Saturday, July 31, 2010

Getting Bigger

Cleo's kittens are getting bigger and as evidenced by the first photo below, starting to get into normal kitten trouble.

Their foster mom captured some individual photos.  We're sharing photos of the three boys today.  Check back tomorrow for photos of the five girls.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super Andy!

Faster than a rolling jingle ball, more powerful than the smell of tuna, and able to leap other kittens in a single bound...

And all with just 3 legs.

Thank you to all of Andy's guardian angels who made his surgery possible!

If you are interested in adopting Andy and his new best friend Chandler, please call Cathy at 651-230-3263.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Normandy is Ready to Go Home!

All of Rousseau's kittens have gone to their forever home, except Normandy! Normandy's brother and sister went home last week and while she has been enjoying all of the attention of being the only foster kitten in the house she really hopes she will find her forever home soon!

Normandy has always been the shyest kitten of the litter, but since her siblings went home she has lost every bit of shyness and is never more than a foot away from me.

Playing with her new favorite toy!

She has become a very loving girl who is always puring whether she is being pet, playing or of course when the wet food comes out!

Don't Worry, While she is waiting for her forever home she is getting plenty of kitty love from her foster mom's cat!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marlowe and His New Pal Teddy

Marlowe is getting acquainted with his new friend Teddy (also a former Feline Rescue cat).  Their family just sent a very sweet photo of the two getting to know each other.

Thought you'd like to see Marlowe and Teddy getting acquainted. Teddy is doing pretty well and fairly tolerant. Still a few hisses here and there. Marlowe has made himself to home and seems very confident in our house; he's a terrific boy!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Amélie and Toulouse Home Together

Toulouse, fka Pierre a little orphaned kitten brought into foster care in June, and Amélie, fka Genevieve, went home together this past weekend so Toulouse will always have a good kitty friend. Their mom already sent a glowing update.

I just wanted to let you both know that the kittens are doing so well! I've renamed them Amélie (Genevieve) and Toulouse (Pierre), and they seem to have settled in quickly. They both love sitting on the back of my couch or in my papasan chair. Amélie and Toulouse have been following me everywhere, but once I'm stationary for a bit, they go back to running around the house. Amélie's favourite toys seem to be the laser pointer and crinkly little balls, and she makes it almost impossible for me to do any work on my computer. She is also a purring machine! Toulouse likes to capture his toys and hide them under my bed, and runs all over the place unless he's napping on the couch. They're both hilarious to watch when they're playing, and completely adorable when they nap together. They're both very sweet and cuddly with me, too, unless my feet are under a blanket.

Health-wise: eating very well and using the litterbox. They're both very spunky and energetic, too!

I attached a few pictures, it's easiest to get pics when they're sleeping. :) Most of my phone is filled with adorable blurs. I'll send you better pictures when I use my actual camera!

Thanks so much for everything, I'll keep you posted!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Madison & Dolly

I was so pleased to get an update on a former Feline Rescue foster and shelter cat named Madison. Madison's adult kitten, Dolly, is a permanent family member with another Feline Rescue foster caregiver. Check out the family resemblance!

MADISONMadison (also known as Maddie) rules the house and I really don't care. I mean she is so cute doing it and you really don't catch on until it's too late.

Mad's birthday is 6 days away (the day I got her). She is going to be 3 years old, but she still acts like a kitten.

I really can't think what to give her for her birthday, she has a lot of toys (even tops from water bottles) and a kitty condo.

Mad just loves the AC blowing on her; it could only the fan running as long as it is blowing. She looks like a dog with its head out the window -- just so cute.

I even got some books on Maine Coon cats and a Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, which is a must for all cat owners.

I'm including some pictures of Madison so you can see her in all her glory.

J~ and Maddie


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nelson celebrates his 3rd birthday

Nelson -- originally known as Chip -- was one of my group of brown tabby-striped foster kittens known as the Chipmunks. His adopter recently sent an update
I just wanted to drop you a quick line because Nelson was 3 years old June 1st. Wow how time flies! It seems just like yesterday that I adopted him from Feline Rescue.

I dressed him up in his best tie and collar for a photo, however he was not so keen on the whole idea. He is thriving, still dashing about like a kitten, and talks to me constantly. He still enjoys batting any round fruit off our counter and slapping it about the kitchen.

He has really mellowed out since his younger escapades. He now will sleep right beside me on the couch, has to take naps with me on weekends, and always has to be in the bathroom with anyone who uses it. He has turned into a "leaner". He does not want to be on me, but always has to be leaning up against me when he is sitting next to me on the couch.

He's a very loving boy and we just love him! Thanks again to you and Feline Rescue for giving me the gift of this little guy!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life with Cleo and her 8 Kittens

Momma cat, Cleopatra, and foster mom are still quite busy with this large family: Andrew, Patrick, James, Margaret, Frances, Irene, Nonnie, and Trudy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Help FIV+ Cats Find Homes!

These four big, friendly boys are rooming together at Feline Rescue’s Adoption Center. They get along great with each other and love people.

Galileo is a mellow lap cat who also likes to play.

Satchell loves other cats!

Astor is adorable and athletic.
Little Guy is soft and sweet.

A friendly and furry fistfight:

These cats have all tested positive for the FIV virus, but please don’t let that scare you away.

What is FIV?
FIV is an immunodeficiency virus that over time may leave a cat more susceptible to illness. But most FIV cats live normal, healthy lives with few or no health problems. FIV can't spread to other cats through casual contact like grooming, cuddling, or sharing food and litter boxes (it's transmitted primarily though deep bite wounds). FIV can't spread to people or dogs.

If you’re looking to adopt a cat or two, please consider our FIV cats! To meet or hear more more about them, visit the Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext. 3.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Momma Cat and Daughter Update

Puddin' fka Antoinette and Roux fka Rousseau were adopted together.  We always love to see a momma cat going home with one of her kittens so this adoption was special.  Thank you to Beth for opening her home to a beautiful pair of cats.

The girls are doing great. They’re both exploring. Puddin’s getting into trouble with houseplants. Roux’s trying to wean Puddin (still tries to nurse).

Both like toys with feathers. Roux is afraid of storms (we found out last night). Puddin’ ain’t afraid of nuthin’.

I’ve attached some photos I’ve taken this weekend.

Thanks for the fabulous cats!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get That Tail!

Feline Rescue foster cat, Christopher Robin, just can't get enough of his tail. He's frequently seen chasing it around and around and around as in the following video. Understandable since it is a really long, elegant tail.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Otto Update

Yea! Otto is doing great in his new home! Thanks to his family for the update.

Quick shout out to Dawn and the rest of the staff from Saturday to let you know that we are being held captive by both Otto and his new best friend Mustard for toy mice and catnip. I'm sure the dog's days are numbered. Otto has completely adjusted to his new surroundings.

David and Nina

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost Ready, Aurora's Kittens

Aurora and her four kittens will be all ready to go home in a couple weeks. Two of her kittens, Gracie Ella and Felix have already been spoken for, but the two fluffy, sweeties, Jude and Tut are still available.

Jude is a medium hair black and white boy who loves to cuddle and play.

Tut is a medium hair boy who has white fur with some Siamese like gray points and gorgeous blue eyes. Tut loves to be held and completely relaxes in your arms.

These two gentle brothers would of course love a home together.

Aurora, momma cat, would also of course love to find a home with one of her babies. She is a beautiful, loving girl. She appears to be a Siamese mix with brilliant blue eyes, loves to talk, and adores her people especially her foster mom.

If you'd like to learn more about Aurora, Jude, or Tut, please call 651-705-6264.  You can also view a fun video of the kittens playing from a previous blog post, Kitten Sitting.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Walking - Cleopatra's Kittens

Cleopatra's foster mom shared some video of Cleopatra's 8 babies starting to really move around.  Quite a handful for both momma cat and foster mom.

And so far the girls are named Margaret, Frances, Irene, Nonnie, and Trudy (she's the littlest. I named her after the patron saint of cats, so she'll have someone watching over her. I have a little St. Gertrude statue in the room) and the boys are named Andrew, Patrick, and James

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cat Companions

It's interesting to see so many different cats interacting with each other here at the adoption center. A few of our cats would prefer to be only cats. But many enjoy having other cats around. Currently, we have lots of active, young cats who love to play and snuggle with each other. Now is a great time to visit the adoption center if you're looking for a pair of friendly cats (to keep each other entertained while you are away). Or if you're looking for a new cat to be a companion for a cat you already have, one of these cat-friendly guys might be just what your family needs!

Samuel Jones is one cat that just LOVES other cats.

He would love to find a home with another cat that would like to romp around with him! Here he is up to fun-and-games with his friend Otto.

Other cats who like other cats include:

And of course, Pumpkin

To meet these cats and more of their friends, stop by the Feline Rescue Adoption Center or call 651-642-5900, ext. 3

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Phoebe & Chloe

These two sweet little ladies are now available for adoption! They were rescued in April when they were very tiny and cared for by one of our experienced foster caregivers. Now they've been spayed and are ready to go home....and they don't really like other cats but they love each other so we'd love for them to be adopted as a pair!

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