Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kitten Shower Today!

Kitten Shower today from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Chuck and Don's in Edina!

We have handcrafted kitty bookmarks sure to become a collector's item, goodies bags filled with cat toys and people treats, and cans of Sheba kitty food as party favors.

Cat Dancer door prizes given away every half hour!

And best of all we'll have two litters of the cutest kittens to ooh and aah over.

Thank you to Mars and Cat Dancer Products for their donations and thank you to Chuck and Don's for hosting the event!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New friends looking for a home together

Last week, we told Pinocchio's story on facebook. She's been a stray the last couple of years. When she came inside, her teeth were so bad that they all had to be removed to provide relief from her pain. Recovery is going great, and Pinocchio is eating like a champ. This week, Pinocchio is looking for a home with her new best buddy Mouser!

Pinocchio and Mouser met in the recovery room at Feline Rescue. Mouser was rescued from animal control, where he was in danger of being euthanized because he was scared and considered not-adoptable. Far from it. Mouser turned out to be a sweet and mellow boy.

Pinocchio had her surgery on last Monday. On Tuesday, as Pinocchio was recovering, we moved Mouser's kennel across from hers so they could talk to each other. Mouser is a talker, and we had noticed that Pinocchio perked up and would start eating when she saw another cat. On Wednesday, we started leaving Mouser's kennel open so he could come closer to her. He would sit outside her kennel to keep her company.

On Thursday, Mouser was to be adopted and he seemed nervous. The nice family came to pick him up, and I have never seen such a nice and mellow cat throw such a fit. Mouser made it very clear that he did not want to go. Sometimes when the cats talk, we just have to listen. The family left without him, and Mouser calmed down and spent the rest of the night sitting with Pinocchio. They shared a snack in her kennel.

On Friday, Mouser and Pinocchio went quietly together to their new foster home. Their foster mom reports that while it took Mouser a grand total of five minutes to adjust to the place, Pinocchio was scared and will take longer to adjust to a new home. She can see that Mouser makes Pinocchio feel more secure. When Mouser sits by her, Pinocchio immediately relaxes and lets out cute little meows.

Pinocchio and Mouser are looking for a forever home together. To hear more, please call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email
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