Monday, January 30, 2012

Family finds a home together!

Remember the recent post about a mama cat and her two matching kittens looking for a home together? Well, they were lucky enough to find just that with a lovely family including two kids who were thrilled to have the lively kittens.UPDATE FROM NEW HOME:
Here's a photo of the kitties all snuggled on my bed.

Lacy (we're calling her the Dolly Mama) has finally gotten relaxed enough to come out from under the bed and even play with one of the feather/ball toys. She purrs when I pet her but then gets up, walks a foot or so away and falls over onto her side or belly up and then we start all over again.

Neither of the kitties are sitting still long enough to lay in a lap yet but I napped the other day and Yahoo (or Scamp) curled next to me the whole time. Google (Tipster) is very affectionate and is quite a talker. He is more at ease than his brother or mama.

We love them all and are so happy to have them in our home! Even my husband never minded that we came home with an extra cat.

The kids are interacting with them wonderfully. They will get them playing with a feather wand for a good half hour and watching the aerial maneuvers of the kitties has us gasping in awe and delight.

Thank you so much for what you do.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Fonz is adopted!

Feline Rescue's Fonzie has been the store cat at Woody's Pet Food Deli for the last few months. Now after three-and-half years with Feline Rescue, the Fonz has finally found his forever home. And it sounds like he's loving it so far!

Dear All at Woody’s:

I wanted to let you know that Fonzie is doing great! It’s been a week since I brought him home and he’s adjusting quite nicely. He’s pretty quiet (expect for at mealtime) and he’s been REAL snuggly. He likes to play in the evening and sleeps on the bed all night. The Fonz is still overgrooming, but he’s been better the last couple days about not getting after his belly area. Hopefully that trend continues. He’s been so easy and fun, I can hardly wait to see what he’s like in a few weeks after he gets settled in some more.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Fonzie during his stay there!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Many Happy Endings

For years, this group of cats was living outside at an armament proving grounds. A caring employee contacted Feline Rescue last fall for help getting the cats spayed and neutered to break the cycle of homeless cats on the property. Remarkably, the cats were all friendly. So volunteers were able to help not only get them all spayed and neutered but also to get them all out of harm’s way and into loving homes.

The very sociable patriarch of the family, Moose, who was missing most of his ears but more than made up for that with his enormous feet and extra toes, went to the Feline Rescue adoption center and was adopted right away. And sweet Cally, who had lost her tail out there, found her forever home not long afterwards, also at the adoption center. Two of the cats were taken in by company employees.


Three moms with young kittens were cared for by Feline Rescue volunteers. Three-legged and blind, Athena somehow survived many years outside and is now at home with volunteer Mary, who also adopted Athena’s kitten LouLou. Ginger and her son Mitts have made themselves at home with volunteers Mike and Susan.



Kittens Dora, Josie, Penny, Mumford, Petey, and Tigger were all adopted into loving homes. Mom Apricot and kittens Butternut, Oreo, and Hydrox are still looking for permanent homes.

Oreo and Hydrox

Sisters Princess Leah and Concho were the very last cats to be brought in from the cold. Before coming to the adoption center, they got to spend some time living in a house. They liked it and are hoping to be back in a home again soon! Princess Leah and Concho have always stuck together. They are both a little shy, but they’re sweet and will do well in a new home if they stay together. They love to play and cuddle. To meet them, stop by the Feline Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3 for more information.

Princess Leah and Concho

Thanks to everyone who contributed in some way to the rescue of this wonderful group of cats and to so many happy endings.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Save the Date - Feb. 24 Benefit for Feline Rescue

Steven C – Infinity’s Music – Benefit for Feline Rescue
7:30 PM, February 24: 
Wesley Church, 101 E. Grant St., Minneapolis

Accomplished composer and pianist Steven C will present his original and adapted music to benefit Feline Rescue, Caring for Cats, and the historic Wesley Church in downtown Minneapolis. (Wesley Church is located at at 101 E. Grant St., Minneapolis, near the Minneapolis Convention Center.)

Steven's music speaks to infinity. It tells stories and creates pictures. People say it carries messages, reaches spirits, and heals hearts. People also say it's just beautiful and powerful to hear. The historic Wesley Church at 101 E. Grant St. is beautiful and powerful, too. Join us for an evening you likely won't forget.

Tickets are $15 with children under 10 admitted free. Order tickets online.

Order yours today and be sure to spread the word.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss Black Now Sirius in Her New Home


I just wanted to write to give you an update on Miss Black...We've had her for about 2.5 months and she is doing infinitely better! She has really come out of her shell. We did rename her Sirius. We call her Siri but mostly end up calling her kitty. She responds to whatever as long as I change my voice to call her. She recognizes our tones when we are talking to her and will come to us when called. Around the new year we let her into the bedroom and she has never hiden under the bed. Our house is a big circle so she will run around it to be sneaky. We still haven't introduced her to the second floor but we don't spend much time up there so she doesn't seem interested in going that way anyway. She meows at us when she wants to be petted or food and she just started jumping up on the couches when prompted to get petted by us. She is super well behaved. She doesn't get into the garbage or jump on counters or scratch the furniture. I knitted her a mouse toy stuffed with cat nip and she ignored it for the first month or so and I thought she hated it but one day she just started to play with it and it looks like I'm going to have to make another one because she's torn that thing apart! The blanket that the rescuer gave us helped break her out of her shell. We put it on the floor in the living room and that is straight where she went when she started to come out of hiding in the beginning. Then when she started to go to the couch I put it on one of the cushions and that is where she sleeps every night. The vents in our house used to scare her but now she sits by them when they are on to warm up. She's super funny and we really enjoy having her!

I've attached pictures of her sun bathing today (that was before it snowed!).

Thank you guys! You were very helpful and we appreciate what you do!


Thank you Molly for giving Miss Black a home!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feline Rescue adoption featured by Chuck & Don's

I just adopted this "little Dazzler" of a cat from Feline Rescue, Inc. (a no-kill cat-rescue organization in St. Paul) a couple months ago. She was found during last winter - that very cold and snowy February 2011 - just after she had a litter in a cardboard box shelter, and thus, they gave her an adopted name of "Valentine." They told me, "It was too cold even in the shelter box for Valentine to leave the newborn babies for even a minute and she had been eating the straw to stay alive even though there was food just outside the box." Feline Rescue took in the whole litter, took care of their health issues (vet checks, spade/neutering, shots), and this beautiful little family was together for awhile in loving foster care homes until they were all adopted out.

I adopted the mother, "Valentine," and I renamed her "Jazmin" (spelled that way because it's more unique and fun - alias, "Jazzy, Jazmaraz, Jazmataz", or anything else "Jazzy", since she still has alot of kitty-playfullness in her!). It was estimated that she was around 1-1/2 years old when she had that litter (a kitten having kittens), and now is estimated at around 2-1/2 years old.

I think she's a gorgeous little girl, who has (in my opinion) "huge cleopatra eyes with jewels" - her eyes range from light blue, to light green, and very often look turquois! - very striking "jewels" against her calico coloring. One of her foster-mom's told me, "Her eyes are truly exceptional. I have cared for cats all my life and have fostered probably 300 in the last ten years and there are few that come close."

(Just an FYI) ---> She is a medium-long-haired calico, with a mane, and a soft white bushy front collar, and soft white underside. (Aside from the calico coloring, her basic color and white pattern reminds me of a Norwegian Forest Cat, but she has some facial features of a Main Coone (but not their coloring, and her fur is much softer). Jazmin is even a little "video star" (well, sort of -- i.e., one of her foster-moms put a short video of her and her litter on YouTube!) It's a little fuzzy quality, but you can still see how pretty she is, and what a gentle, loving mother she was!

I am also including a clearer photo of Jazmin (or "Valentine," at that time) and her litter, probably taken at the time the video was shot -- attached to this email. The Rescue folks also took alot more photos and captured her rescue story on their Blog --- They told me that you can use any photos &/or story from the pages she is featured on, at their blog. You can find "Valentine's" story easily there. Just go to:

- Type this in the Search Box: Valentine

- 4 links will come up, and those are the only pages that have something about "Valentine" on them. You can use anything from those pages re: her that you wish for copying photos, or for telling her story, or anything I mentioned in the paragraphs above or below here. (I know there is a lot of info here, but you can use &/or condense whatever you want!)

- I consider these Blog pages an easy online reference to "Jazmin's Family Album" (so to speak)!

Just an Addendum One of Jazmin's kittens was a carbon-copy of her, and they called her "Minnie-me." (Wish I could've adopted her, too, but my lease only allows one cat here.) Anyway, one of Jazzy's foster-moms also sent me this little Update, not sure if it's on the blog or not - "The twin orange boys went to a home together where there were already two other young brother kittens and they all became fast friends and playmates. The two girls Minnie and Candy went to a home together, too, and self-confident Bob went to a home with a playmate kitten waiting for him."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spay and Neuter

Feline Rescue hosts the Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program's mobile clinic about twice a month. MNSNAP's mission is to end the suffering and death of homeless animals due to pet overpopulation by providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible spay and neuter services.

On Sunday, 40 cats were fixed at the clinic at Feline Rescue. That adds up to a lot of little lives saved! Thanks to everyone who volunteered, participated, or had their cats spayed or neutered.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Alani and Cookie, Mom and Daughter Adopted Together

We were very fortunate to find a home for Alani and Cookie together so that this mother/daughter pair would not have to be separated and so happy to hear that they are already bonding with their family.

Cookie and Alani in their new home

 The girls are settling in well. Alani always follows me around. She has been sleeping with me during the day and with Mike at night. She lets me hold her for a little bit and yesterday she actually started jumping up and sitting on my lap. I think Cookie is starting to become Kate's cat. Cookie will let her carry her around all over and for long periods of time. She just sits in her arms. It is pretty cute. She will let Mike and I hold her for about a minute before she gets restless.

Cookie and her new BFF, Kate

We have found that we cannot leave food on the counter, or top of the fridge. One of them, we suspect Cookie, killed a loaf of bread that we left out on the counter to thaw overnight. The next morning there were huge holes in the bag, the loaf was flattened and there were huge holes in it and crumbs on the counter. The next evening there was a bag of cookies on the counter. I wasn't home. Mike put the kids to bed and about an hour later he came out and found a hole in the bag and one of the cookies on the floor in front of the fridge. We decided Cookie was aptly named, because again, we are blaming it on her, although they were both munching on Alex's unfinished bagel that he had for breakfast this morning. So much for a grain free diet. No more lazing around after meals. They are receiving a lot of love and have settled in well.

Take care,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Last kitten family of the season??

Remember these little guys from an earlier blog post? Well, they are big enough to be adopted now and their mom is ready, too!

Kitten season is pretty much over until spring (time for the foster families to catch their collective breath). But wait, there is still a sweet mom and her two young boys at my house. They are a matched set in white and gray.

LACYPregnant mom cat Lacy was rescued from a house with too many cats, so we all were surprised (but happy) when she only had two male kittens, I eventually named them Google and Yahoo. Only two kittens, but one was still a runt and barely survived with extra special care. Yahoo is a spunky little fellow. He is still smaller, but more independent and playful than his bigger brother Google who is more of a mama's boy, lap kitty.

YAHOOSince all were spayed/neutered before Christmas, Lacy has become much more playful as we often see in mamas. It's so fun to watch her chase and play with the kittens. She was a rather strict devoted mom when they were little, but now they play together as well have bonding sessions where she still allows some recreational nursing.

Don't let these lazy photos fool you -- Playtime photos would just be a blur!

HAPPY FAMILYI'd love to see them all three go to a home together!!! But, I am open to the opportunities that arise. The two little boys could go as a pair or Mom Lacy with Google. Lacy could go to a home solo as long as her new person would be around enough to love her and play with her, but the little boys will need some playmate in their new home.

Learn more about them on our website: Lacy, Google, Yahoo.  If you are interested in adopting Lacy, Google. or Yahoo, please call 651-705-6264.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kaiser 2012

Happy 2012 to all our former Feline Rescue kitties in their homes! And thank you to all our wonderful adopters.

We received a very sweet photo of Kaiser to start off the new year.


2012 marks Kaiser's fifth year with our family. Thought I'd share this photo of him with you. Thanks for all you do.

Dax and Nicole

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a difference an afternoon with a kitten makes!

Khaki the cat has had a hard life. A very hard life. And things are not getting any easier for him. He's been on the streets. He was once in a home but they had a lot of strict rules. He wasn't allowed on the furniture. He wasn't even allowed to sit on a throw rug. He's seen a few years. Been in a few scuffles. And he has diabetes. He drinks a lot of water. He moves very slowly. His fur is a little dry. He's lost a ton of weight. He should be fluffy and beautiful. His eyes show that he's not feeling well. His insulin isn't regulated yet. Once the vet figures out what his dosage should be (which takes a long time), the spring will return to his step. His fur will look and feel magnificent. He will feel magnificent.

For all that he's been through, he is incredibly sweet. Khaki does not like to sit on furniture, even furniture designed for cats. He won't sit in any pet bed, regardless of its shape, size, and fluff level. He won't even sit on a throw rug. He prefers to sit on the hardwood floor, in the corner, under a table. He'll awkwardly sit on a lap for a few minutes, enjoying the petting and chin scratches, purring the entire time. He'll look up with grateful, adoring eyes. After a few minutes, Khaki will wonder if he's being a bother and will politely jump down off the lap and sit on the floor, next to the person who was petting him. He likes attention. He's just not used to it.

One afternoon, Khaki received a visit from Lenny the kitten, kitten extraordinaire. They greeted each other by sniffing each other's nose intently (Khaki did not appreciate a butt sniffing). Khaki laid a few feet away from Lenny the kitten, who gleefully explored Khaki's room. He quietly observed the kitten in action. After a little bit, the kitten settled down in a nice comfy chair. Khaki retreated to his corner. Lenny the kitten said his good-byes, giving Khaki his room back. The little kitten's exuberance rubbed off on Khaki. Moments after the door closed, Khaki, for the first time since moving to his foster home, crawled into a bright pink cat bed and fell asleep. Lenny the kitten taught him - "Be comfy!"

Khaki is currently in a foster home and is looking for a forever home. Khaki is looking for someone who is patient, understanding, and will love him unconditionally. He's an absolute sweetheart. He's very mellow. He loves, loves, loves catnip. He has opinions about things and lets everyone know what he's thinking... but in a nice way. Sometimes his yowl is more demanding than he really intends it to be (in other words, he's all talk!). He prefers to soak up life rather than zip through it. He moves a little slow. He's not in any rush. He doesn't want to be a bother but if you have a minute, he'd love a little attention. His heart his kind. His eyes speak volumes about his rough past. He would love nothing more than a kind word, a chin scratch, and a smile.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lenny the Kitten

Lenny, a new Feline Rescue foster kitten, has his very own blog to help find his forever home.

Lenny has posted the top 10 reasons for adopting him.

1. I want to be first in line to view the contents of the fridge. I'm tired of waiting in line behind my foster brothers. They're bigger. They block my view. I want to see what's good in the fridge for myself!

To find out what the other 9 are and to follow Lenny's foster adventures go to

If you are interested in adopting Lenny, please contact our volunteer foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The foster room on a cold, sunny winter day

Arthur, Agatha, Muffin, and Moxie were all rescued from outside. These cats feel like the luckiest cats in the world today.

But they're still looking for their forever homes. For more information or to meet these kitties, call Molly 651-295-3758.

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