Monday, November 9, 2015

Hughie and Lulu: one year update

A year ago, Hughie was a lonely and shy stray kitten rescued from animal control. Lulu was a 6-week-old kitten fending for herself outside in the early cold snap after her mother and siblings were trapped and brought inside without her. Once rescued, Lulu met Hughie in foster care, and from there life got better and better for both of them.

Here's an update from Mercedes, who adopted the best friends together:

I was just musing about how happy I am to have them in my life! They are both doing awesome. So much personality, and wonderful to see how they've grown and opened up.

Hughie is still a shy guy, and has that flight response from his feral streak, but he loves snuggles and he's perfectly comfortable around me. He follows me around and helps me get ready for work and sleeps curled up on my feet at the computer. He's very playful when he thinks no one is watching, and he carries the crocheted toy you left with him everywhere.

Lulu is a great influence on him, and makes him braver than he'd otherwise be. He's gotten big and strong (12.5 lbs) and he's built like a panther, but he's so gentle and sweet...

Lulu is a character. She's affectionate, brave, and a natural hunter. She is "cat" incarnate. Tiny and fearless, she keeps the house bug free, while cuddling in my lap every second she gets. She loves to be talked to, and is so adorable it hurts.

Both of them sleep with me every night, and they love each other to death. They're both model citizens. I couldn't imagine life without them.

Thanks again for bringing them into our lives. The work you do is so great.
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