Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Helping Patrice

Patrice was found on a hot August day, lying in an alley in Minneapolis. The person who discovered her thought she was dead since she wasn't moving. As she knelt down to get a closer look, she saw that the cat was indeed breathing. The woman called Feline Rescue and the Foster Program took Patrice in as an emergency foster.

Patrice is a good 14-16 years old. She underwent extensive dental surgery to remove several decayed teeth. A first time foster caregiver took care of Patrice, making sure she got her daily medications. He even syringe fed Patrice while she was recovering from her dental surgery.

Several weeks later, her caregiver noticed that Patrice seemed to be having mouth pain again. He brought her to our vet where it was discovered the Patrice has oral cancer. She has a tumor that's growing quickly on the side of her mouth. It's currently the size of a ping pong ball.

Patrice purrs and enjoys being petted by her caregiver. She loves to ride around on his shoulders. Her caregiver comments that everyone who meets her, even if they don't like cats, is quickly charmed by this mellow senior lady.

Patrice has her good days. Patrice has her bad days. Since oral cancer is incredibly quick growing, Patrice's good days will be shadowed by her bad days very, very soon.

Although Patrice has only been with Feline Rescue for a short period of time, she has accumulated enormous vet bills. She's had surgery and lab work (including a cytology and a histopathology) and many, many vet visits.

To contribute towards Patrice's vet bills, you can donate via either the "Network for Good" or "Pay Pal" or go to our site.  Please make sure to enter "Patrice's vet bills" in the Designation field (otherwise it won't get earmarked for Patrice). Any amount will be thoroughly appreciated.

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Make sure to enter "Patrice's Vet Bills" in the Designation field!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oneida and Emily, Mama Cat and Baby Cat

Stray momma cats have it tough out there. Feline Rescue volunteers try to also keep their interests in mind when rescuing and placing their more adoptable kittens.  
Oneida had five kittens outside in the spring. Kind neighbors kept them fed and were eventually able to catch the whole family and care for them until a foster home could be found. 

Oneida’s four boys have all been adopted (two by two), and now she is hoping to find a forever home with her kitten Emily. Emily was the only girl in her litter and happened to be the shyest and most independent of the bunch. She is a pretty Siamese-tabby mix.

Oneida is a sweet cat but a good and protective mother, so earning her trust takes patience and understanding. Luckily she found Bree, a volunteer who has successfully fostered many untrusting cats rescued through Feline Rescue’s outreach program. These shy kitties are just as deserving of good homes as any other cat. Here’s an update on Oneida and Emily (also called Mama Cat and Baby Cat) from Bree:

“The cats are doing well. They are both eating off my lap now as you can see in the pictures. Mama cat is still hesitant to eat but she slowly makes her way over. Baby cat is totally comfortable with it. I can pet her during feeding time but I can't pet Mama [yet]. They both have big appetites. 

They are both scared of my hands, although I bent down to pet baby last night and it was like it felt good, but then once she realized it was me petting her she got a little scared.   


They are both playful, baby more so than mama. She will play with toys and also feather wands, I always find small things in my sink that she must have been playing with on the vanity. She and mama and [my cat] Felix will all play "hide and pounce" around the couch, it's pretty cute. 

Baby will often come upstairs with Felix and me when I go to bed, although she hangs out in the other room.

I think both are making good progress. Both started out terrified in their crate when they saw me, but now they are running around the house. Mama cat used to not even want to be in the same room with me without hiding, but she will now eat in the same room as long as it looks like I'm not coming towards her. She does hiss a lot at me, but she's not mean, I think I will hear less of it as she becomes more comfortable. “

With more persistence, scheduled lap-time meals, treats, and toys, Emily and Oneida will continue making progress and are sure to find just the right patient and understanding family someday. If you are interested in adopting them email outreach@felinerescue.org

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gabby Gabrielle

Feline Rescue received this plea back in August:  
There is currently a young mother cat at PUPS in Maple Grove. A rescue took her kittens, but left her behind and now she is on the euthanasia list. This just breaks my heart, especially as I have a super soft spot for torties and calicos. It is reported that she is not feral, but shy and needs socialization.
I am willing to foster, but I cannot pull her from the pound because only an approved rescue group can do that. I know that separating kittens and mothers unfortunately happens all the time, but this one is just tugging at my heartstrings and I want to do something.
Any assistance or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your consideration.

Feline Rescue was happy to help out, especially since Heather was a skilled, experienced foster caregiver and we also disapprove of the practice of rescuing kittens and leaving behind the mom cat.

She is coming along nicely. Still shy, but is trusting people more and more each week. She likes other cats and is not afraid of the dogs. I named her Gabrielle or Gabby for short. She is my little Gabby girl and she talks every time I see her. she really is a super sweet tiny little girl.

Looks like she has a calico friend in foster care, too!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What I did on my summer vacation

"Hi, Feline Rescue friends, Nipper here. It's been a while since you’ve seen me around the Adoption Center. I took a sabbatical in the spring to focus on my health in a foster home. I've put on a couple pounds this summer, which in my case is a good thing (the healthy diet and thyroid medication is working).

If you've met me, you may remember me for a couple of reasons: my sweet face, my extra-long tail that's usually swishing, and ... oh yeah... the swatting and nipping. I still do that sometimes. But my foster family can attest that there's a lot more to me than that. They think I’m actually pretty nice to have around. I’m always close by and can be sweet and a lap warmer when I want to be. I play and keep myself entertained. I look awfully good on the couch.

I travel nicely. I usually spend my days quietly lounging on my kitty condo, chasing a ball around, and watching neighborhood birds out the window. But my foster family recently took me on a trip. I pack up easily and ride quietly in the car—even with the dog sitting next to me.

I adjust easily to new places and don't hide. Here I got to chase bugs and watch waves crash on the shore.

And I got to be the only cat in the house. I curled up to sleep with my foster mom at night (I don't normally get to do that because the resident cats get those privileges).

So that's what I've been up to. It's been a good summer and I'm happy here. But I hope someday I will find a home of my own with another family who can get to know me, accept me the way I am, and learn to love me anyway. Call Molly to hear more about me: 651-295-3758."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adopt a Mini-Panther Today

Black cats are amazing creatures.  They are little ninjas who play and purr, with their sleek-black fur.  They are mini-panthers, with their stealth and striking looks.  Consider getting yourself a little black companion and check out these kittens and cats in foster care.  They can be adopted with siblings or to a home with other young cats.

Here are some of the black kittens and cats in foster care looking for homes.  To find descriptions about their personalities go to: http://felinerescue.org/adopt-a-cat/available-cats-and-kittens/




Elizabeth Taylor

Katherine Hepburn





For more information about our foster cats and kittens available for adoption, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Community Kittens Come Inside

Lyla and Kale (now Tonks and Neville) were community strays being fed by a kind neighbor. Now they are adopted and living the good life indoors together.

Feline Rescue volunteers answered a call to help get all the cats in Lyla and Kale’s colony trapped to be spayed and neutered. Some of the adults returned to their outdoor lifestyle, but the kittens were too sweet to put back outside.

It took a little extra work to earn these kittens’ trust. But thanks to their patient adopters, the kittens certainly look like happy house cats!

Lyla, Kale, Eggplant, Cherry Tomato, and Les have all been adopted. Siblings Apple Dumplin’ and Huckleberry Pie are still looking for a patient foster or adopter to give them their second chance. If interested in helping them, contact outreach@felinerecsue.org.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We just had to share some photos of Elmer taken during his recent photo shoot with Kris of KrisKreativ Pet Photography. Elmer is quite the character. He was rescued through our Outreach Program and picked up FIV during his travels.

Meet Elmer and his FIV+ feline friends in the FIV+ room at the Feline Rescue Adoption Center

What is FIV?
FIV is an immunodeficiency virus that over time may leave a cat more susceptible to illness. But most FIV cats live normal, healthy lives with few or no health problems. FIV can't spread to other cats through casual contact like grooming, cuddling, or sharing food and litter boxes (it's transmitted primarily though deep bite wounds). FIV can't spread to people or dogs.
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