Monday, April 28, 2008

Jelly in bed

I just had to share this beautiful photo of Jelly sent in by her adopter. Jelly was one of the Sausage kittens. She and her shy sister Java (now Georgie) went to a new home together after a long wait for the perfect home. They are doing great.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vanalikes are Five Weeks Old

My, how they've grown! Check them out at three weeks, two weeks, and one week. We must have skipped an update when they were four weeks :). Some of these photos were taken Wednesday, and some were taken today (Saturday). I can tell they've grown in the past three days!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dicken & Dolly

Can you believe these two sweeties were left in an aquarium, with their mom, outside of our shelter a few weeks ago? Who would do that? Unfortunately, we often get "dumps" in front of our shelter, and then we're left scrambling to find places for them to go. Adults go to the shelter, and kittens, mom cats, and pregnant cats go to foster.

One of the kittens, Dicken, was born with deformed back legs. They are basically turned backwards. It's hard to explain what it looks like. He gets around pretty well and is getting lots of TLC and even physical therapy from his foster mom, S. He will see a specialist next week so we will know more about his condition and if it is correctable.

For now, enjoy these photos of these two exquisitely gorgeous fluff balls. From the size of their paws it looks like they have some Maine Coon in them. We'll keep you posted on Dicken's progress as we learn more. Their mama, Madison, was camera shy the day the kittens got their portraits taken, but we'll try to add photos of her soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Formerly Feral Fluffy Fancy Pants: Finnegan & Fiona

Meet Finnegan and Fiona. They came into our foster system in mid-April after being born to a feral momcat in a warehouse. These two cuties were feral for about five minutes, then they turned into purring, playing, fluffy balls of kitten love. Finnegan, the tabby stripped one, was a bit of a ham for the camera. Fiona, the grey one with a white chest & paws, chose to be a bit more shy about posing, but I think it was because she was too busy chasing her buddies around the house. They aren't old enough for adoption yet, but how great would it be if they could be adopted together when the time comes?! Stay tuned for updates on them as they grow!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Country Cousins!

Last year S. had a group of kittens she called the Country Cousins because they came to Feline Rescue from a farm. It didn't take the beautiful tabbies long to settle in to city life. They were given pretty letter names: QT (Cutie) for the orange one, L (Elle) for the dilute tabby and the beautiful brown classic tabby twins were JJ for the male and GG (Gigi) for the female.

S. hated to think of separating them at all, but QT was the first adopted and he went alone to join a household with two other cats, where he was renamed Parmesan. (How cheesie is that??).
The latest update from their home:

I'm sure you are looking forward to your kitties first birthday as I am to Parmesan's. I must say, if you are half as delighted with your kits as I am mine we have all been blessed with a wonderful, comical little friends for a lifetime. One day I looked at Parmesan as he was dozing near me and I said to him "I hope we get to be together for a good, healthy 18 years." My girl cats are still annoyed with his presence, however, with Jemma being on Prozac they actually play together! Ivy my almost 10 year old could give a rats behind about him. He's always grabbing her and pulling her down to the floor and she has a hard time getting back up. I call him my kitty mafia hitman.


Next Elle and JJ went together. They are doing great at their new home:

JJ has learned how to open doors!! If you're in the bathroom or bedroom without the door being locked, he jumps up and turns the knob with his two front paws and after a couple tries, the door comes swinging open!! Toilet paper and paper towels and jumping on the counter are still fun games to Elle and JJ, but a spray bottle has improved their behavior.

Every once in a while (not while it was super cold) we take them into our small backyard on little harnesses and leashes. They love exploring the grass and our garden and doing their bird call when a bird lands near by in a tree. JJ loves climbing a small fruit tree in our garden- with a little help under supervision, he gets so excited! They always love coming back inside too cause they get a little treat when their harnesses come off. As soon as you grab the harnesses, Elle sits down and purrs while you put it on her. JJ didn't like the harness much at the beginning, but now he sits down too!

Elle's favorite toy: water- whenever she can get the chance to be by water, she loves sticking her paws in it and cleaning them. JJ's favorite toy: a little pink and purple feathery sparkling purse that used to have cotton filling- we crack up whenever he plays with it, which is everyday- he tosses it up in the air, carries it around in his mouth, and sleeps with it.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful cats. In the 10 cats I've had since I was 3 years old- none of them compare to Elle and JJ. They are a precious gift and we thank God for creating such amazing creatures!

R. & M.

S. worried about Gigi without all her sibs, but she found a perfect spot, too. A woman who adopted twin gray kitties from me a couple of years ago, was looking for a new friend for her older cat Oliver, who had just lost his buddy.

Gigi has become Nellie. It was not my intention to give her a new name but Mely Belly eventually became Nellie Mely Belly and after a few “Whoa Nellie’s”, I found she was answering to it. I think it suits her. She’s a doll. You can see from the pictures she’s made lots of friends.

Last night I watched her trying to turn a box right side up always keeping an eye behind to prevent ambush by the dogs. I wanted so much to help her but sometimes the journey is more fun than the end. She was enjoying herself.

I think Oliver is still not sure about the whole thing. Sometimes I imagine him telling me, “Mom, she’s bothering me again.” She keeps him on his toes! He’s definitely brighter and even his appetite seems to be improving.

Like I said, she’s a little darling and has fit in beautifully. Thanks so much.


We estimated that the Cousins were born near the end of April in 2007, so their first birthday is right about now. Happy Birthday, Parmesan, JJ, Elle, and Nellie!

Don't you just love happy endings?!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Foster Cat of the Week: Nicole

Meet Nicole, a lovely young lady with a demure disposition. She is in foster care, waiting paitently for someone to sweep her off her feet. A bit on the shy side, this sweetie prefers a quiet home. She has a twin brother named Noble who she wants to find a home with! Visit her Petfinder page to find out how to contact her foster mom.

FR Photo Archives

While going through a bunch of photos of Feline Rescue cats that I had on my hard drive, I found some shots from fall of 2007 that I felt needed to be shared with the world. Here are a bunch of Feline Rescue alumni having fun in their foster home! These were the "chipmunk" kittens and some of their friends. Most of the kitties in these pictures have been adopted. You can click on the images to see nice big versions of them. Enjoy!

Simon and Alvie

Seri, so cute and innocent looking!

Alvie, pretty little girl

Nice left hook, Lizzie!

I surrender!

Eeek! I'm trapped in this metal contraption

High five, dude!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on OC and GTC

We received this great update from two young cats recently adopted from the Feline Rescue shelter, and their human gave us permission to share their story with the world. This is a great example of why adopting cats in pairs is a GREAT idea!

Hello to everyone at Feline Rescue!

It has been 3 weeks, and these beautiful cats are settling in very well!

The boys could not have been more fun as they got used to living in a house....steps, mirrors, glass doors and curtains fascinate them! One of their favorite games is chasing each other from the basement to the upper floor of the house and back again, before they collapse in a heap (together) for some serious brotherly love.

Garfield (now Wally) loves the cat dancer toy , and a large, black fur mouse that he doesn't like to share! He is also very fascinated with plastic water bottles, and will push one around the house every chance he gets. He is the most independent of the two, but when he gets tired, he is the biggest lover and looks for the next lap to settle on.

OC was going to remain OC, but between the big paws, big purr and big personality, he has become Mr Bigs, or Biggie. He fo-opted a faux leopard print fleece glove, and he drags it around the house and wrestles with it every time he finds it. He has curiousity and enthusiasm to spare, and has staked his territory on the cat perches as defender of the house against all the birds, squirrels and bunnies he sees oustside. There is no where he won't climb and explore, and no person he won't try to charm!

I've included a few picture of Wally and Biggie for everyone at Feline Rescue to see. These kitties have settled in so well, and are so well loved---thank you for fostering them and keeping them before they came to us!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jenna the Jem

We have many wonderful cats in the feline rescue foster system, but one in particular is named Jenna. She's a young, gorgeous, playful girl--and she's been in foster care for over a year. And in that year we have not had one person interested in adopting her. Poor Jenna has cataracts, causing her to have impaired vision. This is very rare for a cat her age, but she is currently on no medications and has no special needs due to her condition. She will, however, need to be monitored throughout her life to make sure her condition doesn't worsen.

She loves humans and dogs, but can be bossy with other cats. Please help us find the perfect home for Jenna! If you're interested in hearing more, please call foster coordinator Cathy at 651.230.3263.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Okie and the Bunny

Oakley, with his dirty cast on in 2006

I fostered Oakley back in 2006. I found him limping in my yard, but I couldn't get close to him. I live-trapped him and soon found out he was a little lover boy, not feral at all. A visit to the vet confirmed he had a BB lodged in his paw, and it was broken. He had to wear a cast for 6 weeks, which he was none to fond of.

I had him for 3-4 months, and I must confess, they were a bit stressful for me. Oakley is a WONDERFUL cat, but he tormented my 3 resdient cats the whole time he lived with me. What a relief it was when he was adopted into a great new home!! He is very loved and very spoiled, and his family sends me photos regularily. His new family wanted to name him Romeo, but Oakley kind of fit him so they shortened it to "Okie". Below are the most recent ones they sent.

Hmmm...a bunny I must observe this intruder carefully.

He thinks if he turns his back to me I don't see him....silly rabbit.

Drats! Foiled by the glass again.

Oh well, I much prefer laying in the sun than bunny hunting, anyway.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vanalikes are three weeks old

How sweet are these babies? And, just this week, they have started to play. They are so round and unsteady on their feet, it is very funny to watch, but they go through all the motions of crouching and batting and wrestling. They keep very busy walking around in the big container that is their home. They are quite aware of the boundaries now and eager to get beyond them. That adventure can wait another week or so. Isn't Vanna positively angelic?!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Other Elf

This pretty gray kitten from the group I called the Elves went to a home alone, but to be friends with the resident cat there. As you can see in the photos, they are getting along famously -- What a handsome couple they make! His new name is Ranger.
Their Mom says:
Thanks for asking. They are great - they play together a lot more now. Ranger walks around yowling, about what , I'm not sure. When I'm in the kitchen he meows and leads me to the living room- I think I'm s'posed to sit down so he can sit on my lap. It really makes it hard to read the paper, since I usually sit in a recliner. The photos are from this winter..
She calls him her "Glamour Boy".

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Foster homes are needed desperately!

Just this morning I got a note from the foster coordinator for Feline Rescue:

Hi All,

We had a man come to the shelter this morning who was told by his boss to take the stray Momma and kittens that were in the warehouse to the river and drown them. The shelter called me. I accepted them into the foster system because we had a spot.

15 minutes later the shelter called again. A man came in with another Momma and babies. They were found in an abandoned house. At this time we don't have any one else who will commit or who is available. I asked if anyone at the shelter could take them home and foster them temporarily. I received no response. I therefore had to refuse this family.This is a very hard thing to do. I feel like crap.
It would be appreciated if you could ask your friends and relatives. The situation is much worse because of the economy and the foreclosures One thing I am especially sick of hearing is " I can't foster because I get too attached". It is not about us, it is about the cats and our mission.

This is just the beginning of the terrible frustration we go through each spring/summer/fall as there are so many unwanted kittens born. Please help if you can by taking in a cat, some kittens or a momma cat and kittens until they are adopted into their "forever home". You'll be saving their lives and they will brighten your days!

Please call (651) 230-3263 for more information.

Dude is movin' on up

That's Dude in the foreground taking a rest with his new buddy John sleeping in the background. Dude moved over to my friend S's house last night and he is still exploring over there and staying out of the way of the hissing sister cats. S says that it's nice to have a baby in the house again.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Vanalikes are two weeks old

Beau, Bunny and Bonnet celebrated being two weeks old this weekend. They are getting bigger and moving around better and just this morning I saw signs of their smushed ears starting to pop up. They have more fur and it's getting fluffy like Vanna's and I LOVE their short stubby fat gray tails! I'm surprised that they have such round flat moon faces, but there are lots of changes ahead for these little guys.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little Dude meets the Bigs

A new little foster kitten joined my household last night. His previous family called him "Dude" and I guess that may stick. He has tons of spunk and personality. He's about seven weeks old and not a bit shy about meeting the adult cats in the house, but he definitely doesn't want to be left alone. I started him out in the big kennel downstairs, but that just didn't work out. I couldn't bear to hear him crying; It was his first night away from his mom, too.

He reminds me a lot of a very dear kitten from last year named Cap'n Jack (for Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame). He was injured when we got him and ultimately the injuries were too serious and he had to be euthanized, but he left an everlasting mark on my heart.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Powdered Puss

Hello Denise,

Thanks for sending me the video clip about Feline Rescue. The work that everyone does there is a great gift to us all. There are just so many unwanted and abused animals out there and they need all the advocates they can get.

Nelson is now 10 months old and is just a wonderful little man cat. He is doing well to adjust into his new home and is trying to battle Bella for the 2nd in command position....

My little man's latest cute thing is to jump up on the kitchen counter when I make my coffee. I use a dry creamer and put it in my cup while I wait for the coffee to brew. He loves to use his paw as a spoon and dig out the creamer and lick it off. I often forget to put the cup away and will come into the kitchen to find white powder all over my counter, floor, and his little face. He looks so charming with a white face and he always makes me laugh.

He is doing great, we love him very much, and he is growing into quite the man.

I hope all your babies are well Denise.

Take Care,
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