Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on Tristan/Oliver

Well, it's been one year since we brought Oliver to his forever home, and we're still as much in love with him as we were when he was a little kitten.
He's a handsome boy, and is healthy and happy. He just had his annual checkup, and the vet said that if he could have a cat (his wife is allergic), he'd want one just like Oliver. 

 This kitty has so many endearing qualities. When Gary and I sit down in the family room, Ollie races in to his window perch -- he wants to be where we are. I still get "lovings" in the morning, but it's a bit more restrained now. No more drooling, so no soggy nightgowns! 

 He also comes up to me in bed every morning to suggest that it might be breakfast time. He gets his head scratched, then goes to the foot of the bed and curls up until I get out of bed. He's a lot more patient that his predecessors! 

 We play together a lot, and he rotates through favorite toys. My mom just gave him a little mouse that looks pretty real and he *adores* it! He's a pretty good little mouser, and has already nailed a couple of the real ones in our basement. Yay, Ollie! 

 He also has some funny quirks, in particular, his love of "sand baths." I finally decided to fill another litter box with clean litter, to remove that "ick" factor! The sand bath box comes out every day while I clean his litter box. He rolls and flips in it, and has a wonderful time! 
 He's a happy little kitty, and we're so very, very glad that he came to us. Many thanks again for rescuing him, fostering him and giving him to us. We couldn't be happier!

Kathy, Oliver's Mom

(In the photos, Oliver was having fun with a big box.)

Oliver (formerly known as Tristan) came to Feline Rescue foster care from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Read his kitten story in his first blog post here.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Three amigos

Henry was rescued, injured and freezing, from the streets of St. Paul last winter.  Charlie and Trinket were two of many cats abandoned without food and water in a foreclosed home this spring.  Together, they make an awesome foster family of little Maine Coon mixes!

Henry stays busy caring for the youngsters, showing them the ropes and keeping them well groomed. They all like to play and wrestle. Henry is easygoing and very much a people-cat. Trinny is shy but sweet. Charlie, who was initially shy too, has come out of his shell and is officially a teenager and testing his limits. His foster mom is tempted to wear shoes at night when he dive-bombs her feet under the covers. But he's a sweet boy!

They don't have to be adopted all together, but your house sure would be fun with this threesome around!
Call for more information: 651-295-3758 or email:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mom and three kittens need rescuer!

This sweet but scared mom was abandoned and living in a trailer park where she was not welcome.  A Feline Rescue outreach volunteer rescued mom and her three kittens before any harm could come to them.  But now they really need someone to take them in.  

The kittens are adorable, and earning the trust of cats like this is rewarding.  

  • And their videos are fun to watch and super helpful.  Be sure to watch all three!

If you can help this little family, email

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lily and Mauley Update

Lily and Mauley have a new kitten friend, Indy, after moving with their family to North Carolina. Lily and Mauley (Gracie) had been abandoned at our shelter with their sisters Athena and Ellie and then cared for in our foster program before finding a home together. You can see their previous blog post for some photos shortly after being adopted.

Clockwise from top: Indy, Ushi, Mauley and Lily

It has been about 3 years since we took home Lily and Mauley (fka Gracie) and I thought that we should update you guys.

We have moved from MN to NC recently and both kitties did really well during the move. They are settled in and love it here too (a house with many windows and lots of wildlife outside helps!) We also have a new addition to our family that was got from Second Chance Rescue here in NC. His name is Indy and he is now about 5 months old (about the same age that Lily and Mauley were when we adopted them!)

Lily is friendly as ever and we believe that she thinks she is people. When we have friends over for board games, she insists that we pull up a stool or chair so that she can sit on it and watch (and of course get lots of pats from everyone). Every morning we have a ritual that she runs down the stairs and lays down on a specific rug for her "rug snuggles" before breakfast. She loves to play with little mice toys and her cat whack-a-mole and often insists on attention my gently clawing our arms if we are busy with something else. We, of course, immediately pet her and give her snuggles. She has put on some weight, and surprised us at what a gigantic cat she has become. Hopefully the new kitten will help her shed some pounds.

Mauley is still very wary of strangers but is a very loving kitty when we are alone with her. She rolls over and exposes her warm, soft belly for belly rubs. She has been known to tear through the house at 3am playing with crinkly balls. She likes it when we throw them up onto the second floor balcony so she can run up there, then bat them down the stairs to our feet. She then leaves her crinklies at our feet and meows until we throw it again. She has taken to Indy very well and snuggles with him at night. I think they are turning into best buddies who then run all over the house like a herd of elephants at 3am playing together.

Thank you, again, for taking such good care of them and fostering them well for us. We have enjoyed their company and they are certainly our little furry babies. (read: spoiled little kitties).

Laura and Charlie

Friday, July 19, 2013

New foster home needed for foreclosure kitty

Luca has been in foster care since being rescued in May. She has made great strides in learning to trust people again after having been neglected and abandoned. She will rub against her foster caregiver and do things to get her attention but is still wary. Luca does really well with other cats.

Luca's foster person says that taking care of Luca has been so much fun and that Luca has taught her a lot about patience. But now Luca needs to find a new living situation as her foster person is moving. If you are also looking for a rewarding, furry challenge and can help take care of Luca either temporarily or permanently, email  This little dilute tortie is a cutie!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chipmunks turn 6!

Six years ago, I fostered a litter of five brown tabby kittens that were known as the Chipmunks. Their names were Chip, Dale, Alivinia or Alvie, Simon, and Theodora. Chip's new name is Nelson and I hear from his adopter every year at least on his birthday. She also discovered that sister Alvie is now the Calhoun Pet Supply Store cat! I'd love to hear from the adopters of the other siblings, too :-)

UDPATE FROM ADOPTER OF CHIP / NELSON:Nelson (aka Chip from the chipmunks) was 6 years old on June 1st along with his biological littermate Alvie who is the Calhoun Pet Supply store cat. Nelson is now thriving after some issues with his behavior centered around his food. Alvie is also doing very well and as you can see looks very much like her brother Nelson. Alvie is a bit larger than Nelson and has classic tabby stripes where Nelson has circles, spots, and stripes. As you know they were very close as kittens and while I wanted to adopt Alvie I could not because I already had other cats. I’m so happy to have found Alvie and to know she is living large and happy, I visit her on a regular basis and obviously take photos of her. 
Feline Rescue is a wonderful place, foster parents like you are amazing and provide an ongoing support for the cats they have adopted. As you know Nelson was having some significant behavioral issues. The symptoms included rolling skin, severe twitching of his skin, chasing his tail and biting it until he would hurt himself, and acting aggressively towards my other 2 cats and me.
After visiting my vet I reached out to you as his former foster mom and found a wealth of information and was put in touch with another great woman who through speaking with Nelson, enlightening me as to why he was possibly behaving the way he was, and suggesting dietary changes has made him into a different cat who is now calm and loving.
Without you and Feline Rescue Nelson would have been miserable, he was not comfortable in his own skin and now he seems so much happier.

Thank you so much Denise and Feline Rescue!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dinner Time!

Trinket and Charlie are two fluffy, Maine Coon-like youngsters rescued from the foreclosed home.  They sing for the healthy suppers their foster mom serves up to them. Here's a cute video of them at dinnertime with their foster mates Henry and Angel (who prefers to dine alone).

Charlie and Trinket are both playful and love other cats.  Charlie is outgoing and adventuresome.  He would love to be adopted either with Trinket or with his new big buddy Henry.

Henry and Charlie

Trinket is more shy but a very sweet girl.  She wants to be adopted with Charlie or possibly with another cat from her old home like Hendrix (currently at the adoption center) or Trix.  I think I see a family resemblance...


For more information about adopting Charlie and Trinket, email

Monday, July 15, 2013

Their bags are packed and they're ready to go

Summer vacation can be a slow time of year for adoptions. But there are plenty of great cats waiting to be adopted at Feline Rescue's Adoption Center. Every adoption makes room for us to save another cat.

Most cats enjoy the company of other cats, but certain cats would prefer to be the only cat in the house. If you are looking for just one cat to spoil you with love and attention, then stop by our adoption center to meet these lovely kitties:



Sweet Girl



They are ready to get away and leave all these other cats behind!  

For more information or to meet them, stop by our adoption center or call 651-642-5900, ext. 3.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A new diet and a new home

Adison came to Feline Rescue with a chronically upset stomach that did not improve with traditional therapy of drugs or a "special" diet. She felt miserable and had a hard time keeping herself clean.

The folks at Woody's Pet Food Deli offered to foster Addy, and after just a couple of days on an all-meat diet, Addy's tummy troubles went away.  She loves her food... and no more messes!

Addy was lucky enough to find a home already with someone who will feed her the healthy food that keeps her feeling good!

If you have a cat with a chronically upset stomach, consider switching to a complete and balanced all-meat diet.  It could be just what the doctor ordered.

For more information on feline nutrition, check out and

Friday, July 12, 2013

It just takes love, patience, and time

Trix is one of the cats rescued from a foreclosed property.  She didn't know that things were going to get better when she was trapped and transported to Animal Ark for safe-keeping.

Now in a foster home, Trix's health and confidence has blossomed.  Good food, love, and time is just what she needed.  This sweet, playful, still somewhat shy kitten is ready to find a forever home.

Trix loves other cats so will need to be adopted with one of her pals or to live with another cat. Email for more information.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Second Time Around

Sometimes it takes a second try to for a kitty to find just the right forever home. Maggie and her kittens Karma and Kayla were strays rescued by a Feline Rescue volunteer. 

Pretty silver tabbies Maggie and daughter Kayla love each other and were lucky enough to be adopted together. Unfortunately, allergies have gotten in the way of this becoming their true forever home. Maggie and Kayla now really need to find a new home - together!

Maggie is very friendly.  Kayla, about 2 years old now, is also sweet but shy at first. So these girls will do best in a quieter home with someone who is willing to work on gaining Kayla's trust.  

If you can foster or adopt Maggie and Kayla, call Molly: 651-295-3758 or email

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More fun with Pele

Pele, rescued from the foreclosed home, always manages to find ways to amuse herself and her foster caregivers.  Pele even stars in her own comic:

Pele hopes to find a forever home soon, before her foster caregivers move out of state.  Pele would like to find a home with her BFF Kumo.  To meet Pele and Kumo call 651-295-3758 or email
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