Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Buddies - Teddy and Marlowe

We received some more great photos of two former Feline Rescue kitties, Teddy and Marlowe, from their family.

They are such handsome boys. You can see a sweet photo of them, when Marlowe first joined the family and was less than half the size of Teddy, on their previous blog post, Marlowe and His New Pal Teddy.

Teddy and Marlowe

Update for you on the cats. Marlowe is growing big and strong. Teddy has schooled Marlowe well and they are best buds.

Lisa & John

Monday, November 29, 2010

Andy is Home

Andy has found his home!  He was adopted by a wonderful couple and he is already becoming friends with his two new feline playmates, Geoffrey and Cora.

We just wanted to send you some pictures of Andy in his new home. He is quite the funny little guy. He is learning what the word hungry means. Geoffrey and Cora go crazy when I ask if they are hungry and he is starting to join in. Andy and Geoffrey are becoming fast friends, as you will see in one of the pictures. Cora has warmed up to him as well. As of Thanksgiving, there were no more strange noises coming from either of the other cats. It was funny to see earlier in the week Andy chasing Cora and she would go and hide from him. Now she is the one doing the chasing. He has become quite vocal over the last few days. He makes us laugh a lot! He whines when he doesn't want to be touched and purrs so loudly whenever he is near us.

Andy and Geoffrey
Andy and Cora

He is a little stinker sometimes though. He likes to push Geoffrey and Cora out of the way so that he can eat his food. Geoffrey could care less and just eats with him. Cora, on the other hand, steps back and lets him go to town. We have to be there and make sure he eats his food. Haha! Andy may not be able to get on the counters, but he sure does like to tear apart the Christmas tree.

Thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt Andy. He is a very special kitty, with a very large heart.

Cyndi and Sam

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet Yolandi and Bryn

These 9 week old kittens were found in a crate in front of a barn with a sign that said “Free Kittens.” Despite being farm cats they are very social and loving. Yolandi, the long haired black kitten, needs to be around people and when she notices she isn’t she will quick look around and run as fast as she can towards the closest human. Bryn, the gray kitten with beautiful tabby swirls, is the shyer of the two but when you start to pet her she will immediately flip over to show her tummy and have you pet it. These kittens won’t be ready to go for a few more weeks, but be on the lookout for updates!
About to pounce!
Born to be in front of the camera?
Yolandi and Bryn playing on their kitty bed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiger Lily and Papaya - Two Very Special Kitties

Papaya and Tiger Lily are two very special foster kittens who are looking for a very special adopter. They are special because they are sweet, beautiful, affectionate girls and they are also special because they are CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) kittens.

As you can see in the following videos, Tiger Lily and Papaya eat, play, and cuddle just like any other kitten. They're just a bit wobbly. CH cats have a normal life expectancy and these two girls do not need any special diet or medication. They just need that special family to give them a chance at a forever home.

A special thank you to Tiger Lily's and Papaya's foster caregivers for giving them all the love and attention that has allowed them to thrive and grow into the sweet girls that they now are.

If you are interested in adopting Tiger Lily and Papaya, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Just some sweet photos of our youngest kittens in foster care.  These babies are doing very well thanks to momma cat Pookie who takes excellent care of them along with their loving foster family.

Still almost 2 months before these babies will be ready to go home so keep checking back for more photos and a contact number when they are ready to meet potential adopters.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Adoption Event this Saturday!

Below are some of the sweet kittens and cats who will be at the adoption event this Saturday, November 20.

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Time: 12 pm - 2 pm
Place: Village Park of Bloomington
1930 East 86th Street • 952.854.3880

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank you!

Andy says "Meow, thank you Feline Rescuers!". We raised over $11,000 on Give to the Max Day. You can view the results on the Twin Cities Leaderboard.

That makes Andy, a Feline Rescue foster kitten, very happy.

If you are interested in adopting Andy, please call 651-705-6264.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GiveMN.org's Give to the Max Day - Tuesday, November 16th!

Start donating for a chance to win $1000 for Feline Rescue in GiveMN's Golden Ticket Challenge!
For 24 hours on Tuesday, November 16th, you have an opportunity to donate to Feline Rescue through GiveMN.org. Why give? Each hour throughout the day one donor will be randomly chosen to have $1,000 added to their donation. That means that you have the chance of winning an extra $1,000 for Feline Rescue! The minimum donation is $10, and each time you give, you have a chance to win the hourly Golden Ticket drawing. So get your friends and family to donate throughout the day to increase the chance to win the Golden Ticket Challenge! The cats will really appreciate it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Adoption Event November 20 from Noon to 2:00

Another opportunity this month to meet some of our adorable foster kittens and cats. Feline Rescue will be attending the Village Park Pet Fair and Adoption Event. This event is organized by Village Park of Bloomington but it is open to the public.

Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010
Time: 12 pm - 2 pm
Place: Village Park of Bloomington
1930 East 86th Street • 952.854.3880

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gigi's First Snow

First snowfall of the season here in Minnesota!  Gigi, a Feline Rescue foster kitten, is happy to be safe and warm inside but also quite fascinated with those big snowflakes floating down outside.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Friends in their New Home, Billy Bob and Rowdy

Billy Bob and Rowdy are two Feline Rescue kittens who were fostered in separate foster homes but have already become great new friends in their new forever home. The following are a couple updates and a bunch of photos we've received. Both of these little guys were quite the characters in their foster homes and are keeping their new mom busy and entertained.

 Billy Bob is a little love machine, and I'm still working on getting him to wait a little later in the morning to wake me up :)

Rowdy is a little more independent and loves to play, he likes to run laps around the house! :)

The last time I forgot to mention that I changed their names - Billy Bob is now "Jameson", and Rowdy is now "Stoli"...They are quite the handful but I'm loving every minute!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Miss Our Holiday Boutique

The Feline Rescue 2011 calendar and decks of cards featuring Feline Rescue cats will be on sale at the Holiday Boutique.

Holiday Boutique Donations Requested
Seeking items to sell at the holiday boutique. All donations must be brand new. It does not need to be cat related items. Please bring your donation to the Feline Rescue Adoption Center during shelter hours by Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Guy - Entertaining the Family

Another great Little Guy update from his family!

Hi everyone,
We adopted Little Guy in late August and we just wanna update you as how well he is doing!!
He is about 15 lbs now and his vet thought he was so gorgeous that she actually kissed the top of his head!!
He is happy and healthy, even with his FIV!!
He and our dog, Veda, a 70 lb. Golden, love to play hide and seek and catch the fluffy tail as it wags and wags. They run through the house daily in playful 'catch me if you can'.
My children find it hysterical that Little Guy loves to watch TV. Especially bird shows on TPT and Beatrix Potter cartoons about bunnies and kittens.
He sits right in front of our big window and watches the bird feeder and jumps at anything that comes near.
He is a wonderful addition to our family.
Thanks again for allowing us to bring him home with us!!
The A. Family

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dexter in His New Home

We love getting photos of kitties in their homes! Here's a couple of Dexter relaxed and happy in his new home.

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