Friday, October 30, 2009

Jasmine fka Cheyenne

The following update is from Jasmine's new family. The photos are from when Jasmine fka Cheyenne was in our shelter but we've been promised some new photos as soon as their digital camera is working again.
We adopted Cheyenne in January. She was a black cat about 11 months old. A couple of days later, she became Jasmine. That was the name of the Princess and a lion in "Secondhand Lions." For about the first week or so, Jasmine was a bit overwhelmed by the change. She ate fine, the vet announced that she was healthy, and she even played some. However, her tail was always down, and she acted like she was afraid to jump in my lap even though she wanted to. The only hint of things to come was when she started to sleep in our bed the first night. Today - well, Queen Jasmine reigns.
We're not exactly strict kitty parents, and we haven't needed to be. She loves her scratcher and leaves the furniture alone. She doesn't get on the kitchen counters, and she's immaculate with the litter. She doesn't bite or scratch. We really don't care if she likes to climb book cases and sleep on the DVD player. She's always easy to locate - we just look for the tail waving like a flag straight up in the air. She's extraordinarily affectionate. She seems to prefer my lap and spends a lot of time there.
She's very playful - very, very playful. No toy mouse is safe with her around. She "hates those meeses to pieces." She pounces on them, she does flips with them, she can actually throw them, and she's very good at catching them. She likes some of her feather toys, but not as much as the mice. She has a favorite game that we call ambush. I think you can figure that one out. She loves to run. Fortunately, our central hallway is very long and parquet. She can run and slide - and she does. We have a large screened in porch with a wicker kitty bench we keep next to one of the screens. Last spring, when the weather finally permitted, we opened the sliding door. You would have thought, Jasmine had gone to kitty heaven. She wandered around the porch for about ten minutes, and then the celebration began. She started to run in and out. She kept jumping in our laps and looking us in the face. She couldn't understand why we weren't as excited as she was. She spent many hours there this summer. We like to sit in the rockers and watch the birds, rabbit, and squirrels. She would sit in our laps and watch along with us. People walk their dogs on a path about thirty feet from our porch. A few have walked over to the screen to see her. She showed no fear of the dogs. I think it's a very good thing she's a housecat.
She has a beautiful coat. It's very shiney, but also very soft and silky. It seems difficult for humans to keep their hands off it. Since she loves to be petted, that works out well for her. She always announces herself when she enters a room that we're already in. When we have been out for awhile, she meets us with a "roll and greet." She loves an audience. She literally dances around the room when we tell her how beautiful she is. A couple of months ago, I told her she was going to be a very spoiled cat. Ed said, "What do you mean going to be?" Quite true.

We have thought of getting a companion cat for her, but she seems quite happy with the status quo. Since we're both retired, we're home a lot. We are her companion cats. She can snuggle up with us and play with us whenever she wants. I talk to her a lot. Sometimes you can just tell when a cat is happy.

We do want to thank you for Jasmine. You gave us a most wonderful gift.

Thank you,
Michael and Ed

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet cat with broken leg needs help

Connie is a beautiful buff tabby named after the kind soul who found her and brought her to Feline Rescue. She came to us with a broken foot that healed improperly. As you can see in her photos, she’s learned to work around the issue by developing a unique walking technique. Unfortunately, this mis-healed break will lead to more problems down the line, including pain and infection, so she will soon have her left leg amputated.

Connie is spending some time at the vet getting stronger before her surgery. Many thanks to Laura for opening up her home to Connie to recover after her surgery and adjust to life with three legs. But her vet bill promises to be rather large. If you can find it in your heart (and your pocket) to donate towards her medical costs, please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Danielle's Story

Here’s a Feline Rescue success story just waiting for a perfect ending. When Danielle came to the Feline Rescue Adoption Center, she was scared, dirty, and full of mats. She probably had spent a lot of time outside and had not been around people much—or at least not any people she could trust. She spent her first few weeks at the shelter hiding in a kennel, too scared to let anyone touch or comfort her.

But Feline Rescue volunteers just couldn't give up on trying to befriend this beautiful cat. Who wouldn't want to run their fingers through that soft, fluffy fur? So with much persistence and calm reassurance from volunteers, Danielle slowly learned to accept her new human friends. Volunteers also had the help of an affable, orange tabby named Jack-O-Lantern, whom Danielle adored. Sometimes it's other cats who teach the scared cats that it's ok to trust people! Danielle saw how much Jack-O-Lantern loved petting and so she wanted to try it too!

Since Jack-O was adopted (with one of his other shy buddies), Danielle has had many friends of both the two- and four-legged variety. She gets along well with any nice, gentle cat. She has even been known to come out to play with some of the youngsters, like Trixie and Tanly, at the adoption center. Danielle especially loves to chase feathers and wand toys.

And now when Danielle's human friends walk into the room, she runs to rub against their legs and begs for petting. She's come a long way! Now that this once-frightened kitty has learned to trust and love people, she is sure to do well with anyone who will trust and love her back. Danielle will do best in a quiet home with a patient person or family. If you give this shy kitty a chance, she will be a devoted friend. And Danielle finally finding a forever home would be the perfect ending to this story, don't you think?

If you are interested in learning more about Danielle, please stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext.3.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mason, Dixon and ... Add-a-line

It was inevitable, I suppose.

Last weekend Feline Rescue took in two kittens who had been found in a window well. They had been observed by the finder for two days with no sign of mom, so they were starving, flea-bitten and suffering from upper respiratory infections by the time they came in.

They were named Mason and Dixon, and here they are enjoying the warm fleecy goodness of their new foster home.

Later in the week a fuzzy gray kitten was surrendered by her finders, who didn't know how to take care of a 3 week old kitten, and were afraid they couldn't afford her veterinary bill, as she was also starving, dehydrated, and suffering from URI with severely affected eyes.

Of course, Mason and Dixon were just waiting to add a line... and thus we have Adeline.

It didn't seem hospitable that Adeline was curled up by herself while her new brothers had extra room in the soft donut, so we moved her a little closer.

Greeting ensued, with awkward tumblings and tastings. (Milk? You got milk on you?)

Mason thinks she fits right in. She's just the right size and everything.

That's just the ticket - a new family nap. Welcome, Adeline.

Adeline was seen again by the vet today, and has severe changes in her eyes resulting from her infection. We greatly fear that she will be blind, or even lose her eyes completely. She's seeing a kitty ophthalmologist tomorrow. Please purr for her, and if you would like to make a donation to Feline Rescue in her name, it would be greatly appreciated, as specialty care can get expensive.

You did get the joke about the Mason Dixon Line, didn't you? No matter, Sweet Adeline is a lovely name all on its own.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Happy Cat

Dear Feline Rescue,
We wanted to express our thanks and send you a photo of a happy cat.

Lord Peter is the most awesome cat - he has completed our new home! He settled in quickly, finding his favorite spots and directing us in the appropriate way of petting him (often using his paws to direct us towards his cheeks!). We were quite surprised when he dove under a rug one day and began his afternoon nap - other times he dives under as if looking for monsters!

His antics keep us amused - but he always comes calling for pets and rubs.

He even enjoys being carried around - if we keep his tummy pointed up! The silly guy!
We think ourselves blessed to have found this perfect family member! Thank you so much!

All the best to the cats and people of feline rescue!
Kjersti & Alec

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everyone Loves Carter

Everyone loves Carter
Christopher Robin loves Carter
Roo loves Carter
Even Carter's foster mom's aloof older cats, Meep and Snuggles, love Carter

Piglet Jr. loved Carter
Haley loved Carter
Groucho loved Carter
Simon loved Carter
And Allie really loves Carter

Allie is Carter's very special friend. Allie and Carter have been looking for their forever family for almost a year. If you are interested in learning more about this pair, please contact Joan at 612-702-9636 or Cathy at 651-230-3263.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Purrfect Pair: Tanly and Trixie

When thinking about adopting a young, playful cat, you should definitely consider adopting two. Two kittens can take their energy out on each other, thus avoiding the trouble sometimes gotten into by a single, bored kitten. Kittens want and need interaction with other cats for healthy social development and friendship. And what better friend for a kitten than one of its littermates!

Grown-up kittens Trixie and Tanly are two littermates currently at the Feline Rescue Adoption Center and seeking a home together. Growing up as the only girl in a litter of boys, Tanly sure learned how to wrestle. She loves to play games with her brother Trixie. And they like to play games with people too. You’ll never be bored with these two around!

Tanly and Trixie are quiet kitties at first—you might call them shy. But once you get to know them, they’re not shy at all! Tanly and Trixie are both super-sweet kitties and love petting and attention. They are happy cats who LOVE to purr. They also get along great with other cats. And just in case looks matter too, you'll notice that Trixie is dashingly handsome, and kitten-like Tanly is absolutely adorable!

So if you're interested in adopting a perfect pair of cats, come get to know Tanly and Trixie. Or check out some of our other great pairs at the adoption center or in foster care.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on Olive and her bean babies

Here's a nice note from Olive and the bean babies' foster mom:

Olive and her kitties are doing very well. Olive is a very nice and pretty cat and is a very good mother. Now that her babies don’t need her for their main source of food anymore, she is enjoying some leisure time away from them on a shelf where they cannot reach her, but she still keeps a careful watch over them.

The kitties are almost 9 weeks old now [which was three weeks ago because someone is a lazy blogger], and their names are Jelly, Chili, Garbanzo, Lima, Pinto & Lentil (in order from largest to smallest). There are 5 girls and 1 boy. Garbanzo is the boy, and he is extremely sweet. He is very friendly and loves to be held. He has always looked a little different than the rest; he has a longer, shinier & fluffier coat than the others. We think he takes after his mother.

All of the girls are also very sweet. They look a lot alike, so it can be hard to tell them apart. They all have dark fur, but some of them have kind of a grey undercoat and/or grey highlights, and some are lightly striped.

They all love to play, climb, jump, pounce, wrestle and run around. They are pure entertainment! They are all eating kitty food, and took a liking to it right away; though they still like an occasional drink from momma. Since we have never watched baby kittens grow and develop before, we were amazed at how quickly & successfully they learned how to use the litter box.

We feel very lucky to be sharing our home with this loveable family; it is a wonderful experience!

You can see the kitties at eight weeks old playing in and around a basket in this video:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adopt a Foster Kitten or Cat

Instead of bringing our foster kittens and cats to an adoption event this weekend, which can be stressful for the kitties, representatives from our foster program will be on-hand at our adoption center. Foster volunteers will be available to answer questions about the foster progam and will have photos and profiles of kitties available for adoption.

So stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center from 11:00 am to noon on Saturday, October 17 to peruse the foster profiles and meet our shelter cats. The Feline Rescue Adoption Center is located at 593 Fairview Ave N in St. Paul.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the kitties pictured above, please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263 or Joan at 612-702-9636.

Monday, October 12, 2009

B sibs waiting for homes

You read the raves about Beasley (now Bandit) in the previous post...Four of his siblings are still looking for homes. Bobbie & Bree, Barbie & Barnaby are just as cute and fun as their brother.

BOBBI & BREEBobbie (the tabby) is the first on my lap for cuddling every time. She is best buds with sister Bree and they want to find a home together

BARBIE & BARNABYBarnaby is small sweet boy, all his brothers have moved onto their new homes already.

BARBIEBarbie is regal and elegant, but like the rest she loves to cuddle.

BREEBree is the tiniest little sprite, but she is very busy and curious. She reminds me of Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan story.

Come meet them in the foster home where they were born in April!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A B Story

The following is an adoption story about Bandit, fka Beasley, one of Queenie's Bs.

First off, I would like to say that we have never been a cat family. We have always had dogs. The last dog we had was Coco, a Black Lab, and probably the best dog we had ever had. We had to put her down for health reasons when she was 12 1/2 years old. It was like losing one of our kids. We vowed to never get another pet again. That was 12 years ago.

Around 6 years ago, we started talking about getting another dog, but then realizing we were gone too much and it wouldn't be fair to him/her. Wouldn't you know it, the day before Valentines Day, a little black kitty was in our yard and on our deck looking in practically the entire day. We figured it would go home eventually. It got to 9 below that night. The next morning, I opened the drapes, and he came running out from under the deck. I opened the door and he jumped into my arms and has been there ever since. That is Smokey. We think Cocoa came back as a cat. We love him to pieces.

Then I have been bugging my husband, Curt to get Smokey a companion. He would have nothing to do with that notion. Our granddaughter Jessica became a Feline Foster Mom. We would go over to see her kitties and we would all gang up on Curt that we should get a kitty for Smokey. The next time I took Smokey to the Vet, I asked her opinion on what we should do and she was all for having a second cat in the house.

So Jessica took me shopping, with carrier on board and cash in my purse anticipating that I would be coming home with a new addition. Wouldn't you know it, we walked into Petco, where 3 foster moms were showing their cats in hopes they would get permanent homes. When I saw 5 Black kitties, I knew I was done for. I picked them up one at a time and Beasley, now Bandit, warmed up to me and said he was the one.

He was welcomed by Smokey after the 4th day, and they have been best friends ever since. It is wonderful to see them take turns grooming each other one minute and rough housing the next, Smokey is so much more content now that we have a playmate for him. This is the best thing we could have done.

Now Curt says “How can I love a kitty so much? I love him just as much as I love Smokey.”

And I know that they think I am their pet. They totally rule me.

Adopting a kitty through Feline Rescue is the best thing we ever did!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Foster Home Found - Tabby Mama and her fluffy babies

Update: We have a new foster caregiver taking care of these fluffy babies. What a great way to start fostering with a pair of sweet kittens.

Someone dropped off this nice tabby mama and her two ridiculously adorable fluffies at the shelter in a garment bag, and now they're waiting for a foster home. Do you have an spare room in your house and lots of love to share? Contact Cathy at 651-230-3263 to become a foster caregiver. It's super fun and rewarding, and I write this as a foster caregiver who currently has two kittens purring in her lap, one of whom won't quit clicking the mouse button on my laptop. :)

In case you need more convincing, here's another photo:

Princeton rescue

Workers at the Princeton, MN, pound sent out messages begging for help for two nice adult cats and a kitten that had been there too long and their time was up. I offered to take the kitten, but when I picked up another Feline Rescue volunteer for the drive, I asked her to bring along some extra carriers “just in case”. No real surprise then that we ended up bringing home the kitten, the two adults, and four small kittens that had just come in.

PRINCETON IN JAILThat was on a Thursday night. I took the whole crew to Larpenteur Animal Hospital on Friday morning. Princeton got neutered and got his ears, which were packed with ear mite dirt, flushed out and treated. I brought him home and that same night S & K came over to see some of my foster kittens. Well, I let them meet Princeton, too, and the sweet boy stole their hearts by head-butting them for pets and rolling on his back for belly rubs.

He was adopted less than 24 hours after arriving at my house!

Hi, everyone!

MAYYA AT HOMEHere are photos of Princeton and our other cat, Mayya.

Princeton settled in extremely well. He arrived on a Tuesday and we established him in a safe room. We were able to do a face-to-face meeting by Thursday, and he's been out and about in the house since Friday night.

MAYYA VOGUE-INGMayya was interested but wary for the first few days, but they now play together and sleep on the same sofa.

PORCHTIMEThey both love the front porch and spend a lot of time gazing at the world going by.

PLAYTIMEPrinceton is very chatty, loving, and playful and has awakened Mayya's inner kitten! Their personalities are very well-matched, and we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

HAPPY PRINCETONWe are very grateful to have found him, and we want to thank Feline Rescue, Cindy for referring us to FR, and Denise, who made this such a great experience.

Thanks! - s
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