Monday, December 29, 2014

Time to catch up with Lionel

Lionel was a terrified and injured tomcat when rescued a few months ago. 
He found love and healing in his foster home and has moved mountains since becoming an indoor cat and befriending humans.

Lionel is the sweetest of the sweet, according to his fabulous foster mom, who can't say enough for this fine orange cat. In her words:
I'm always wrong with him - always! I never give him enough credit. I'm all worried and he always pulls thru. There is seriously nothing that orange boy can't do. I even cut 3 paws worth of his nails. I think he's gonna freak, he does fine. I think he's gonna die of the head cold, he pulls thru. I think he'll be too scared upstairs, he's perfect. I think he's gonna hurt the kittens, the kittens wap his face and kiss him and lay directly on top of him. I think he's gonna hurt my old cat TC, he spoons him. I think he's gonna freak at the vet and he's perfect. I think he can't use the usual cat box and he succeeds. I think I can't bathe him - there's NO way and he does perfect. I thought I'd never be able to touch him and I can kiss him. I never thought he'd purr and he purrs. He is such a testimony to living!

Lionel is a quiet, keep-to-himself type of guy who loves sweet pettings on his head and neck while he stretches for you to get the right spots and purrs his big, orange heart out. Life was hard to him on the streets - he has a bad eye and a bad leg to prove it. Lionel's ideal home would be with someone who will let him be himself, pushing him little bits at a time to be more social and giving him some turkey fresh from the bird a few times a month. His eye and his leg have been checked out by the doctors. The blind eye is most likely due to having the herpes virus that was left untreated as a younger cat. His stiff leg is an old injury, possibly a car accident. He uses his leg just fine, responds to touch, uses that foot to scratch his ear - it doesn't bother him. When he was neutered, he had a dental and several teeth were pulled - when he gives you love nibbles, he just gums you - it's so sweet. 

For information about adopting Lionel call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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