Thursday, December 31, 2009

Special Needs: Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is a special kitty looking for a special home.  Orphaned at 6 weeks of age Christopher Robin found his way to Feline Rescue and joined a litter of five kittens in one of our foster homes.  He was adopted by the momma cat and nursed alongside the other kittens.

At about two and a half months of age his foster caregiver noticed a sore on one of his paws and observed him licking it frequently.  He was initially seen by our vet and then referred to a dermatologist.  Christopher Robin was diagnosed with allergies and placed on a special diet and medication to control his allergies.  He seems to do well with his special diet and should be able to discontinue the medication.

Other than needing special food Christopher Robin is a normal playful, friendly, sweet, gentle guy.  He is now 9 months old and all of his litter mates have been adopted.  It was very difficult for him when his friends were adopted, but he is now enjoying the companionship of the new foster kittens in his foster home.

Christopher Robin is still searching for his family and he would very much like to be able to bond with a permanent family. We would love to have him find his special home in the New Year.

If you would like to learn more about Christopher Robin, please call Joan at 651-705-6264.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Seasons Greetings from the Pepper Boys

We recently received a great update for a former pair of Feline Rescue kitties.

Terri and I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to adopt the Pepper Boys.  They have earned the names Bert and Ernie as they are goofy and the best of friends.   Our older cat, Smully has been so tolerate and is becoming more friendly with each day.  There have been no fights and all are comfortable in the same room. Pretty cool how things worked out from our tragic loss of Isis. 

The boys are so loving and happy cats.   They are definitely still kittens as evidenced by the chirps and trills as well as the active mornings chasing each other and playing with toys.

Here are some photos of Bert and Ernie that we took over the last couple of days.   They are so wonderful!

Again thank you so much!
Lloyd and Terri

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remembering Rufus

Rufus, adopted from Feline Rescue in 2004, passed away recently.

His family sent us a beautiful note and a link to Rufus's own Web site.  Rufus will be missed, but it is a comfort to all the volunteers who knew him to know how well loved he was.

From his family:
I feel I have lost the best companion of my life, but in looking back I treated every day with him as a gift and loved doing things for him and with him. Thank you again for letting us adopt him and giving us five wonderful years with him. Right now though the pain and loss is unbearable.
A few months ago I made this web site of his pictures and videos. You can see how happy he was,

Thank you again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Wish

My name is Benjamin.  I found my way to Feline Rescue last April.  I was in pretty rough shape – my eye was injured and my tail was broken.  But Feline Rescue got me all fixed up.  My foster mom gave me her bedroom so that I could recuperate.  My foster mom bought me lots of toys so that I could practice having only one eye.  I was feeling better in no time at all.

A couple weeks later, my foster mom introduced me to Claude and Pumpkin. My foster mom told me that we had to teach Pumpkin and Claude what it’s like to have lots of attention and love.  So we played and snuggled a lot.

My foster mom said that we had to pay particular attention to Claude, because he was really scared.  She said that we just had to give Claude some time.  Claude seems to really look up to me, so I decided to show him exactly how a cat should behave.  For instance, I always crawl onto my foster mom’s lap.  And it’s really important to purr as much as possible.

Before we knew it, Claude was getting braver and braver.  These days, he will come up to my foster mom for just a second, and then run away.  But he always stays close by.  We are very proud of him.

And Pumpkin is such a handsome boy – sometimes I’m a little jealous of his beautiful, dark-orange fur.  Pumpkin really likes me, too – he always wants to lie next to me.  But I don’t mind all the attention, because I have really grown to love Pumpkin and Claude.

I can’t imagine my life without Pumpkin and Claude.  I know that it might sound like three cats is a lot, but we really don’t take up that much space – oftentimes, we sleep together on one chair.  My foster mom loves having us in her home, but I don’t think her cat, Sunny, feels the same way.  We can’t wait to find our forever home – together.

We hope that you will open your heart and home to us.

Benjamin's wish shared by his foster caregiver, Stacy.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waiting Patiently for Homes

I'm always happy when I get to the shelter for my weekly volunteer shift to find that lots of cats have been adopted during the week. In the last couple of weeks, many cats including Zeda, Jocelyn, Mitzy, Reidar, Tuffy, and Donna all went to their new homes!

When you adopt a Feline Rescue cat you are supporting a caring, no-kill rescue group. You don't have to feel pressured when deciding who to adopt, because all of our cats have a safe home here with us until they find the perfect forever home—whether that be with you or with somebody else. No matter which cat you adopt from Feline Rescue, you are making room here for one more homeless cat!

Still, there’s no question that some cats find their forever homes much more quickly than others.
At the Feline Rescue Adoption Center, we have a number of wonderful cats who have been patiently enjoying extended stays here at the shelter but would LOVE to find forever homes soon! Here are a few of our overlooked cats:

Brothers Patrick and Connor enjoy the company of other cats and get along well with just about everyone here. They can be a little skittish but like attention and love to play! They would do especially well if they went to a home together.

Fonzie is a riot. Be sure to check out his video to see the Fonz in action! Fonzie would do well as an only cat but also gets along with many less dominant cats.


Tomasita wants to be your best friend but has trouble telling you with all these other cats in the room. She is anxious around other cats and will be able to relax once she has a home and people to call her own. Tomasita has a lively, outgoing personality.

This sweet, little girl is one of our more senior residents. Raja doesn’t like other cats but would thrive in a home of her own. She enjoys warm laps and sleeping in the sun. And Raja would love to show you how she can still jump around and play like a kitten!

Sonny gets nervous around other cats, so life at the shelter is stressful for him. Sonny is a sweet lap cat who would be thrilled if someone would finally take him home and give him a chance to show what a good boy he can be!

If you're interested in learning more about any of these cats, please stop by the
Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Harry loving his new home

I was Harry's foster mom, and I just received this lovely message from his forever mom, Erin:

Just wanted to let you know that Harry is getting along famously.

I've attached a photo of him with my cat Josie (I did a little Photoshop They LOVE each other. The first meeting was a little rough as expected but within a day they were playing and snuggling together. I can't believe how well it's worked out. I am so happy. He's been very good for her and I think she's played more in the last three days than in the last year. He certainly cheered her up.

And...once again...he has to be the sweetest cat I've ever met. He's settled into his routine and sleeps on my head every night.

I hope all is well with your other fosters and know that your Harry will spoiled rotten and much loved.

I also attached a photo of Harry relaxing in his new favorite spot.

Thanks for giving him such a wonderful home, Erin!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twilight vs Santa Hat

Betty Boop's new roommate, Twilight, has been busy today wrestling with a Santa hat which is just fine with Betty since she's still getting used to the idea of having this black fuzzy thing racing around her room.

Besides the Santa hat Twilight also amuses herself by playing with her own tail and feet.

And check out those toes, yes, she has an extra one on each foot.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A few more photos...

Well, it was dark when I tried to get these pics so they're kind of blurry, but I had to share a few more photos of Betty Boop so you can see her exquisite and unique coloring!

And my favorite:

I'm all better!

Betty Boop spent about a week and a half at my house getting lots of TLC to get over her cold. She's all better and has now joined some other singleton kittens (Pippi, Twilight & Christopher Robin) so she has playmates just like a kitten should :) Apparently, many people thought her original picture made her look bigger than she really was so I just wanted to add that when she was brought to Feline Rescue she was only 1.36 pounds! She's still a little sprite but has put on some much needed weight and is happy and healthy as can be!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another group ready for adoption!

These three cuties are going in for their "snip surgeries" tomorrow (i.e. spay & neuters!) and will then be ready for their homes! They are 3-4 months old now and they are a sweet, playful, and lively bunch.

Sophie is the only girl. She is a loving and affectionate girl with lovely bi-color eyes.
Next there's Joey. He looks a lot like Sophie, except his eyes are the most unique I've ever seen. He has blue spots inside of his golden eyes. Very cool!Then there's Dundar. He's a handsome guy as well! He loves to play with his siblings.
Please call Cathy at 651.230.3263 if you're interested in hearing more about this adorable trio!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet kittens ready for adoption!

These three adorable siblings have just been spayed & neutered and received their last round of shots, so it's time for them to find their forever homes! Their fourth sibling is being adopted by her foster parents. You can read more about them by clicking on their name which links to their petfinder profiles.

If you'd like more information about these cuties, please call Cathy at 651.230.3263.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cleopatra’s story

This queenly cat has come a long way from humble beginnings. Dropped off at Feline Rescue’s door with her mom and two siblings, the little black cat christened “Winston” by a volunteer picked her human mom out when she came to work her weekly shift at the shelter.

All black except for a white spot on her chest and belly, Winston was quiet until she saw the one she wanted to go home with. Then she talked and talked. When the volunteer opened her kennel and played with and petted her, the year-old cat was so happy. When the human stopped petting, Winston nipped at her hand.

Winston reads people very well and she knew that this would not drive her chosen person away. She somehow knew that this woman had recently lost a black cat to kidney disease and that black cat would nip at her when she stopped petting him. It was a clever thing for Winston to do, because now the human thought, “Awww, she reminds me of Sebastian”. Winston was disappointed when the kennel was shut tight and the volunteer went away, but she held out hope for the next time her new mom would come to visit.

This particular human was not planning on getting any more cats. She had two at home and they were happy together. But she kept thinking of Winston and assumed that the cute young girl would be adopted quickly. The next time she went to the shelter, she thought, “if she’s still there, I will think about adopting her”. But when she arrived, the cage that was Winston’s was empty.

Disappointed and relieved at the same time because now she did not have to make a decision, she asked about Winston’s new family. “Oh, she’s just in the medical room. She’s got ear mites”, another volunteer said. “Surely by the next week, Winston will have found her forever home”, thought Winston’s mom-to-be.

When she came back the next week, Winston was waiting for her. Now she had no excuses, no reasons not to take her next black cat home. When she opened the carrier, Winston walked right in and waited patiently to embark on her new life.

Once home, the two resident cats were a little concerned and avoided their new sister for a few days but soon all three were having wrestling matches that traveled from living room to bedroom and back.

Her new mom asked her what her name was, really, because Winston somehow did not quite fit. “I’m Cleopatra!” said the shelter cat formerly known as Winston.

That was in the fall of 2001. Today, Cleopatra rules a healthy pack of cats and a couple of dogs, too. Her supervisory duties include scheduling naps on the overstuffed yellow chair and letting mom know when it is time to eat. It’s hard work organizing a household, so Cleo takes advantage of naptime whenever she can.

Story by Cleopatra's mom Celayne and photos by Kage Imagery and Celayne

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adoption Event December 5

Feline Rescue foster kittens and cats will be meeting and greeting potential adopters at our adoption event this Saturday, December 5 from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Roseville Petco. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lola: Feline Rescue’s Leading Lady

Lola isn’t one of the first cats that people notice when visiting the Feline Rescue Adoption Center. A big, laid-back girl, Lola tends to stay out of the spotlight. But spend a little time with her and you’ll see what a star Lola can be! She would steal the show playing the lead role of the special cat in your life.

When Lola was rescued a few years ago, she was injured and starving. She has lived at Feline Rescue for years now, and it’s hard to say why she’s been overlooked by adopters for so long. Lola would LOVE to have a home!

Lola is friendly and sweet and loves attention. Sleeping in the sun is one of her favorite pastimes, but Lola also likes to play. She recently lost a lot of weight (thanks her diet of canned food) and feels great. Running and pouncing are more fun than ever now!

Lola tolerates most cats but is a little picky when it comes to choosing her feline friends. She gets along great with her roommate Milo, and they make an excellent pair! (Incidentally, Milo is another great cat who for years has been overlooked by adopters because with new people, he tends to act aloof—something this sweet and funny cat definitely is not!)

Lola's friend Milo

If you’re looking for a mature, dependable, all-around wonderful cat, Lola is perfect for the part. She will be waiting in the wings (or the sunny windowsill in the front room), hoping that you’ll soon make it past whichever too-cute, flighty young cat greeted you at the shelter door, to give lovely, laid-back Lola the chance instead.

If you are interested in learning more about Lola, please stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3.
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