Monday, June 29, 2009

In Memory of Grace

Grace, a special needs foster cat, has passed away. She touched the hearts of everyone who cared for her. She had spent the past few weeks enjoying her foster caregiver's garden and being held and loved.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Penny and Johnson Update

Penny and Johnson were adopted about a year ago.  Some of our sweetest kitties are usually FIV+ and Penny and Johnson were no exception.  Their new family recently bought a new camera and sent some new photos of the pair.

...both are doing very well and i love them soooo much! Missy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ollie and Wally Update

Ollie and Wally have graduated from bottle feeding and are continuing to thrive in a new foster home. Wally is still the little brother by about half of a pound, but while he may never match Ollie in size he more than makes up for it in energy. Both boys have very short "shed free" furs and loooove to cuddle. They flop over and purr if you just look at them cross-eyed. At 9 weeks and healthy, they'll be ready to go to a forever home in less than an month. Why don't you sign yours up now?

Wally begging for lap time, and displaying his amazing "walrus mustache," the inspiration for his name.

It's rare to see one brother without the other for more than a few seconds.

It is imperative that Ollie bats that fringe on the way by.

A good look at Ollie's very interesting coat. Because the stripes on his body are so narrow and the fur so heavily ticked, they visually disappear and he looks to be a solid brown heather color. The stripes on his head and tail give away the tabby underneath, though.

A typical morning play time.

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic, Sat. June 27

Feline Rescue, Inc. FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic

Date: Saturday, June 27
Time: 11 A.M. - 1 P.M.
Location: Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet
1661 County Road C West
Roseville, MN
(Located in north corner of Byerly's Shopping Center)

-FREE nail clippings for cats and kittens
-Learn why cats scratch
-Tips on clipping your cat's nails
-Recommendations on cat scratching posts/surfaces.

****All cats and kittens must be carriers****

Monday, June 15, 2009

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic, Sun. June 21

Feline Rescue, Inc. FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic

Date: Sunday, June 21
Time: 1 P.M. - 3 P.M.
Location: Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet
1661 County Road C West
Roseville, MN
(Located in north corner of Byerly's Shopping Center)

-FREE nail clippings for cats and kittens
-Learn why cats scratch
-Tips on clipping your cat's nails
-Recommendations on cat scratching posts/surfaces.

****All cats and kittens must be carriers****

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bigby (now Stasi) settles in with Stinkerbell

When I picked up the black pregnant mama cat (now Queenie and the Bees), I also picked up two remaining black kittens from her last litter (Brad & Angelina) and her older son (also black) who we called Bigby for his relationship to the little Bees. I was concerned about finding homes for them because black cats are often slow to be adopted. Not this sweet group! Brad & Angie are well settled in a new home as Harry & Greta and Bigby has a new home with a new name and a new friend, too.


Well, after only a few days together, Stinkerbell and the boy (I've renamed him Stasi) are having a great time chasing each other and playing with the hundreds of crunched-up paper balls that are scattered around the house. There is minimal hissing, and they trade off who's chasing whom, so it is definitely a game. He acts like he's lived here for years, and Stinkerbell seems happy for the company. The down side is that they both seems to have forgotten about me, but the floor show is entertaining enough that I can wait a few years for them to settle down for some lap time.


BIGBY AND STINKERBELL AT HOMENot exactly cuddling...
...but they are very comfortable with each other! Stasi is right at home, and Stinkerbell is refining her wrestling techniques with him.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ready for Adoption - Our First Set of Spring Kittens

Jessica, who helped rescue a momma cat and 3 babies from a tree stump (see 2009 Tree Family), is fostering Larry and Richard. Under her excellent care they've gained weight so quickly they've already been neutered and are now ready for adoption. You can read more about the pair at Jessica's blog or view their Petfinder profiles.

Here's a short excerpt from their posting and a couple more photos of these sweet brothers:

Larry is the big boy of the two. Katie actually thought he looked 11 weeks old. He bites Richard in the feet rather hard and makes him cry, but I don’t think he does it to be mean. He’s too cute.

Richard may have been the runt of the litter. Katie thought he looked 9 weeks old. He’s extremely sweet and adventurous. He’s been trying to escape from the closet every time I open the door for the past week, so he was thrilled to run around in the bedroom for about an hour today. He tried out his jumping abilities and hopped up on the table and the chair, while Larry just gazed at him from below. Richard may be smaller in size, but he makes up for it in smarts.

If you are interested in learning more about this fun pair, please call Cathy at 651-230-3263.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Queenie and the Bees

READY-TO-POPWhen my tiny foster cat with the huge pregnant belly finally gave birth, she had EIGHT kittens. That's an unusually large litter and one kitten, we named Bitsy, failed to thrive and died at ten days old. She had lots of love and care and actually passed away very quietly on her own as we held her.

QUEENIE AND HER EIGHT NEWBORN KITTENSThe good news is that the other seven are seven weeks old today and doing great. Because they are such a swarm of kittens, I called the group the Bees. Naturally their mom is the Queen Bee or Queenie and the kittens are Beasley, Buzby, Bixby, Barnaby (the boys) and Barbie, Bobbi and Bree (the girls).

MILK BAR OPENQueenie is the sweetest cat around and an excellent mom -- we know she had at least two litters before this one, so she is experienced (we do keep assuring her that this is her LAST litter). She is weaning the kittens now because they eat soft and dry food and drink water just fine.

MILK BAR CLOSEDThis family can meet potential adopters soon and they can go home once they are 12 weeks old, healthy and spayed/neutered. We strongly recommend getting more than one kitten, because they want to play all the time and need a snuggle buddy, too. They will be posted soon on our website.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Chipmunks!

Foster caregivers love to get updated photos of their former kitties in their new homes. L takes especially beautiful photos of her cats one of which is my former kitten from the group known as the "Chipmunks." Chip is now known as Nelson:
Hello Denise,

I hope my e-mail finds you and your kitties doing well!!

Monday June 1st is your little "Chipmunk Chip's" 2nd Birthday. I've attached 2 photo's of my boy Nelson which I took about 2 weeks ago.

Nelson is thriving in his new home, he and my girls have learned to get along and every once in awhile they will engage in a bit if chase with him.
He is one smart cat, he must understand human talk because whenever he starts to get a bit naughty by being over aggressive in his play with the girls all we have to do is say "Nelson stand down" and he will.

We have 2 ducks that come to visit every day and he loves to hunt them in the window. He will sit there all tensed up ready to pounce talking the whole time. What a joy this little cat has brought to our lives!

ONE OF CHIP'S GIRLSI stopped by the shelter the other day on my lunch hour to see the space but they were closed. I got there during the week at about 1:30. Now that I know the hours I'll stop by earlier.

Thanks for all that you do and for my wonderful little boy!


Monday, June 1, 2009

B.T., Purrl and Mz. Houdina

A co-worker of mine decided that he wanted a cat a year or so ago and ended up getting three from three different rescue organizations. He found B.T. at the Feline Rescue Shelter and waited to add cat #3 to the household until the first two were settled. It was a LONG process, but I know John is happy with his new family and John says "BT seems to be one pretty contented & happy cat."


Here are a couple of pictures of B.T. taking it easy.

B.T.I am also sending two other pictures -- one each of Purrl and Mz. Houdina -- even though they are from the Humane Society and Cause for Paws, respectively.


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