Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Kitties!

The first babies of kitten season have been born! Momma cat Bonita gave birth to 4 healthy kittens on March 19. Bonita was ill when she first came into rescue but recovered nicely and is taking wonderful care of her babies.

Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted litters.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Gracie Update

Gracie was recently adopted from our shelter and has been amazing her new family with her unique feline intelligence.

Dear Feline Rescue,

...we just wanted to let you know that Gracie has been having a blast living with us!

She took a while getting used to people, since she had been on the streets, but now she comes out even when we have company, abandoning her closet (which is her blanketed kingdom of seclusion) to purr and stretch in blatant invitation of attention. My poor chairs never feel unloved, as their carpeted scratching perfection entices Gracie way more than cat-nip rubbed scratching posts.

Gracie loves to have her belly rubbed, she'll flop down as soon as you start petting her, and absolutely loves being brushed. She's also rather fond of the bathroom--for some reason the bathtub is a source of endless wonderment, and she'll hop into the shower with me, always careful to stay in the steamy but dry portion as I stand immobilized, blocking the water from hitting her lest she become sad and soaked. She loves to curl up into the most adorable ball in my sink while I do my makeup, and our permanently dripping faucets end up bathing her. I think it's probably nice, since she can't always lick and groom her back, so I let the water and petting make up for that. The toilet flush always merits her running in to see the whirlpool--I hope she never figures out how to flush!

And my is Gracie smart! With laser pointers, she's amused for about 2 minutes before she just starts to stare at you, knowing that the little tube in your hand is what causes her anguish. She'll continue playing, but she makes sure you know that she knows what's up. She also is deadly vicious with toys--she knows to go straight for the string, the connection between the head of the beast and it's body of control.

Everyone who meets her loves her--and why wouldn't they? Gracie is absolutely the sweetest, most beautiful, most intelligent cat I've ever met. Thank you so much for taking care of her and allowing us to have a new friend.

Thanks again, and best wishes,
Alice & James & Gracie

Thank you Alica and James for giving Gracie a home!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Morris's Rescue Story

Because Feline Rescue has limited funds and resources to rescue and care for cats, sometimes our volunteers will independently rescue and foster a cat.  Morris is one such cat and this very special guy is now looking for his true forever home.

From Morris's foster caregiver:

One look at this handsome, sweet cat and you'll fall in love for sure! Morris might be one of the sweetest cats his foster mom has ever come across and yet Morris has not lived a life of love and shelter, at least not recently. 2 years ago, Morris was first spotted as a stray, hanging out around a neighborhood in Minneapolis. He was wounded, limping, and bleeding from injuries to his face and legs.

Morris would sporadically show up around the house where he was offered food and his rescuer took it on herself to try to catch this boy who obviously wanted to trust but was just scared. After being dumped on the street and left for dead, Morris wanted to make sure this time his trust would be placed in someone who would value his life more than that. Morris allowed her to pet him as he ate but skittered away when close to getting caught.

After 9 months of Morris not showing up, he was presumed dead until a few weeks ago when suddenly he appeared again...dirty, weak, sick, and starving. But still friendly. He allowed himself to be picked up, placed in a carrier, and taken to the vet. After a few days at the vet, treatment for a skin infection and ear mites, he was neutered, vaccinated, tested for FLV/FIV (negative) and sent to his rescuer/foster's home to look for a permanent place. So you see, Morris has been through more than any animal should and he has come through with the most amazing temperament and still wanting to trust and love.

Morris loves to snuggle and be petted. Nothing makes him happier than love. He's lived without that for the past 2 years at least and he is determined to make up for lost time. Any chance he gets he'll rub against your legs, snuggle in your lap, and sit close to you trying in his own way to show you how much he appreciates you. He doesn't seem to know how to play with toys but loves to stare out the window and perch on the cat towers. Morris loves his foster home and his foster home loves Morris but Morris needs a permanent home. He is an incredible cat for all he has been through and he doesn't ask for much...some love, good food, a place to perch, and a home that he can call his forever and not ever have to worry about being on the street again. If you can provide him that, Morris will love you and be your best friend for the rest of his life.

Morris is not a Feline Rescue cat and is being privately fostered. If you are interested in meeting this sweet guy, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Miss Melodi Mars

Miss Melodi Mars has settled in quickly at her foster home so you would never know that she had been found in a box next to a garbage can at a local park just two weeks ago.

This little girl is friendly, playful, and very curious, all that a kitten should be.  She is having lots of fun playing tag with her new kitten friend Noel.

Melodi Mars is ready to find her forever home.  If you would like to meet her, please call 651-705-6264.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Update from Patty Mae

Cute little Patty Mae recently joined another former Feline Rescue kitty. Here's an update from their adopter!

I adopted Patty Mae, now called Emma, about a month ago. Thought you
should know she is doing well. She has a lot of energy and is very
sweet. Emma and my other Feline Rescue adoptee, Panda, are not yet
best friends, though they tolerate each other and have now transitioned
to sleeping on my bed a couple of feet from each other.

Attached is a picture of Emma, after she fell asleep on my hand, and one
of Panda and Emma looking out the window together.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little dolls

Luna, Quasar, and Star are new Feline Rescue foster kitties. Change is hard... so they were scared to come out at first.

Now they're making themselves at home and are sweet as can be. These girls are dolls!




Luna, Quasar, and Star will soon be available for adoption. Call Molly for more information: 651-295-3758.

Friday, March 9, 2012

BabyCakes Update

BabyCakes first came into rescue as an orphaned kitten at such a young age that we as always in these situations worried that she would make it.  But she was such a healthy, strong little girl she had no problems and with her sweet personality won the hearts of all who met her including both cats and people.

BabyCakes recently found her forever home and we've of course received a wonderful update from her family.

BabyCakes is doing great! Oliver was so excited to meet her when we first brought her home (as you can see in the photo) but we gave her the guest room for a while for everyone to acclimate. Now, Oliver and BabyCakes are playing and even napping together (see attached photo). Audrey, our older Siamese, has adjusted better than we thought too. Audrey still likes her space now and then but she hasn't seemed too threatened at all.

Oliver checking out BabyCakes under the door

BabyCakes has found a few favorite places to nap in our home: in her own basket in Bryan's office, and with Oliver in my reading chair. She will meet our vet for the first time this Friday for a check up.

Oliver and BabyCakes

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Kitties

Duke and Connor were really showing off for the volunteers at the adoption center last night.

Both of these boys love other cats and have been waiting a long time for just the right home to come along.

To meet Duke, Connor, and their friends stop by Feline Rescue's adoption center. Or call 651-642-5900, ext.3 for more information.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tippie - One Eye Doesn't Stop the Playin'!

Tippie is a one year old cat in foster care. She has a big heart, extra toes, and only one eye.

Tippie lost one of her eyes earlier this year due to a virus she picked up during her time on the streets. She does not let this stop her! She is a dancing and playing machine. She loves to play with string. She loves to play with catnip toys. She loves to play with her ball in a track contraption. She loves to play! When she is not playing, she likes to help her foster humans cook dinner. She's an expert chef and even bigger expert in tasting.

Check out Tippie's latest video - playtime fun!

Tippie is not currently ready to be adopted. She's still adjusting to life with one eye. However, if you are interested in adopting this special needs kitty when she's ready to move to her forever home, you can contact Cathy@ Feline Rescue: 651-230-3263
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