Friday, August 31, 2012

Mama Bear and Baby "Bears"

Earlier this week we were contacted about Mama Bear, a pregnant cat that was going to end up having her babies outside if she could not get into rescue soon.  Dusty, a fabulous Feline Rescue supporter, saw the plea for help on Facebook and stepped forward to foster.  Mama Bear made it to Dusty's home just in time as she had six beautiful baby "bears" yesterday morning.

Thanks to Denise who drove to get Mama Bear and who temporarily cared for her until she could get to her foster home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Community Cat Needs Your Help

This gorgeous, sweet girl was trapped by a concerned community member and brought to the vet to be spayed.  She was starving and seems grateful to be brought inside. But this beautiful Russian Blue mix now needs someone to volunteer to take her home and show her how to trust again.  She has been spayed and vaccinated.  If you have a big heart, an extra room, and just a little time to give this nice girl a chance, please email for more information or if you can help.  This community cat really needs your help now!  If she does not find a home, she will be returned outside.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Candy & Izzy

You may remember Candy as the mama cat playing with her crippled kitten, Skittles, in an earlier blog post here. After little Skittles passed away, Candy struck up a friendship with another foster kitten, Izzy, in the household who had arrived as a "lonely only" (no mama, no siblings) from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.

IZZYCandy took on an auntie role with Izzy, washing her occasionally, but mostly playing with her. They are so funny to watch -- Candy is really just a kitten in her mind!

CANDYCandy and Izzy both love lap time, too, and often come for pets at the same time. They really are best buds and so cute together. They want to stay together and I certainly don't want Candy to experience another loss.


If you are thinking of adopting a pair of kittens/cats, you couldn't do better than these lovely ladies. You can meet them in their foster home. Call Joan to learn more: 651-705-6264.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponsor a Shelter Cat

Some of Feline Rescue’s guests believe that everything they need is right here at our Adoption Center. They prefer other cats to people. They are older and set in their ways. They have health conditions. They’d love to be someone’s “virtual cat”.

How about honoring someone, even yourself, with a Gift Sponsorship for one or more of our special guests? Choose any occasion – or no occasion at all. For just $50, Feline Rescue will send your honoree – or you – a photo of “your” cat, along with his or her story, and our special greeting card acknowledging your gift.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleepy Baby

You are getting sleepy

very sleepy

so very sleepy

more and more sleepy

sweet dreams little Maddox

Maddox is one of Jolie's six little piggies, rescued from an animal control facility on July 18.  He is a super cuddly 5 1/2 week old kitten who will be ready to meet potential adopters the end of September.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Perfect Match for Two Shy Kitties

Minnow and Popcorn are two shy kitties that were helped through our Spay-Neuter-Outreach program and featured on the blog a while back when they were still searching for just the right home.

When she arrived in our foster home, Minnow was very scared.  She was sweet but afraid of strangers, new situations, and other cats.  Then we brought Popcorn home.  Discovered living alone in the Feline Rescue parking lot, Popcorn was afraid to trust people.  Soon these girls were best  friends.  Minnow taught Popcorn to love people, and Popcorn taught Minnow to love another cat.  The girls both became affectionate lap cats and entertained us non-stop with their fun and games.  We couldn't imagine ever separating them.

It was hard to find a home for Minnow and Popcorn, because they always hid when strangers came over.  So we enjoyed their company for almost a year and a half.  We posted cute pictures and videos online of them being their friendly, funny selves.  Finally Colleen called to ask about meeting them.  I explained that while they are the sweetest cats in the world, they would probably just hide when she came over.  And hide they did. But Colleen is a patient and understanding person, and she was able to see potential as the girls peeked out at her from behind the couch.

Poppi and Minnow took some time to adjust to their new home, but now they are doing great!   Having such a wonderful forever home and family was well worth the wait!  There are many great shy kitties still waiting for their forever homes.

An update from Minnow and Poppi's new family:

Poppi has now totally come around, she even is letting my son pet her. After watching her sister get lots of scratches and fur fluffing, she has decided to try it and is a pile of purring jello once you start...  She is the most active. She loves to be within a few feet of whoever is up and about, and is alert to possible crumbs dropping if anyone is in the kitchen.

Minnow stays sleeping most of the day in her special quiet places, but early evening until about 9 or 10 in the morning she is bouncing around looking for attention.

And of course,  the favorite event - Kitty Olympics - starts about 10:30 every night. I sleep through it but my son who is in the basement is amazed at how much noise the two can make. LOL!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Valentina's Perfect Match

Beatrix fka Valentina found her family a couple years ago and we recently received a touching story from her mom of how they first met and how well she is doing now.

In February 2010 my first cat ever had gotten very ill and on Valentine's Day he had to be put down. This tragic loss left me and my other cat (Toulouse), his best friend, quite shaken and lonely. After grieving for a month I realized that Toulouse had gotten pretty down. He had lost his pomp and spark after the death of his friend. I knew then that it was time to get a new friend for both of us. So, I visited you guys on a lovely March afternoon. A wonderful volunteer (I wish I could remember her name now) showed me around and let me meet each of the cats. They were all so sweet, fun and wonderful, but none of them was MY cat.

As a final stop, she took me to a back room with cats that hadn't been placed in your other rooms yet. There, in a kennel along the wall was Valentina. She had such a sad story (maybe you remember) - someone found her out in the cold and snow in February! She had frostbite on her nose and ear and was not even a year old! The poor thing was just a frail little kitty and afraid of everything. The volunteer told me that she had been having trouble socializing with other cats. When she was let out, she would just hide in her kennel or wherever else she could.

I didn't think I wanted a shy cat, but after hearing her story I had to see her. So they opened up the kennel and sure enough Valentine poked her head out. She was thin, all legs, spine and ribs. Her ear was damaged from the frostbite, as was a bit of her mouth. One of her bottom fangs stuck out, giving her a goofy snaggle tooth, too. But I could see her beauty! She had a lovely tortoise coat with orange stripes across her face and body. Nervously she sniffed me and took a couple steps out of her cage as if she knew I was the one for her.

And that was it! She had to be mine!

Seeing her, so sweet and timid, I had to give her the loving, happy forever-home that she deserved! And of course, when I thought about her and Toulouse meeting, I was sure she would be just the thing to warm him back up. So, I took her home that day and renamed her Beatrix.

At first she was shy - she hid under the blankets in her room the whole first day. But soon, with careful introductions and lots of patience, she bloomed into the most lively, affectionate and energetic cat. She loves to play with little mouse toys - she even learned to play fetch with me! She is bossy when she wants something (is it really dinner time already?) and always greets me with a meow and purr when I come home. Her and Toulouse have become inseparable. They eat, play, sleep and lounge together. She eased his loneliness, and he brought out her personality. Now, during sunny, mid-morning naps, you can hear her purring deeply and he grooms her lazily. It's been over 2 years since then and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

This is my thank-you to the volunteer who helped me and to Feline Recue, Inc in general for all the wonderful work you do. Hopefully this message will reach anyone concerned about adopting a shy, scared or 'damaged' cat and reassure them that patience and love will pay off.

Thank you so much!
Karen (and Beatrix and Toulouse!)

Thank you Karen!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Thessaly fka Violette Update

Thessaly is looking even more beautiful settled in with her family. We recently received a wonderful update and photos.


A couple years ago my husband and I took a look around and fell in love with a little tortie furball named Violette. We took her home and she's made a point of being the queen bee ever since.

She has since been renamed as "Thessaly" ("Thessie" for short) and is quite a quirky addition to our household. She talks CONSTANTLY when she's lounging on the bed and absolutely adores honing her claws on catnip-infused cardboard. She also has a penchant for rubbing against beards, much to our friends' delight.

Thessie is an extremely protective cat; if an "intruder" comes to the door, she'll growl like a guard dog. Most often the mailman gets this treatment. However, if said "intruder" ever comes into the house, she darts under the couch and hides there long after they've gone.

We've included a select few photos of Thessaly, which show off her gorgeous colouring and sleepy eyes. We thought it was high time you heard back about her!

Jamie and Connor

Friday, August 10, 2012

Before and After for PigPen

Peter, affectionately known as PigPen, was in pretty rough shape when he came into rescue on July 18.  Feline Rescue received a plea via email that went out to a number of organizations to please help a kitten get out of an animal control facility.  Peter's before photo, see below, was included in the email.

Before rescue

Peter was extremely thin, dirty and the backs of his legs and tail were sore and raw.  Shortly after going to his foster home he ended up back at the vet clinic for a few days as he had stopped eating and was having severe diarrhea.

PigPen is now doing very well in his foster home and will be going in for his neuter surgery soon.  He is an adorable little guy who loves to play, play, play (now that he is feeling better) and then cuddle.  Peter also has a new friend named Tomika, rescued at 3 weeks of age from another animal control facility.

After lots of love and vet care

If you are interested in adopting Peter aka PigPen, please contact our foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264.

Thank you to all who donate to Feline Rescue to make rescues like this possible!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eleanor and Elizabeth

Sometimes a picture says it all.  The following photo is an update from Eleanor's and Elizabeth's new family.

Eleanor and Elizabeth were part of a group of orphan kittens rescued from an animal control facility.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hey Kitty Kitty

Hey Kitty Kitty is an online boutique that sells cool cat-themed items such as shirts, stationery, jewelry, and other accessories, as well as fun products for cats. Most of the items are made by independent artists. Not only does Hey Kitty Kitty support independent artists, but they also donate a percentage of proceeds to a different cat rescue each month.

And this month's donation will be to Feline Rescue!  Another good reason (if you needed one) to buy some new cat stuff.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Sale This Weekend!

6th Annual Feline Rescue Book Fair:

Feline Rescue Adoption Center
593 Fairview Ave. N.
St. Paul (two blocks north of University Ave.)

Saturday and Sunday
August 4 and 5, 2012
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Fill-A-Bag Weekend
August 11 and 12, 2012
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sadie Petunia

Sadie's foster caregiver received an update from her new family.  Sadie is one of dozens of kittens rescued and cared for in our foster system this summer.

I thought I'd give you an update on little Sadie! She's doing extremely well! She has acquired a middle name -- Petunia -- which is rapidly becoming our preferred name for her, because she's such a little flower! She has successfully acclimated to the other pets, and though she and Nigel aren't formally playing yet, there have been no tussles or hissing at all once we let them in the same room with one another. They follow one another around the house and sniff one another, and they seem completely comfortable in one another's presence now, so it's just a matter of time before they'll start horsing around with one another. Our dog, George, is no problem since he's such a little cupcake -- he sniffs her and is very interested in what she is doing -- but Petunia is still just a little shy around him because of the size difference (he's about the size of a boxer), so she will sometimes give him a wide berth, especially if he runs in with tags jangling.

She is very playful and happy, and extremely affectionate! She adjusted to the new house with no problem, is using her scratching post some of the time -- catnip seems to help that -- and we've done her first nail trim, (which she did not like!). She sleeps with us every night for most of the night, though of course she moves around a lot. She and I have bonded very well, and she follows me around the house squeaking her little squeak. I hope she doesn't lose that cute little meow when she gets older!

Anyway, in the last two or three days especially, she seems completely settled in and life here has become "normal" for her. I thought you'd like some pictures of her (I haven't taken any of her with the other pets because I usually get the urge to get out my phone when she is curled up purring next to me). We are just in love with her, and she seems very happy with us. Thanks for taking such great care of our little Sadie Petunia!

During the spring and summer months our foster program is overflowing with momma cats and kittens. Please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263, if you are interested in becoming a Feline Rescue foster volunteer to help us rescue even more cats and kittens before they are euthanized at overcrowded animal control facilities..
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