Sunday, September 29, 2013

Join Us at Our Fall FUNdraiser Today!

Brunch and Raffle tickets available at the door.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Foster to change their world

So maybe you can't change the world, but you can change the world for this little cat.

Echo and Ernie were born in the woods to a stray cat who was left behind when her people moved. Look how much fun they are having in this little box. Imagine what fun they would have being adopted to live in a home!

If you have a spare bedroom or bathroom and just a little extra time to play with some kitties, you can foster. If you can help these kitties, then we will have room to save the rest of their family and more families like this.

For more information about Echo and Ernie, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Advocating for Cats

Join Feline Rescue in observing National Feral Cat Day. Alley Cat Allies launched National Feral Cat Day October 16th, 2001 to promote Trap-Neuter-Return, to raise awareness about feral cats, and to recognize the millions of compassionate Americans who care for them.


Feline Rescue is sponsoring a Spay/Neuter Campaign for Community Cats during October.  Volunteers will hit the streets in targeted areas of St. Paul to distribute information on caring for outdoor cats, make sure that folks are aware of low-cost options for spay/neuter, and to offer assistance for spaying/neutering outdoor cats.  To volunteer with the campaign, email

Then join us for Feline Rescue's Fabulous Feral Cat House Challenge and Food Drive on October 27th from 1-3.

When the weather turns cold, outdoor cats need shelter to survive.  Colorful, creative, technologically advanced, or simply super functional—we want to see what you can come up with to help keep outdoor kitties safe and warm this winter. 

Design and build your own shelter or customize one you purchase.  The challenge is yours. Then bring your shelter to our community cat open house at our adoption center on October 27th from 1-3. We will award in two categories—most creative and warmest for a MN winter. After the competition, keep your shelter for cats you are feeding or donate it to our outreach team to pass along to other cats in need.

Whether or not you enter the competition, feel free to stop by and see what others have created. And bring some food—canned or dry—for our community cat food drive.

If you'd like to build a shelter for feral cats you are feeding but don't know where to start, email us in advance at  We can give you a list of supplies to bring so we can build one together on October 27th.
Photo: Alley Cat Allies
If you are feeding or seeing outdoor cats, please help make sure they are spayed or neutered to prevent more homeless kittens. For advice or assistance on Trap-Neuter-Return or low-cost spay/neuter, call FR outreach volunteers at 651-642-5900 ext. 4 or email

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Echo's Week

I started the week outside in the woods, hanging out in a tree trunk. The woods are where I was born.  My mom, a sweet black cat, once had a home just up the hill from here. Then her people moved away and left her behind. She survived the winter hanging out in a storm sewer. In the spring, she had a litter of kittens. Then she had another litter—mine—just a few weeks ago. There were six of us. This is what happens when people don’t spay and neuter their pets.  One cat turns into nine or ten in just a matter of months.

Today some people with live traps that say “Feline Rescue” came and took away my two older sisters (from mom’s spring litter) to be spayed. They tried to take mom too, but when they saw she was nursing more babies, decided to leave her behind to take care of us. They don’t know where we are hiding J

We’ve been spotted playing at the edge of the woods!

The people came back, and I was the only one to wander over to them for food.  Oops, I’ve been caught!

Turns out that being caught is not so bad. At first I was scared and missed my mom (hopefully she and the other babies will agree to be rescued soon) but now I get to hang out with my big sisters. They've taken me under their wings, showing me how to eat canned food like a big girl, how to play, and how to purr when I get petted. Now all we have left to learn is what it’s like to live in a home.

I hope this next week will end in a foster home! And I hope someone has room for all three of us!  Please call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email if you can foster us. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spay and neuter to keep more cats out of the cold!

We're in a mad dash to get outdoor cats spayed and neutered before more homeless kittens are born out in the cold. If you are feeding or seeing stray cats in your neighborhood, please help make sure they get spayed or neutered.  You can check with your vet, low cost mobile clinics MN SNAP or Kindest Cut (now offering $10 spay/neuter for qualifying residents in Frogtown/Thomas-Dale areas of St. Paul), or contact our spay-neuter-outreach program volunteers for more information or assistance at

And if you can help by taking in a friendly cat or two temporarily so they can find a home and don't have to spend the winter out in the cold, please contact us.  Echo 1 and 2 are adorable, 6-month-old sisters who were born outside in the spring to a mother cat who was not spayed and then left behind when her owners moved.

If you can help these sweet but shy girls, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meet us Today at Woody's

Meet these cats and kittens, rescued by Feline Rescue Outreach Volunteers, today from 1-3 at Woody's Pet Food Deli  in St. Paul.

Laura was born on a forelclosed property, where her mom had been abandoned with a bunch of other cats. Fearless, adventuresome, and very playful, Laura is looking for a home with another young cat or with her mom, Tigerlily.

JoJo was born outside in the Midway area.  She's soft and sweet but shy at first. JoJo is about a year old and gets along well with other cats and dogs.

Ellie was abandoned near Feline Rescue. She's a tiny little girl with a big purrsonality.  She is outgoing and likes to cuddle and to play. Ellie is about 8 months old.

Sargent Pepper: If you're looking for a social, active black cat who can be a real character, Sarge might be the one for you!

Henry, Charlie, and Trinket: Youngsters Charlie and Trinket were rescued from a foreclosed property in Cambridge. Henry was fending for himself last winter on the streets of St. Paul. Henry adopted the kittens in his foster home and would love to get to go home with them. Here's your chance for an instant family of sweet, adorable, Maine-Coon-mixes!

Come meet these cats and more September 14th at Woody's or call Molly for more information: 651-295-3758

Monday, September 9, 2013

Kabuki at Home

Kabuki was recently adopted from Feline Rescue's adoption center. His human mom, Barbara, wrote to tell us how he is doing!

I want to let you know that Kabuki is doing very well. He has made himself right at home. He is far more cuddly and mellow than we expected. 

Of course, he does have his rambunctious side. When he's sleeping, his face is as sweet as a lamb. We have kept his name because it is unique and so is he. He is a quieter boy but does meow occasionally. He is also confident and strong. 

We knew he needed a friend so we searched to find who we thought would be a good match for him as well as our family. We met "Petey" (now Amos), a four month old kitten, on Thursday night, adopted him and brought him home. He is also from a shelter. 

The two are adjusting easily and becoming companions. They run around the house, play with toys and love sitting in the cat perches together looking out open windows. Introducing them has been incredibly easy. The only issue is that Kabuki wants to wrestle and Amos doesn't, at least not now. It is easy to separate them. 

Lucien, our seven year old son says, "Kabuki's face looks magical and the kitten's face is cute. 

Helping Neighborhood Cats

If you are seeing and/or feeding stray cats in your neighborhood, remember that this time of year especially, cats are safer left outside with food and plenty of fresh water than taken to animal control facilities. Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with kittens and homeless cats during the warmer months, so many are euthanized. There simply are too many homeless animals and not enough space in shelters. If you can provide food and water and a temporary place for the cat, you might be saving a life!

If you are unable to find a home for a stray cat or kittens yourself, call around to no-kill shelters and rescue groups. It’s important to call ahead, as most shelters are full but may have a waiting list.

In the meantime, be sure to get cats over six months spayed or neutered right away to prevent even more unwanted kittens. You can check with your vet, low-cost mobile clinics MN SNAP or Kindest Cut, or contact our spay-neuter-outreach program volunteers for assistance at Please pass this information along to help save more lives!

Ellie is one stray cat, about 6 months old, who was caught and spayed before she could have kittens outside.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stefan's Kittens

Stefan came to his foster home pleasant and playful but still shy about being touched by people.  So his foster mom went out and rescued some kittens so Stefan wouldn't be lonely.  Stefan loves playing with and caring for his little charges.  And the carefree kittens have a job to do too: they are teaching Stefan that it's OK to trust people again.

Stefan is a beautiful gray/black striped tabby, 1 year old kitten who really
loves other cats (especially these 3) and still loves to play kitten games. He
is shy about being touched (though on his way to liking it) but not shy
about hanging out with people and other cats. He's really a pretty calm guy...except when in that playing mood!

Sybil is a delightful, tiny 2 month old black and white female kitten who is a major go-getter. She plays hard and naps hard, and loves her chums Stefan and brother Tommy. She is very adventurous and already has clocked in major explorations high and low. Both people-oriented and cat-oriented she is a joy to have around.

Tommy is a tiny 2 month old orange and white male kitten who has a lot of fun in life. He plays with all his chums (Stefan, Sybil and especially buddy Lord Grantham/ Bobby Crawley. Tommy acquiesces to whatever other cats want, so he will never challenge the alpha-cat (in his foster home that would be Bobby Crawley). Tommy is both cat oriented and people-oriented.

Lord Grantham (aka Bobby Crawley) is a 3 month old orange/tan kitten with a lot of energy and spunk. He throws himself into life with gusto and especially loves his little friend Tommy.

If you can give Stefan and/or his buddies a home, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

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