Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Adopt in pairs!

Meow, meow. Purr, purr. Lick, lick. Peep, peep. Are you hearing double? We are – and seeing double. Kitten doubles that is, as many of our spring kittens bond with a special littermate or kitten friend. At Feline Rescue we see lots of kitten “best friends,” and we know it’s best for these buddies to be adopted together. Two littermates or two “adoptive” kitten siblings will give you double the fun, double the love, double the warm fuzzies – and will more than halve their loneliness, their stress and their need for constant attention.

Kittens make great duos for a number of reasons:
  • They grow healthy and happy: Kittens who get to play, sleep and bond with another kitten grow to be healthier, happier and better socialized than those who are isolated from other kittens.
  • They entertain each other (and you): Kittens love to play! And even if you’re home a lot, you likely won’t have time to play with your kitten as much as he or she wants (which is almost always). Kittens with a furry playmate are less likely to chew, climb, scratch or resort to other “boredom” behaviors that can be dangerous and destructive.
  • They get to be kittens: Biting and scratching is normal, healthy behavior for kittens – but your hand might disagree. With a fellow playmate, kittens are free to be kittens.
  • You get your z’s: Cats are nocturnal, and kittens love to play. So a kitten means a whole lot of nighttime pestering for your attention. With a fellow feline, your furry friends get their funzies while you get your zzz’s.
  • May/December might work for people, but not cats: Kittens will pursue their playful natures with an older cat, but their overtures will not be welcome. Older cats are past the play stage and will find a kitten bothersome and annoying. This dynamic will color the relationship even once the kitten is an adult, and it may lead to behavior problems.

It’s sad to separate kitten besties who have bonded and lean on each other for affection. A pair of kittens will still seek human attention and want to play with their humans, but they provide irreplaceable companionship to each other. Ultimately, a kitten couple will make for happier and better adjusted cats.

So consider getting double – the fun, the love, the warm fuzzies – and adopt a kitten pair this spring.

Written by Tanya Cromey
Photos by Kris Kaiser  |  KrisKreativ Photography
Source: SPCA NOVA.
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