Friday, May 31, 2013

Foreclosure foster/adoption day Saturday

Over 50 cats were left behind without food and in filthy conditions in a foreclosed home. Outreach volunteers have been busy rescuing these cats, and we need your help placing them all! Come meet some of the foreclosure cats this Saturday, June 1st at Woody's Pet Food Deli in St. Paul from 12-2. If you have been thinking about fostering or adoption, this is your chance to see the cats and sign up to help. This is a great bunch of cats that deserve second chances.  Many are shy but promise to be very sweet once they overcome their fears.  All the cats are spayed/neutered/vaccinated. For more information call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

Caramel Corn

Hazel and Turtle

Twig Two


Marlin and Little Turnip

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sam Now Winnipeg at Home

Winnipeg fka Sam is living up to the male orange tabby reputation of being easygoing, loving cats in his new home.

I adopted 'Sam', a two year old 'ginger' kitty two months ago. I'm emailing to update everyone on how he's doing.

I've renamed Sam 'Winnipeg' because I think he's Canadian at heart and because Winnipeg is somewhere I've never been and always wanted to go.

I love Winnipeg! He's very friendly with everyone I bring over, and especially loves my guy friends, my brother, and my boyfriend. He's a real people kitty and loves attention and playing. He's constantly kneading everything and just loves to be around the action! My boyfriend even brought over his cat Muriel for a week while he was away on a fishing trip, and Winnipeg was such a good host, despite Muriel being a bit scared at first. After only a night or two they became good friends. :)

I'm glad he's going to be my friend for a long time! Thanks so much for all your help placing him with me.

Here are a couple of pictures of him and his new home. There is one with me and then one with my brother, one with Muriel the cat, and a few more of just Winnipeg. :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Davey after a Decade

We love getting updates and photos of kitties after being adopted.  Even better is getting an update after a cat has been home for almost a decade. Stinson fka Davey is looking as cute as ever.

So this is an update 10 years in the September of 2003 I adopted a cat named "Davey" at an adoption event at the shelter. He now goes by Stinson, and he has brought happiness to me and his best people buddy, Nick, ever since. He has two cat brothers, Mr Cat and Murray, and he is one of the sweetest cats I've ever met. I meant to give an update at some point, but I figured better late than never. Thanks for all of the great work that you do!

We really enjoy having Stinson as a part of our lives. He is a great guy!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Cat Caregivers Needed

Over the last few weeks, Feline Rescue outreach volunteers have rescued almost 50 abandoned cats from one location near the Twin Cities. A number of people, including other local rescue groups, are helping by providing temporary care or food and supplies for these cats. We really appreciate all the support! But we still need short-term shelter for over a dozen of the rescued cats. Right now they are safe and well fed but some are in cramped quarters. It can be difficult for cats to overcome their fears in kennels.

Our outreach coordinators work with volunteers to evaluate the health of the cats and to find more permanent placement for them. Some will go to shelters for adoption, some will be fostered in homes, and the cats that are less social will be relocated to farms/hobby farms away from the city.

If you or someone you know is willing to be a temporary caregiver, you would provide one or more of the foreclosure kitties with a calm, clean environment and perhaps help take them to the vet for medical treatment. Even short-term care would give these cats a chance to eat, heal, play, and remember their catness. Especially if you are someone with a soft spot for black kitties, we have plenty of those needing some TLC. Please contact Molly if you can help!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Linder's Fundraiser

A special invitation to show your support for Feline Rescue.

On May 24-27, shop at Linder's greenhouses, garden center and flower marts and Feline Rescue will receive 15% of your purchase when you present the coupon at check out. This coupon can be used more then once.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pawsitively Unique

This little kitten was surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue all alone in the world. Feline Rescue offered to take in the kitten after a transport to the Metro with five different drivers from RLRR to Bemidji to Motley to Buffalo to Bloomington to the foster home in SW Mpls.

The first thing we noticed was that the kitten was a very unusual color -- not red, not buff, but kind of a dirty orange with brown spots on feet and face like we had never seen.

The second thing we noticed was that the kitten seemed to be entirely deaf and probably visually impaired, too, but nothing slowed down this kitten.

The name Whiskers at Red Lake was changed to Helen for Helen Keller until we learned that she was a HE, so now he is known as Lou for Lou Ferrigno, the deaf actor of Incredible Hulk fame.

Lou is a healthy little guy who appears now to only be hearing impaired.  His eyesight is just fine and he has no problems wrestling and racing around with the other young kittens in his foster home. Lou is already on hold for adoption and will be heading to his forever home once he's had his neuter surgery.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plant Sale Rain Delay

Plant sale today from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. and tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. weather permitting.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fostering the Foreclosure Kitties

One of our experienced foster caregivers has been a real lifesaver. She’s taking in "foreclosure kitties" to keep them safe while they can be evaluated for best placement. As one kitty is placed, she has room to help another. And there are many that need help! Here are some of the cats she’s helped rescue so far, in her own words:

These cats are amazing, for all they've been through. Even though they were all frightened when they arrived, within a couple of days they started to show that they were really trying to trust me & accept some affection. I see a little progress every day, and it's so encouraging!



Ebony & Chestnut are already off to new homes. Hickory was a "tough guy" at first, but I keep sneaking in a few pets while he's eating and he's deciding he likes the sensation. Instead of running to hide in his carrier when I come into the kitty room, he now heads for the door to see if I'm bringing food. Since he's perpetually hungry, I get lots of chances to rub his back (his ears are next!).


Hawthorne, despite having missed lots of meals in the past, already has food preferences. He doesn't accept much petting yet, and these kitties don't seem to remember how to play - toys often just startle them at first. But Hawthorne already loves playing the "wand toy under the rug" game and he likes balls with bells or rattles (I hear them in the middle of the night from the next room).


Twig is too little for a full-sized tree name - I'm guessing he's about 5 months old. He's really skinny & he definitely hasn't grown into his ears yet. He's got beautiful coloring, a sweet little moustache & his toes have cute black stripes between them. He rubs & head-butts & falls down when I massage his ears. He purrs up a storm, too, but he doesn't like to be approached head-on.  For some reason that still scares him.


I don't know Linden very well yet. For the first couple of days he sat in the back of his carrier with his ears flat, staring at me, and he wouldn't eat until I left the room. When he blinked at me a couple times and then actually closed his eyes for a nap, it was major progress. Today, after the kitties had breakfast, I was playing with Twig & I heard Linden meowing behind me! He stopped when I turned around but started up again when I went back to Twig's game. He actually wanted attention!


When the kitties first came to my house, I wondered if they'd fight with each other or spray or display some other wild behavior. But they're all very sweet & are already responding to patience, attention, good food, and a reliable schedule. Given their history, each one of them is a little miracle.

There are lots more kitties that need to be placed. If you can help by fostering or adopting, please email

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty Petunia, foreclosure cat

Petunia was one of the skinniest cats we encountered when we showed up with food for these cats that had been left alone with none. She's been to the vet for fluids and a check-up. Her long-term prognosis is still uncertain, but she's currently comfortable and well fed. We hope Petunia can make a full recovery, and we would love for that to happen in a home. If you can provide a comfortable place for Petunia to experience good care and a full belly, please contact

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Ellie and Libby

Ellie and Libby, fka Eleanor and Elizabeth, came to Feline Rescue late last spring on a transport from a high kill shelter in Iowa.  We recently received a bunch of photos from their mom. They are looking fabulous!

Thought I would share some picture of Libby and Ellie, since they're now 1 year old! Hard to believe I've had them for over 9 months already! They have definitely developed their own unique personalities and it has been fun to watch them grow. Thank you for allowing me to adopt such sweet girls--they are an absolute joy.




Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phelix, Life After Adoption (formerly Milio)

From Rachel:

We wanted to provide an update on Milio (now known as Phelix), who became our newest family member in mid-March.

He is doing great! When we took him to our vet for a routine wellness exam right after adopting him, everyone was surprised to discover that he was suffering from some pretty significant anemia (low red blood cell (RBC) count)--because he showed no outward signs of any health issues. We did some diagnostics with imaging and his bone marrow, and we've ruled out anything super scary. At this time it is most likely that he has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), based on his diagnostics. One of our other cats has this as well; it is a very manageable condition so his prognosis is excellent--he has a loving family to care for him and a whole team of great vets at the U looking out for him.

Despite all of this drama, he is doing very well! His RBC is headed in the right direction, and he is happily settling in to our household. He is socializing well with his new big sister Kizmet and his new brother Frankie--he and Frankie have been spotted playing together, so we are optimistic that they will become best buddies. He enjoys sunbeams (what few that we've had!) and watching the wildlife through our windows. Needless to say, he is a beautiful cat, and he has a great personality... we couldn't be happier to count him as part of our family!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Curious George, The Storm Drain Kitten

From Maria:

A few weeks ago, we noticed an Animal Control officer and some neighbors peering into the storm drain near our house. We learned that someone had spotted a cat down there. The kitty spent his time traveling through the tunnels under the street, and though he had been seen, he never seemed to be around when the animal control officer was in the area and available to remove the heavy metal grate covering the hole. A mother and daughter tried to lure the kitty out with tuna, and one lanky teen even crawled down into the hole below the grate to see if he could catch a glimpse of and rescue this elusive kitty.

We worried about the kitty as the days passed – we thought he must be awfully hungry and frightened. It had been raining heavily, and water was gushing fiercely through the tunnels. One evening, my teenage niece decided to check on the kitty once more before getting ready for bed – first, she heard a meow and then saw the kitty at the bottom of the drain. She reached in as far as she could, and the kitty reached up. Hands and paws interlocked, and she pulled the kitty to safety. Thankfully, he was tiny enough to fit through the opening behind the grate (our vet estimated him to be around 11 months old). We named him “Curious George” (“George” for short) because of his inclination to explore – that could explain how he ended up in the storm drain in the first place!

George spent four days in a bedroom in our home, enjoying room service and a warm place to sleep. He had quite an appetite and seemed very appreciative of the care he was getting. He sometimes had trouble deciding whether he wanted to be held, or whether he should eat something. He tried doing a little of both, going back and forth between us and his food dish.

George is such a loving and affectionate kitty – he loves to snuggle, purrs loudly when being petted, and likes to cuddle right up and fall asleep at night. We wish we could have kept George, but we already have a cat, along with a few dogs. George doesn’t appear to be very fond of dogs and certainly didn’t appreciate the loud barking.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to George, as he is such a sweetheart. We hope that he will be adopted by a caring family who will treat him like royalty and give him the great life he surely deserves.

Many people played a role in rescuing George: the person who first heard the lonely meow coming from the storm drain and notified the police, the diligent animal control officer, the many neighbors who cared about this kitty and wanted to help him, my niece who wanted to “check once more before bed,” and of course, Feline Rescue, who is providing a safe place for George to stay while he awaits a new home. We are grateful that we could play a part in getting George safe and ready to start a new chapter in the rest of his nine lives.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Injured Kitten Needs Surgery

Corky was found outside dirty and hungry this past Monday.  The children who found him took him home and gave him a bath, but when they realized he was not walking and in pain they brought him to Feline Rescue so that he could get medical attention.

Both of Corky's back legs are broken, a simple fracture of the tibia on one leg which is expected to heal nicely, and a compound fracture of the femur which involves the growth plate on the other leg.  He was scheduled for surgery today to repair the compound fracture.  We are hoping for a full recovery but as his leg grows he may need additional medical treatment.

Donations for his surgery would be greatly appreciated. For information on how to donate to Feline Rescue, please see our Donate page or click the Donate button on the right side of our blog.

Once he is well enough to leave the hospital Corky will spend as much time as needed recovering in a Feline Rescue foster home before beginning his search for a special forever home.

Please send good thoughts his way. We hope to have some more photos and an update soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take a chance on me

As the spring litters of kittens start to grow up, there are still some teenage kittens out there looking for good homes too. This pretty Siamese-mix survived much of the winter outside. Now he's looking for someone to foster and help socialize him and his tabby sibling.  

Earning the trust of a shy cat is rewarding. It's easy when you use food and toys as your socializing tools.  Other than that, you don't need a lot of time-- just patience and a spare bedroom or bathroom in which to start the kitties.

These two are about 6 months old and somewhat social, but they still need someone to help bring them out of their shells. For more information, contact
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