Saturday, July 2, 2016

Earning Bucky's Trust

Cap and Bucky are brothers who were born outside and rescued during a TNR project.  Volunteers Stacey and Brian, who have helped many foster kitties find their forever homes, agreed to work on these shy brothers to get them ready for adoption. Having the patience to help scared kitties come out of their shells is rewarding. Here is an update on Cap and Bucky after just a few weeks in their foster home: 

Thought I would give you an update on the boys. Cap is doing amazing, he's like a normal indoor cat, and has connected with the other cats in the house. He loves to snuggle and be pet, and is extremely playful/destructive towards cat toys. All I need to work with him is being picked up.

Bucky, on the other hand, is a different story. He's taken longer to warm up to us than any other cats we've had. He's just started to come out of hiding though, and has been VERY curious about us lately. He started out just peeking around the kitchen to watch us (I make sure he watched us interact with the other kitties in a very positive way). Now he comes out to eat with the rest of the kitties (he LOVES the other cats, he rubs all over them; he will soon learn that to be friends with the other cats he'll need to be friends with us, because the cats follow us everywhere we go in the house). He will let us get a little close to him (he will run down the stairs if we get too close, but comes right back), he does hiss and growl still, but when I go to hand feed him treats he will swat them out of my hand, he does it nicely though with no claws, so that's a good sign.
I had a breakthrough with him last night and he followed me to the living room and sat on the coffee table and ate treats I gave him. (I also caught him in the kitty tree with Cap last night.)

Little by little Bucky is improving every day with us, he just takes a little more time than some of the others. We do have a big kitty tunnel in our kitchen that he feels very safe in; you can tell he wants to be a part of the family already, but is just scared. So he likes to lay in the cat tunnel and watch us, to be around everyone and still feel safe.

A few days later:

Bucky has already improved so much since I sent that email. He is now staying in rooms with us and the other cats because he's so curious about us, and LOVES all the cats. We have now gotten Bucky to be able to eat out of our hands. He still doesn't like being touched yet, but when we do pet him, he doesn't run much. 
Cap and Bucky don't mind the dog at all, very dog friendly.
Cap has started to cuddle in bed with me every now and then, and he loves to lick and nibble on fingers and toes. 
I can't wait to see more of Bucky's progress. (He's definitely food motivated now.) :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amazing Tricolored Dreamcoats!

Tricolor cats – it’s like having 3 cats in one! Feline Rescue has several beautiful tricolor momma cats that have been the very definition of selfless caregivers, yet during the very busy kitten season they are often overlooked as potential additions to families looking to add a feline companion to their home. Many of the Feline Rescue moms are just youngsters themselves at only a year or two old!


While the lure of adorable little fluff ball kittens is understandable, don’t forget the momma cats who have cared for their little ones for several months and now want a chance for a forever family of their own or maybe together with one of their kittens!


Momma cats at Feline Rescue are colorful, social and like to play! Come meet one of them today in their foster home and see what a joy it would be to have a momma cat as part of your family!


For more information about visiting some of our gorgeous tricolored, momma cats, submit an adoption inquiry form or contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

For a listing of all of our available cats and kittens, check our web site's Available Cats and Kittens page.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hey! Check us out too!

We're kinda getting overlooked not sure why since we're just as fun and cuddly as our brothers and sisters who have been adopted or have visitors coming to meet them. Is it because we're not as colorful?

We're a bunch of mini black panthers which is even better.

Black Velvet







For more information about visiting some silly, purry black kittens, submit an adoption inquiry form or contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

For a listing of all of our available cats and kittens, check our web site's Available Cats and Kittens page.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday to Nelson!

Hello Denise,

It’s that time again and Nelson will be 9 on June 1st.

Nelson is doing very well and has become quite the snuggle buddy. He seems to be mellowing in his older years which for me is wonderful given his troubles with food allergies and behavior. He has been thriving since he started on Prozac which keeps his rolling skin, twitching, and self-biting at bay. 

Once again I need to thank all from Feline Rescue who chimed in with their thoughts and ideas for his care over the years, you all are the best!! With the help of my vet Nelson is finally at peace with himself and is happy.

Lana Kitty Pierson was adopted last fall from a Feline Rescue foster Mom Coleen. Lana was a mother of 5 beautiful babies and is now 2 years old and very precocious. She is full of personality and very gentle and kind.

I was hoping that Nelson and she would be pals however he wants no part of her. My introductions have ended with both of them fighting and have produced some bloody scratches. I am pretty convinced that Nelson is a one person cat. 

Nelson and Lana live in separate rooms and get alternate times out with the run of the house.

My hope is that someday Nelson will accept her.

Thank you for all you did for Nelson and thank you to all the great Feline Rescue folks for their dedication and service!


Lisa R~

Nelson was one of a litter of tabby kittens that I called the Chipmunks: Chip & Dale, Simon, Theodora, Alvinia. Ironically, the mother of the Chipmunks was a lovely solid black cat named "Lana" -- the same name as Chip/Nelson's new sister!! Perhaps he doesn't like his mother's name for this new sister :-)

Check out some kitten photos here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pistachio and Butternut Adoption Update

In honor of former foster momma cat Peanut's kittens' birthday today, we have another fabulous update for two more of her kittens.

Pistachio's and Butternut's (now Anouk) family saw the update for Hazelnut and Filbert.

We adopted Pistachio and Butternut (now Anouk) almost two years ago. They will turn two on May 17, 2016. We could not be happier with these two amazing kittens. They have brought so much joy to our household.

We adopted Pistachio and Anouk (Butternut) at the start of a huge remodeling project. Both kittens quickly learned how to climb up and down ladders. The house was a kitten paradise/jungle gym. Pistachio made friends with the framers. Pistachio (a good helper) would even sit atop a ladder, remove screws from the box, and drop them on the floor for the framers. Pistachio is quite the talker and enjoys speaking to himself and anyone else who will listen.

His sister Anouk (Butternut) waits for me to come home every day. She is a quiet, gentle kitten who enjoys a soft touch and being praised for all of her good deeds. She follows me around like a little puppy. She is pure sweetness in a kitten body.

Her brother Pistachio is a happy boy who loves everyone. He loves to cuddle. He also enjoys playing with his twisty ties and springs. He likes to share the fun by hiding toys for us in our work bags and shoes, or under rugs for safekeeping.

Anouk loves her sisters and just looking cute for the camera.

They have many good places to sleep and a lot of space to play or watch birds.

Everyone gets along really well. Adopting litter mates is the best, and I highly recommend it.. We are so grateful to Feline Rescue and their volunteers for all of the work they do to rescue kittens, and for all of the joy and happiness those kittens have brought to our household.

Thank you!
Dawn and Curtis

Thank you for all the wonderful photos! Maybe we'll get an update for Peanut next.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Filbert and Hazelnut Adoption Update

Filbert and Hazelnut came into foster care 2 years ago at just one week old with their mom Peanut and siblings Pistachio and Butternut. Peanut had given birth to her kittens at a tree farm and a wonderful person working at the farm rounded them all up and brought them to Feline Rescue.

We recently received an adoption update, with lots of great photos, from their mom Kate.

Filbert and Hazelnut are wonderful cats. They enjoy looking out the window; they both run to their perches in the morning when they hear the blinds being opened.

Even though she does the "crazy kitty", bolting around the house and scurrying up her cat tree nearly every evening, Hazel is more reserved than Filbert. He, in contrast, is very social and likes to walk around meowing at anyone who will respond.

They both enjoy scratching their posts, and they use their claws to toss tennis balls in the air. Neither kitty scratches anything other than their posts.

Mostly, they enjoy each others' company. Thankfully, they were adopted together.

Thank you Kate! Feline Rescue foster caregivers, shelter caregivers and supporters love updates!
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