Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Vanna and the Vanalikes!

One year ago, just before Easter and in the middle of a snowstorm, my gorgeous blue-eyed foster cat Vanna gave birth to three beautiful kittens that looked just like her. I named them Bunny, Bonnet and Beau. The were featured on the blog a lot when they were growing up, but now they are all in new homes and it's a good time for an update.

BEAU (now Mason)

Beau was the first to be adopted. He went to a home where has become best buds with the cat that got there before him. His name is now Mason and his buddy is Morgan. His new person adores them both.

VANNA (now Blithe)

The girls stayed with me for months longer, but then Vanna was adopted into a house where she is trying to be friends with a cat named (coincidentally) Bunny. Vanna got a new name of Blithe. She had been somewhat persecuted by my boy cats, so she was ready to try everything in her new home. She has had to learn that doesn't include pestering little Bunny, but she is very happy with all the attention she's getting from her new people.



From the time they were tiny kittens, Bunny and Bonnet were always paired off. In addition, Bunny developed problems with her eyes and became increasingly shy from all the treatments we tried for her. When it became clear that her condition was chronic, but manageable, we made the decision to adopt her out as a special needs cat. A wonderful retired couple fell in love with the girls and are enjoying their antics.
The first kitten births of spring are starting already. Please remember to spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted litters!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twinkle - Future Muse?

Twinkle was recently adopted by a local artist and we received the following update the same day she went home.

She did some exploring, then hid under the bed (but was easily coaxed out) and loves to tickle my face with her whiskers! I grew a little worried when I couldn't find her anywhere for a long time but then her little head poked out from one of the closet shelves...

apparently she really loves playing in the closet.. there are so many clothes it is like a padded jungle gym for her =)

I think she is happy, she has been purring a lot and even sneezed once. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic, Sat. March 21

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic

Date: Saturday, 3-21-2009
Time: 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Location: Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet
1661 County Road C West
Roseville, MN
(Located in the north corner of the Byerly's Shopping Center on County

Description: Feline Rescue, Inc. is offering FREE nail clippings for cats and kittens. Also, learn why cats scratch, tips on clipping your cat's nails and recommended cat scratching posts/surfaces.

All cats and kittens must be brought to Chuck and Don's in a carrier.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meg and Laurie

It's mid-March, and the snow is thawing in Minnesota. Who knows if we have seen the last of Winter (we doubt it) but the coming of Spring means one thing to cat rescuers. Kittens. And lovely as kittens are, that's not such a good thing when they are born outside, or in homes where they were neither planned for nor wanted.

We have a number of older kittens, no, adolescent cats, currently in foster homes who would love to find a lovely, real, long-term home before kitten season starts in earnest and foster homes are urgently needed. Meg and Laurie are two. That would be Meg, short for Meg March, and Laurie, short for Theodore Lawrence. They are the last two sibs of the "Little Women" kittens, rescued from outdoors at the Red Lake Indian Reservation with their Mom last July, at age 2 days.

This is Laurie, the most perfect example of a house panther you will find, long, sleek, and shiny. He obviously has some Siamese blood in there somewhere, with a wedge-shaped head, long, skinny tail, and a tendency to vocalize, but usually with a very pretty trill. He is quite the gregarious chap, loves people and other cats, and really, really just wants to play. All the time. Curiosity is his middle name.

Meg, on the other hand, is a medium-haired, fluffy gray tabby with delicate white gloves and chin. She wants nothing more than to be hugged, and won't take no for an answer. Watch out you don't step on her tail while she's underfoot. Her favorite spot is sprawled across the desk top while her foster Mom types at the computer.

We thought you would enjoy a video clip of foster kitties in action. The other kitten is Pi, a very largy fluffy white 8-month old (the same age as Meg and Laurie) who was recently diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Feline Rescue is hanging onto him until we are sure his medical condition is stable - we'll tell you more about Pi some other time.

Do you think you might have room for a playful house panther or a fluffy princess?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandma's Boys

Sovann's and Kalden's grandma sent a brief update with a couple photos.  These two former foster kittens were part of Kannitha's litter of seven kittens born June 2007


My daughter adopted two kittens (brothers) last year.  They're now full grown, but not grown out of their cute kitten ways!  We've all enjoyed them so much - thank you, Feline Rescue, for saving them!


Friday, March 13, 2009

New Best Buds

What happens when you add 2 new young, energetic, buff tabby boys to a household with an already very active young, orange tabby boy? You're probably going to hear "Oh No!" or "What are they up to now?!" and lots of laughter.
Jack and Damon, fka Matt and Damon, have fulfilled the wishes of their adopters in helping to keep Scully busy and then some.

Week 1 update
... just wanted to let you both know that everything is going really, really well so far with Matt & Damon joining our household! They seem absolutely unphased by being in new quarters and are as affectionate and playful as when we met them in Stacey’s home. They played and purred and gave us affection, kisses and head butting all evening. We each took turns being upstairs with them or downstairs with Scully and everybody got to smell us for the other cat’s smell. We’re going to take their eventual introduction slowly so it can go as well as possible.

This morning fed Scully’s downstairs as usual, and brought Matt and Damon their food then opened the family room door and let Matt & Damon explore the rest of the upstairs including our bedrooms and a bathroom with Scully downstairs. Oh, I also sat with Scully outside M&D’s door and giving him treats and pushing some under the door for the other two boys…that was a hit. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted and I want to thank you for the tender loving care you gave these two until we found them. Also, for allowing them to join our family! We still have the big meeting yet to see if Scully’s going to be able to handle it...but, I’m thinking positively and am determined to take our time with it for the best possible outcome.

Week 2 Update
Damon and Matt (now Jack) have been introduced to Scully, and the three of them are getting along famously! We took it slowly and I think it paid off. They all tear around the house playing – no fights! And now Scully’s even learning to lie near or right next to Jack and/or Damon when sleeping; he even allowed Damon to give him a short head washing today.

And Kittens will be Kittens Update
Someone accidentally left the pantry door ajar before leaving home and this is what I came home to – total disarray! They managed to shove around pop can and garbage bag boxes, knock over cookbooks, shove plastic containers off the shelves, and move big bags of flour, rice, birdseed and their kitty food, but there were no actual food break-ins – just a moving party that ended with hanging out in the recycling, I guess. Best Regards, Timara & Family

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Sid - Handy Cat

If you're looking for a handy fellow to have around the house, look no further than Little Sid the handiest guy currently residing at the Feline Rescue Adoption Center.

Little Sid keeps himself busy at the adoption center plastering smiles on visitors' and volunteers' faces, adjusting the level of cat crunchies in the food bowls, and nailing down furry mice with one swoop of his paw.

You can meet Little Sid at the adoption center, 593 Fairview Ave N in St. Paul.

Our adoption center hours are:
10:00 am - noon
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Or you can call 651-542-5900 ext. 3 to leave a message for one of our adoption center volunteers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic, Sat. March 14

FREE Cat Claw Clipping Clinic

Date: Saturday, 3-14-2009
Time: 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Location: Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet
1661 County Road C West
Roseville, MN
(Located in the north corner of the Byerly's Shopping Center on County

Description: Feline Rescue, Inc. is offering FREE nail clippings for cats and kittens. Also, learn why cats scratch, tips on clipping your cat's nails and recommended cat scratching posts/surfaces.

All cats and kittens must be brought to Chuck and Don's in a carrier.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nelson enjoys news about his mom & aunt!

Hello Denise,

I saw that Lana and Starlet had a blurb on the rescue site updating us on their progress in their new home. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that Nelson's mother has a good home with his first cousin once removed Starlet. Nelson looks a lot like Lana in stature, he is lean like her, has the same shaped face as her, but is a bit taller and longer then his Mother.Nelson has progressed from being a little kitten into a teenager. His newest favorite thing is to jump up and hang from our curtains because he sees birds fly by and thinks they are on the curtain instead of outside. He is quite the acrobat, I swear that boy can fly.

He is very happy and has a great disposition. He still follows me around like a dog and always has to be where I am. He is truly a joy and a wonderful addition to our cat family.

Here is one more photo. This one is kind of strange in that Nelson was lying in my arms when the photo was taken. Look how handsome he is.!!
I hope all is well for you and your kitties Denise!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Foster adoption at Roseville Petco, Sat. 11-2

Foster cats and kittens will be meeting and greeting potential adopters this Saturday, March 7, at the Roseville Petco from 11:00 to 2:00. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sadie's New Home - Cats and Rabbits!!

Dasie fka Sadie has a new home with another young cat, CJ, and rabbits. We were all very curious to hear how she would get along with the rabbits. Just a few days after her adoption we received the following update.

All things considered, I think it's going really well! First off, I did decide to change names, as Sadie isn't one I'd come up with on my own. But if she's used to hearing it I don't want to make it too different, so I switched the S and the D and am calling her Dasie.

I kept her confined for the first overnight, but when I got up on Sunday I could hear lonely meows coming from her room, so I let her out while I was taking my shower and getting ready. There didn't seem to be any major fur flying so she's been out since.

Naturally, CJ was in an instant snit when we got home Saturday. She still is hissing quite a bit and trying to make it sound good, but the personal space bubble is shrinking with every passing hour. In fact, this morning when I woke up, both cats were on my bed, albeit in opposite corners, but still. Dasie is so laid back and has such a mellow personality that I think it's going to be hard for CJ to be upset for very long. I've been giving CJ extra loving so she knows she's not forgotten and I think that's helping.

Dasie's not quite sure what to make of the rabbits. For now while she's learning, she does the puffy-cat thing when they come bouncing up to her. The good thing is that I don't think she'll have as adversarial a relationship with them as CJ does. They go nose-to-nose without too much fallout.

I can already tell that without as many other cats around, Dasie's going to blossom. She's actually been quite chatty and follows me everywhere, and like I said, has already slept on my bed, and she's not shy at all about jumping into my lap and getting in my face in front of the computer.


You can view more pictures of Dasie in her home on flickr.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gradual adjustments for Izzy & Tooda

Here is a good series of notes from an adopter of two kitties: the shy momma called Marmee (now Izabella or Izzy) and her more outgoing daughter Beth (now Matilda or Tooda).

It can take time to make the adjustment to a new home. Patience is required and adopting a pair of cats can be a big help:

2/3 Things are going good with the cats.

Marmee hasn't come out from under the bed (except at night when the lights are out and she sneaks out for some food or to use the litter box), so I'm a bit worried about her. How long do you think until she adjusts and comes out for some loving??

Beth is wonderful! She usuallys spends her days under the bed with her mom, but during the evenings she is out exploring and cuddling with me in bed. She is getting braver everyday!

My two-year-old son is so excited to have kitties, although I don't think he realizes there are two yet as he hasn't seen Marmee! I really want to give her love and attention, so I hope she comes out from under the bed soon!!!

Thanks again for everything, I love my girls and will give them a happy life!

2/4 Well, Marmee came out of hiding for a bit last night! She's getting brave! I think Beth had a long talk with her telling her how fun it was around the house.

She ran out from under the bed to go get some food, and when she didn't come back I peeked out in the hallway and she was just sitting there. So, I sat down on the floor and talked to her a bit, while Beth tried to get her to play, but she wasn't having any of that!

I went back to bed to read for a while, and soon she came back in and explored a little bit. So, she's slowly getting better! I can't wait for the day when I can pick her up and give her a big 'ol hug.

Beth is running around all the time now, followed me around all morning rubbing at my legs to be petted. Of course I couldn't resist!!

I love them so much, and I promise they will be spoiled and loved and very well cared for!! Thanks again for such wonderful kitties!!

2/5 Marmee popped out from under the bed for a bit again last night, and Beth is the princess of the house!!!

2/6 Marmee slept downstairs on the couch last night, so she's making progress!

2/18 Attached are some pictures of the girls! Yes, I have renamed them, Marmee is now Izabella, we call her Izzy, and Beth is Matilda, but my son can't quite say her name and calls her "Tooda", haha.

They are doing as well as can be expected!!!

Matilda is out running around most of the time, loves to play and snuggle, but also spends a lot of time keeping her mom company under the bed!

Izzy comes out at night when Alek is in bed (I think his loudness still frightens her) to eat and use the litter box, and then she'll settle in on the blanket I have next to my bed and sleep on that for a bit. She only lets me pet her when she is resting under the bed, and when I do she purrs and purrs!! I'm hoping that soon she'll realize that I only want to take care of her and will let me pet her while she's out and about. The minute I make a move towards her she's gone!!
Thanks again to both of you for finding me two such wonderful girls!!

2/20 It was so cute..........yesterday I was home sick and I kept sliding under the crib to pet Izzy (Marmee). Jealous little Matilda just had to jump right in there and get the attention!!

Then she started trying to nurse on her mom, it was the cutest thing. Izzy looked thoroughly irritated!!
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