Monday, December 29, 2014

Time to catch up with Lionel

Lionel was a terrified and injured tomcat when rescued a few months ago. 
He found love and healing in his foster home and has moved mountains since becoming an indoor cat and befriending humans.

Lionel is the sweetest of the sweet, according to his fabulous foster mom, who can't say enough for this fine orange cat. In her words:
I'm always wrong with him - always! I never give him enough credit. I'm all worried and he always pulls thru. There is seriously nothing that orange boy can't do. I even cut 3 paws worth of his nails. I think he's gonna freak, he does fine. I think he's gonna die of the head cold, he pulls thru. I think he'll be too scared upstairs, he's perfect. I think he's gonna hurt the kittens, the kittens wap his face and kiss him and lay directly on top of him. I think he's gonna hurt my old cat TC, he spoons him. I think he's gonna freak at the vet and he's perfect. I think he can't use the usual cat box and he succeeds. I think I can't bathe him - there's NO way and he does perfect. I thought I'd never be able to touch him and I can kiss him. I never thought he'd purr and he purrs. He is such a testimony to living!

Lionel is a quiet, keep-to-himself type of guy who loves sweet pettings on his head and neck while he stretches for you to get the right spots and purrs his big, orange heart out. Life was hard to him on the streets - he has a bad eye and a bad leg to prove it. Lionel's ideal home would be with someone who will let him be himself, pushing him little bits at a time to be more social and giving him some turkey fresh from the bird a few times a month. His eye and his leg have been checked out by the doctors. The blind eye is most likely due to having the herpes virus that was left untreated as a younger cat. His stiff leg is an old injury, possibly a car accident. He uses his leg just fine, responds to touch, uses that foot to scratch his ear - it doesn't bother him. When he was neutered, he had a dental and several teeth were pulled - when he gives you love nibbles, he just gums you - it's so sweet. 

For information about adopting Lionel call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hughie’s Family

Hughie was a stray kitten who ended up at animal control. Scared and all alone, he was considered “feral” and not adoptable. He went to a foster home to attend kitten school so he could learn to be held and cuddled and become a regular house cat.

But Hughie was still scared stiff, and the lessons never really took hold until Carmelita and her family joined Hughie in his foster home.

Carmelita was a stray who spent the summer outside and gave birth to kittens in the fall near a busy business center. Just before the first snow, a concerned passerby came across Carmelita trying to lead two of her kittens away from all the people and to safety—across a busy road at rush hour! It took several hours, then two nights, and lots of tricks, but we were able to trap the two babies and mom with no one getting hurt in the street. We couldn’t find the last kitten so, sadly, Carmelita arrived at her foster home with only two.  

Immediately, Carmelita accepted Hughie as her kitten (he is the right color). Despite the fact that he was twice the size of her kittens and no longer needed to nurse, she groomed and nursed him.

Hughie's attitude completely changed once he had a family again. He is still somewhat shy but now likes to be held and to purr and play with us. He has so much fun wrestling with his new siblings. It’s sad to think of the circumstances by which this little guy was separated from his family and left all alone in an impound cage long before he was ready to grow up.

A week after Carmelita’s family joined Hughie, we were miraculously able to find and trap Carmelita’s third, last, long-lost kitten. Somehow this scrappy little girl managed to survive a week of winter camping all on her own and avoid being seen by anyone. The reunion with mom and the siblings was happy.  

At first, I worried that Hughie might become the odd man out. Instead Hughie was the most excited of all to see his new sister. It was as if he had heard all about her and was so glad she was finally there and that his family was now even bigger.  He groomed and groomed her. Here she is!

It would be so sweet if Hughie could find a home with his adopted sister (or mom… or both!). Having a family has made a world of difference for Hughie. It has been amazing to watch this little family. Every day brings new surprises with how they interact with each other and with people. Carmelita could not be a better, more patient mother to this rambunctious troop. She is just a little kitten herself and so sweet with people that she deserves to find a forever home, where she can get all the attention she deserves, very soon. She is now ready to go to a foster or forever home with no other resident cats (unless her own kittens).
To hear more about adopting Carmelita, her kittens, or Hughie so you can watch some of this amazing family in action, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

National Cat Day is October 29

 We're celebrating National Cat Day! The best way to celebrate this day is to save a life. Adopt a cat! We have many available cats at our shelter and in our foster homes.

Here are a couple of the great cats you can meet at our shelter:




Are you celebrating with a cat you've adopted from Feline Rescue? Send us an update at!

Photo credits: Kris Kaiser of KrisKreativ Pet Photography

Monday, October 27, 2014

BFFs: Leonardo & Carleton

Feline Rescue likes to adopt out kittens in pairs whenever possible, because lively kittens are more likely to burn off their energy playing with each other rather than pestering an older cat in the home or getting into trouble or just plain being lonely.
Sometimes, however, the best friend forever for a kitten is a kitten already in the home. That was the case for my foster kitten Peace (now Leonardo), when he moved in with his buddy Carleton.
Here are a few photos of our wonderful boys. As you can see, Carlton is mostly black with white markings, and dear Leo is white with black markings. They love each other. Thank you for taking such good care of Leo.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Give to the Max Day on November 13, 2014

#GTMD14 Please support Feline Rescue on November 13, 2014, for Give to the Max Day. Donate at:  and follow us on Facebook for frequent updates on the day of the event:

Each year, generous supporters like you celebrate Give to the Max Day by donating. You make our rescue work possible because of your contributions.

We are a volunteer based organization. Feline Rescue, Inc. is funded exclusively through donations and grants. We receive no municipal, state, or federal funding.

Your donation on Give to the Max Day also may help us receive an additional donation of $1,000. How? On November 13, every gift made on will be entered into an hourly drawing for a $1,000 GiveMN Golden Ticket to be awarded to a nonprofit organization. That adds up to 24 opportunities for you to help us receive an extra $1,000!

Here’s the really exciting part: At the end of Give to the Max Day, one donation made on will be randomly selected to receive a $10,000 Super-Sized GiveMN Golden Ticket.

The more gifts we generate on on November 13, the more our chances increase to receive that additional $10,000 donation. Imagine what we could do with $10,000!

Our goal is to raise $30,000, and you can help us reach it!

Be sure to mark your calendar and make your gift on November 13 by visiting Or visit from November 1 through 13 and select the scheduled giving option on the donation form to set up your donation in advance.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Caring for Community Cats

Feline Rescue outreach volunteers are hosting a Community Cat Day on Saturday,October 18th  from 1-3 pm at our adoption center.

Learn about community cats and how Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) helps keep outdoor cats stay happy and healthy and saves more lives by reducing the number of homeless cats in our community. We will share information on caring for community cats and hold an outdoor shelter building workshop. 
You can come to help work, bring along supplies, or show up with a finished shelter of  your own to display or donate to cats in need. For ideas, go to Alley Cat Allies -

 Or just come to network with other community cat lovers and bring along some cat food for our community cat food drive. 
As the weather turns cold, outdoor cats need your help. For advice or assistance on caring for outdoor cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, low-cost spay/neuter programs, or this event call FR outreach volunteers at 651-295-3758 or email

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brothers Ace and Zen in Their New Home

Ace and Zen were part of a litter of five bottle baby kittens rescued from an animal control facility. Their foster family cared for them round the clock and loved them up preparing them for new homes.

Foster volunteers LOVE getting photos and updates from adopters, makes letting them go a bit easier. Ace's and Zen's family have sent a bunch of fabulous photos to share.

They love laying/sleeping in bowls or on backpacks.

They also love to jump into my daughters stroller, play catch the fish on the iPad, snuggle and kiss, and lay on more backpacks.

Snoozing, playing with feathers, watching for birds, chipmunks and squirrel's.

They also love to play in a tunnel we have and sleep in bed with us!

Thank you to their new family for giving them a loving home and updating us with photos!
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