Sunday, May 21, 2017

Because we could all use a little sunshine right now, here's an update on "Ray of Sunshine"

Ray of Sunshine was a stray, live-trapped for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) by a Feline Rescue volunteer. Once in our care, volunteers recognized something special about this little girl. She didn't have plans to be a feral cat. She just had to come inside. Ray's foster mom called her Ray of Sunshine (ROS) because of the joy she brought into the house and to other cats around her. Although she was extremely shy with people, ROS was a magnet for other cats. She loved to snuggle. And she really loved to play!

ROS moved from her foster home to the adoption room at Woody's Pet Food Deli and was adopted to live with "Buddy", another cat who had just lost his feline friend and needed a companion. ROS's family was very patient and attentive to her need to warm up at her own pace. Sara recently sent an update on ROS, who is now called Rey:

Thought you and Rey's former foster might like some of the more recent pictures of her. 

She's almost always with her Buddy (our orange cat's nickname) and she loves snuggling with him. If he changes rooms and she can't find him, she'll start crying and he'll get up and come find her. Aside from that, she's fairly quiet except for mealtimes, when suddenly she's the loudest little high-pitched squeak you'll ever meet! Despite being wary of our beagle at all other times (usually just means she's perched on something, even if that something is only a foot high and she's at eye level with him!), food is enough of a motivator that she's crept right up to the dog while he's eating and debated helping herself. Hasn't taken that first mouthful yet, but it's going to happen one of these days! 

She's regularly asking for pets these days and will allow herself to be picked up to move her from spot to spot. No snuggling in our arms yet, but from the progress she's been making that day will come. Our kitchen window overlooks the back yard with its rabbits, and I just put a bird feeder in. She loves it, especially when it's nice enough to open the window. The window in the cats' room faces the street, and the cats seem to enjoy watching all the humans pass by. 

Thanks to all who helped Rey along the way to become part of a family.
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