'll be there rain or shine!

Fun! Food! Prizes! (Yes, we said both food and prizes!)
Food is provided compliments of the Feline Rescue Board of Directors.

Hope to see you there! Families are welcome.

Saturday, September 13, 2008
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Lions Shelter at Central Park
Roseville, MN 55113

RSVP at the Feline Rescue Shelter or call 651-642-5900

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic this Saturday!

Feline Rescue Cat Claw Clipping Clinic

Date: Saturday, 08-23-2008
Time: 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet
1661 County Road C West
Roseville, MN
(Located in the north cornerof the Byerly's Shopping Center on County Road C and Snelling Avenue.)

Description: Feline Rescue, Inc. is offering FREE nail clippings for cats and kittens.
Also, learn why cats scratch, tips on clipping your cat's nails and recommended cat scratching posts/surfaces.

All cats and kittens must be brought to Chuck and Don's in a carrier.

And Penelope makes five

Our new foster caregiver, Stacy, who has the foreclosure kitties (mom and three kittens) has welcomed, Penelope, the lonely-only recovering from a botfly in her neck, into the family group. Momma kitty isn't so sure about another kitten, but the other kittens are glad for another playmate and Penelope is SO HAPPY to have a family again. Here is the report (and photos) from Stacy:

Penelope joined my three kittens on Saturday night. Mama Kitty has been pretty nice to her (she growls only occasionally, and mostly because Penelope plays a little too roughly, as far as Mama Kitty is concerned). The other three kittens love her.

The Foreclosure kittens: Henry (or Winnie), Fannie Mae, and Winnie (or Henry).

Penelope. Look at that pretty neck - no more boo boo!

Penelope playing with a new friend (but it's hard to tell the black ones apart, especially from this angle!)

WHAT is Fannie doing with the toilet paper? Naughty kitten!

Penelope is doing really well. She plays and plays and plays. I have the cutest video of the 4 kittens playing together. I haven't seen them all snuggling together, but they were all sleeping in the same area (at least the one time that I caught them at rest). Penelope has snuggled with me a few times when she tires out - I lay down on the floor and she crawls near my neck and purrs for a few seconds before it's time to play again.

Penelope was very shy and frightened for the first while after she was rescued, so this is great news. Purrs, even! Good job, Katie and Stacy. Would you like to make a difference in the life of an abused or injured kitten? We're always looking for another good foster home (or sponsor!)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Breaking News!

Tatiana and the Tinies have new names!

Actually, the Tinies didn't have names until now. Once we figured out the genders of the kittens -- four girls and one boy -- I knew it was time to use some names I've had in mind for a while. From my favorite book of childhood, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott: Tatiana the mom is now Marmee, the fluffy gray/black kitten is Meg, the black and white tuxedo kitten is Jo, the dilute calico kitten is Beth, the small gray tabby is Amy and the only boy is the all black kitten and his name is Laurie (short for Lawrence), the boy next door in the story. The names really seem to fit the personalities of the kittens.

By the way, they are starting to drink formula from a dish (to give mom a break) and they are starting to use the litterbox.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tatiana and the Tinies

Some of the littlest kittens in the Feline Rescue foster system are currently known at Tatiana and the Tinies. I brought back the momma cat, Tatiana, and her five kittens from an animal clinic at Red Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. The babies were so young they still had their umbillical cords, which usually fall off by day two or three, so I believe they were born on August 18. The vets at the clinic went ahead and spayed Tatiana even though she had weeks of nursing ahead of her. They did a "flank spay" for which the incision is made on her side instead of on her abdomen. This means less problems for the mom cat when the kittens are pushing and shoving to get in place to nurse.

Tatiana is a pretty dilute tortie (blue and cream) and she has a very sweet personality, but the poor girl is very skinny and she's not able to gain any weight while she's nursing evening though she is eating four small cans of food a day plus all the dry food she wants. Her shaved hip where the spay surgery was performed shows off her thin body even more.

The kittens are a motley crew. We haven't named them yet because we haven't been able to determine their genders for certain. There is a dilute calico who is the biggest and a bit of a slug. There a gray kitten with wavy, fluffy black ticked fur that doesn't look like any kitten I've ever seen before and a black and white tuxedo kitten that seems to be getting less black and more gray. There is a grey tabby with white trim and one solid black kitten who looks the smallest, but has the biggest personality. S/he wasn't getting enough to eat a week ago and would race around in the bathtub screaming. I did some syringe feeding and panicked just thinking about taking all of the mom cat's jobs, but once we found a food that mom liked and she relaxed into her new role as mom -- I'm sure this is her first litter -- all the kittens are now content and clean.
They are old enough to race around and play now. Soon they'll be ready for the litterbox and some formula and canned kitten food gruel to supplement the milk from Tatiana.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greetings from the Elves!

In April, we were sad to report that one of the "elf" kittens, Gus (formerly Inkie). died very suddenly of lymphoma. His new family and his brother, Max (formerlyTwinkie), were devastated. The family went searching for another friend for Max and found a Siamese mix named Catman. We were happy to get a photo of those two boys.

Max on the left, Catman on the right.

We also got an update on the momma of the elf kittens, Ruthie (formerly Ivy) who went to a home with her daughter, Moly (formerly Winkie). The girls are having some dental issues at the moment, but are fine otherwise.



Our last report from the fourth elf kitten, Ranger (formerly Binkie) is that he is doing great, too, with his new calico friend. Looking out the window is a favorite pasttime for cats, isn't it?!

Ranger and friend

And why were they called the Elves, you might ask? Here's a blast from the past. Look at the ears on those kittesn!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet Penelope

Penelope on her cow-print bed

This little munchkin was found in a window well earlier this week. Apparently, the mama cat moved all of the other kittens out of the window well but left her behind. According to the person who found her, she was alone in the window well an entire week! Mama was still coming back to feed her, so that kept her alive.

When we went to pick her up, we discovered that she had an injured neck so we immediately took her to the vet. We'll spare you the details of what was inside her wound, but lets just say it's a good thing she went to the vet when she did.

She's been at my house since Monday night and is doing very well. Her injury is healing nicely and she is eating well. She is a tad bit shy from her first weeks as an outdoor cat, but she's coming around and started to purr and play. I think she's lonely so we're hoping to transfer her into another foster home once we're sure she's healthy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Displaced due to foreclosure

Feline Rescue welcomes a new foster caregiver, Stacy! She has taken in a momma cat and three small kittens who were abandoned by a foreclosed homeowner. Stacy reports:
Someone found Mama Kitty in a window well, so I think I want to name her Winnie. I want to name the tabby kitten Fannie Mae (I think she's a girl), and there is a boy, who I think I will name Henry. And I'm not sure if the other is a boy or a girl. If the third is a boy, I will name him Freddie Mac.

The mom cat has been very protective of her kittens and not too trusting of Stacy in the first days, so it was big news when I heard from Stacy:

Mama Kitty let me pet her this morning! The kitties were asleep in a corner, and she let me pet her as I fed her soft food. The kittens have started to use the litter box a little bit and everyone is eating hard food. I can tell that Mama Kitty isn't nursing as much because she no longer eats 6 packets of soft food each day. : )

Thanks to Stacy for your patient care of this little family!

Every day it seems another emergency brings sick and injured and abandoned cats and kittens to our shelter. Since the shelter is full, we need more foster caregivers to help us care for as many cats as we can during this peak season. Please contact Feline Rescue's foster coordinator, Cathy, at 651-230-3263 if you want more information about fostering.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Mom

Three new kittens, Haley, Stuart, and Emily, are now available for adoption that is if you win the approval of Mr. Mom a.k.a. Groucho. Groucho, the kittens' big "brother" in their foster home, has decided that he needs to keep the kittens clean, well-mannered, and well socialized. He waits impatiently outside their bedroom door, pacing and meowing, for them to come out for the day and then proceeds to give them all a quick bath before leading them off to play. The kittens meanwhile weave around his legs, purring, and head butting him.At nap time you may find them all cuddled together, peaceful sleep disrupted only with a swat or bite to a twitching tail. Nap time is also thorough bath time whether the kittens like it or not with a strong white paw firmly holding a kitten for their grooming.

Groucho, a speedy treat eater, has been known on occasion to sneak another kitties food if they are not eating fast enough, but not his kittens. He will generously give up his canned food treat if need beto keep a kitten happy. And as an added bonus he will clean their ears while they eat his treat.

Groucho does have plenty of experience being a selfless friend as he is still Little Guy's best bud and he cared lovingly for Grace until she moved to Home for Life.

If you would like to meet some of the sweetest and best behaved little kittens, you can contact Cathy, 651.230.3263, to schedule an appointment with Groucho's kittens.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Remember my foster kitten group known as the Chipmunks? Chip 'n Dale, Simon, Alvinia and Theodora were all brown tabbies born to Lana, the lovely solid black momma. The kittens all moved into their new homes in the spring, but Lana is waiting to find a home with her cousin Starlet.

Anyway, I get regular updates on the kitten formerly known as Chip, now Nelson. Like all the Feline Rescue volunteers, I love to get updates on my former fosters, so a special Thanks to Nelson's mom for keeping in touch. I'd love to hear from the adopters of the other Chipmunks, too!

Hello Denise,

I wanted to wish you good luck this weekend in adopting Lana and Starlet. I see that they will be at the Roseville Petco on Saturday and I'm really hoping that Lana and Starlet can find a good home. The thought of Nelson's mother not being adopted makes me sad and since Starlet is so shy I really hope she can be with Lana.

Nelson had his 1st birthday June 1st and we celebrated with some cat treats and lots of extra love. He is still so small in comparison to Duncan when he was a year old. We call him Pee Wee, Rocket Man, and Cocoa Puff Paws. I'm grateful for every day that I have with him, he is one sweet little boy.

Take Care,

Nelson lives with two older sisters now, Sagan (shown) and Bella--

Hello Denise,

I thought I'd give you a cute update. Nelson has a new past time, he has discovered that any round fruit is a toy. He is a kitchen counter boy and now that it's summer I keep my fruit on the counter. He likes anything that is round, yesterday I came home to find my fresh apricots on my kitchen floor and in my dining and living room. All pieces had little claw marks and holes in them. He will beat them about the house until he seems satisfied that the mean piece of fruit is indeed dead! Ha!!
Oh yes, he is also even capable of knocking a large grapefruit about as well, he's one strong little man!

I just love him and he is doing very well. All I need now is a covered something to keep my little fruit thief out.

I hope you and your crew are well and thanks as usual for being such a great foster mom to Nelson, he is truly a joy!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Pins for Pets Update

This Sunday August 3rd is the Pins for Pets bowling extravaganza and three Feline Rescue board members are planning to bowl! You can support our efforts by sponsoring the board member of your choice.

Christine at:

Why you should sponsor Christine:

Says she's a terrible bowler but is willing to tackle the challenge for a good cause! She's got heart! Plus her cats are threatening to withhold their affection if she doesn't meet her goal.

Jocelyn at:

Why you should sponsor her:

She is a terrible bowler and it will be good for her self-esteem. Has been told she bowls like Fred Flintstone and/or an elf.

Christopher at:

Why you should sponsor Ferzie:

He's the best bowler of the bunch so you're supporting a winner! Secretly planning to use his success at this event as the first step toward total world cat domination.

Feline Rescue is a member of the Homes For All Pets coalition, a group of Minnesota animal rescue organizations dedicated to working together to reduce pet overpopulation.Chuck & Don's Pet Food Stores is planning a fundraising event whose goal is to raise $75,000 for spay/neuter activities. The money raised will be shared among participating rescues in the Homes for All Pets coalition.

The event is Pins for Pets and it's scheduled for August 3rd from 4-6pm at Flaherty's Arden Bowl in Arden Hills. In short, it's a bowling party where up to 216 bowlers will roll strikes, spares and gutterballs to raise money to help spay and neuter animals. Check out www.pinsforpets for complete details.

Top fundraisers are eligible for some great prizes. The number one fundraiser will receive a $250 gift card and a trophy. Second place gets a $100 gift card; and third place a $75 gift card. There are also prizes for top bowling scores. Plus there will be guest celebrities like Katie K-9, giveaways to all participants (canvas totes, towels), t-shirts and prizes. Door prizes include Chuck & Don's gift cards, a two-night stay at Madeline Island, puppy kindergarten classes, and a year's worth of free grooming.

Register to bowl on August 3rd at The registration fee is $15 (non tax-deductible) and includes the cost of bowling, shoe rental, lunch and beverages.

After registering you will be directed to the page to set up your fundraising page and start securing donations.

Bowling isn’t your strength? No problem! Social butterflies can just show up for the party. It will be a wonderful opportunity to mingle with other Twin Cities animal lovers.

Some of the other rescues involved are; Pet Haven, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, Cause for Paws, MN Humane Society, RAGOM, Animal Ark and Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project.

Can’t make it on August 3? You can still help raise money. Go directly to to set up your own fundraising page.

Feline Rescue also needs volunteers to help promote the event by putting up posters and distributing brochures. We also need one or two volunteers to help at the event.

Check out

You can also email Jocelyn at
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