Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweet, Sleek Black Kitties for Adoption

Feline Rescue has sweet, sleek black foster kittens and cats looking for a lap to curl up in on a cold winter day. Consider adopting a black kitty this winter to add a bit of contrast to the snowy, white Minnesota winter.











We have black kitties in all sizes: small (Glimmer), medium (Lumina) and large (Rosetta).

For more information about our foster cats and kittens available for adoption, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fluffy Love

Hugo and Isabelle were born to an outdoors-only momma cat, a cat technically owned by someone who didn't see the need to bring her cat inside (ever) or get her spayed. That cat had several litters before a neighbor confronted the momma cat's owner, trying kindly but insistently to convince the owner to spay her cat. Not only did the momma cat owner refuse, she then relinquished ownership of the cat... and all her kittens. The neighbor was never able to capture the momma cat but she did manage to bring in several of her babies on a very cold November night.

These kittens were four months old at the time of their rescue and had never had human contact. Surprisingly, these kittens were not feral. In fact, they actually liked humans. They didn't like their noises, however. The kittens were frightened being inside a house. Inside noises are much scarier than the outside noises they had grown up with. They quickly found hiding spots - together - as soon as they were released from their carrier. When their foster caregiver reached under the bookshelf where they were hiding, she expected to get hissed at and possibly scratched. Instead, she was greeted with purrs. After a few days, Isabelle wanted her belly rubbed! And when the foster caregiver stopped petting Hugo, he reached out with his paw and gently pulled her hand back to his cheek. More, please!

It took several weeks for Hugo and Isabelle to get comfortable with living inside. They liked the warmth. They loved the food. And they adored being petted and kissed.

Hugo and Isabelle are cotton balls with legs. If you've ever seen the original Star Trek series, you may be familiar with the aliens Tribbles. Hugo looks almost exactly like a Tribble!  They are incredibly fluffy! And with fluff comes amazingly soft fur. (It's a good thing they love to be petted because you can't help but pet this soft fur.)

Hugo absolutely loves to sit on laps and, given the opportunity, will sit on a lap for hours. He also loves, loves, loves to have his nose kissed. After he eats his breakfast, he climbs into his foster caregiver's lap, stands up on his hind legs, and thrusts his nose forward. He can't get enough kisses! He also loves to play with his sister.

Isabelle is a near cat. She loves to sit near her foster caregiver, often behind her on the couch. (She's probably afraid her chunky brother Hugo will crush her if she sits on a lap with him) She loves to be petted. She's more adventurous than her brother. She left her hidey hole before her brother. She ventured out of the foster room first. She found the comfy heaty bed and the good toys ahead of Hugo. She's a natural born leader.

Hugo and Isabelle are a bonded pair. When Hugo can't find his sister, he cries and cries, searching everywhere. The two can play up quite a storm. They love to share their breakfast with each other (because you never know if the other one got something better!). They curl up together at nap time. And when Hugo is stinky, his sister helps him out.

Hugo and Isabelle are fluffy little mounds of love. They love people, they love food, they love toys, and they love being loved. If your home can use a bit more love, Hugo and Isabelle would love to give it to you.

If you would like to adopt this pair, call Joan at 651-705-6264. These two reside in foster care and are awaiting your visit!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Foster Buddies

It’s fun to see friendships forged in foster care. Most cats, especially the young ones, really benefit from having a feline friend and playmate. And moving to a new home together can make the transition easier on everyone.

It was hard to find a cat with the right personality to get along with Sargent Pepper. Although he’s a sweet guy, his intensity was even testing the patience of his (normally very patient) foster people. He’s super social and high-energy but insecure all at the same time. It’s hard for Sarge to make friends, and he was lonely.

When we met little Rocky Raccoon, we could tell he had all the energy, spunk, and self-confidence he would need to be a foster brother to Sarge. If anyone was going to make friends with Sarge, this was the guy to do it.

And as soon as they met, the fun began. They wrestled and boxed and chased and pounced. Since meeting Rocky, Sarge has been having the time of his life but has also calmed down quite a bit. We often catch them sleeping next to each other and grooming each other too. 

Sarge was abandoned by his people and has been through some really tough times, living outside on his own. So we give him a break if his behavior is sometimes a little unpredictable. He’s a sweet guy and so much happier with a buddy around. Little Rocky was also mistreated and abandoned by people but is the sweetest little guy. We hope someone will want to give both boys a chance and a home together. It just seems like Sarge was meant to have a friend like Rocky. Together they are tons of fun.

For profile and information about adopting Rocky Racoon and Sargent Pepper:

Monday, January 13, 2014

Help spay and neuter to reduce the number of homeless cats

Seventeen fluffy little cats have now been rescued from Mama Oakley's neighborhood!  And 9 of the first 12 cats we've had spayed and neutered so far were unspayed females old enough to have kittens of their own soon! This prolific family is a perfect example of why you should help make sure ALL cats get spayed and neutered. If you are feeding an outside cat, there is a feral cat living in your neighborhood, or you notice that a cat gets left behind by a neighbor, please help make sure it gets spayed or neutered before one cat turns into 15 or so more. For assistance finding a low-cost spay/neuter option, contact our outreach volunteers at

If you are interested in adopting any of these cats or can help take in little Goldy (below) and one or more of her siblings that were trapped today, please let us know. They survived the deep freeze by sheltering under a shed, but we would love to get these little ones in from the cold! If you can foster contact Or we can always use donations so we can continue to help more cats in need.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's more fun with a friend

As a little orphan kitten, Taz learned early all about loving people. As you can see, whatever her foster family does, Taz is right there with them.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy having another kitten to have fun with too. After all, sometimes people go out, or go to work, or try to sleep.

Lately Taz is busy teaching her new foster friend Babushka all about being a house cat. She’s showing Babushka how to wrestle and play and that its OK to let down your guard and trust people. Babushka’s foster parents also are showing her how good it feels to be safe and loved.

Babushka (another kitty or grand-kitty of Oaky) was living out in the cold until recently. We're glad she will get to finish growing up in a home!

For information about adopting Taz and Babushka once they have been spayed, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email  You can also come meet the girls this Saturday from 1-3 at the adoption day at Woody’s Pet Food Deli in St.  Paul.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yoda and Bruce!

Yoda and Bruce are purrfectly prepared for the recent cold temperatures here in Minnesota with the hat and scarf knit for them for Christmas.

From their family:

... I knitted a hat and scarf for them. They were very sleepy, figured I had a better chance of cooperation, if that was the case. They are really good kittens and we love them a lot! Thanks again.

Happy New Year!

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