Saturday, February 28, 2009

Carter and his mice

FR foster kitten Carter had a busy day "killing" furry mice on Friday and the sweet, generous kitty that he is he carried them all to the food bowl to share with the rest of the cats in the household.

All that's needed after an afternoon of mice "killing" is a long drink of water

and a nap.

If you are interested in adopting Carter, please contact Joan at 612-702-9636.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Sisters Adopted

Mariah and Delilah, two gorgeous sisters, were adopted last week from our adoption center.  Their new family sent a great update including pictures and a copy of their daughter's blog posting.
Here are pictures of the sisters we adopted from the St. Paul Shelter last week, Etta (fka, Delilah) and Frida (fka, Mariah). They both settled into their new home almost immediately and are exceptionally sweet and well behaved - we feel lucky to have found them.  Here is a copy of the welcoming blog ( that our daughter authored upon their arrival (honestly, we never felt that we were such tough disciplinarians).

Thank you all at the shelter for taking such good care of the girls while they were waiting for their new home.

J & G

A warm welcome goes out to the newest members of the feline family, Frida (Kahlo) and Etta (James). Frida and Etta are year and a half old sisters adopted from a Twin Cities no-kill shelter by my parents this week and are now happily snuggled together in their Northeast Minneapolis stucco abode. The kitties are sweet girls, warm and curious and not at all aloof. Frida has giant golden eyes and a white patch on her chest, while Etta's eyes are small and crossed, like a Siamese. I think it's fair to say that they will be quite spoiled as my parents, having realized the error of their ways in over-disciplining my brother and I in our youths, are now the most lenient of people, probably going too far in the other direction. Frida and Etta have no idea how good they're going to have it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Matt & Damon: As handsome as you'd think

I have met these kitties and they are great! Gorgeous, soft buff tabby coats and well, I'll let the foster mom tell about them herself:

I absolutely LOVE these boys!

Matt and Damon are each the perfect combination of kitten and snuggles. When they're not trying to jump onto my shoulder, they are playing with a toy or with each other. They are affectionate, curious, active, inquisitive, confident, snuggly, friendly, purr-y, and full of life. They always make me smile.They're always waiting at the door for me to get home. They help me with the laundry. They make sure my shower is warming appropriately and they’re always helping me with my make-up in the morning. When I lay down on the couch to watch TV, Matt snuggles up to my neck and Damon lays on my stomach. A few times during the night, they check on me and purr in my ear.

There are subtle differences between the brothers. Matt is confident; Damon is scared of nothing. Damon is quiet; Matt utters the faintest meows (which will undoubtedly grow in volume and quantity as he gets older). Matt never stops purring. And, most obviously – Matt is slightly darker and slightly bigger (for now, at least) than Damon.Matt & Damon need a forever home together that will never tire of their kisses - they have a lot of love to share.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lana & Starlet: So happy together

Lana and Starlet were foster cats in my home. Lana was a momma cat with kittens and Starlet came from the same location, so we considered them cousins. They were beautiful black cats, but black cats and adult cats are often the last ones adopted and so it was in this case.

To further complicate the situation, Starlet was very shy. When their adopter came to visit, she wouldn't even show herself. Bless this adopter, he was willing to trust me that the girls would do well together and Lana would help Starlet to adjust in her new home. It has worked out beautifully.

Please remember the adult cats, the black cats and the shy cats when you consider adopting. The personalities of the shy cats often blossom once they are in a home away from the stress of the other cats in the foster home or shelter and going to a home with a more outgoing friend or sibling cat makes the transition easier for the adopter and the cats.Hi Denise,

The cats are great!

I did not change their names and am NOT planning to. If anything, I would have named them A and B -- I like keeping things simple; I may be one of those people that should not be allowed to name things.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, Starlet jumps on me and meows in my ear, until I surrender and give her canned food -- Starlet does a great job of getting me up in the morning.

About 3 weeks ago, Starlet became interested in Kleenex boxes and pulled all the Kleenex out of the boxes in both bathrooms and the bedroom -- very cute. I put sticky tape on the boxes and Starlet lost interest in the boxes.

Recently Lana decided that her new favorite place to play is the bath tub (no water in it). Thus, she has been putting all of her favorite toys in the bath tub and playing there.

Both cats are great fun and love to play!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Big, Fat Cat Update

Two sweet big guys, Jacko and Gray Schma, were adopted from our shelter last month.  Their new mom sent the following update and for more stories about the two of them, now named Baloo and Howard, she invited us to visit their blog at  The blog is in Nantuckat under Catsachusetts.

To give you a more precise description of how they're doing - wonderfully. They are happy. They are incredibly funny. We are constantly amazed at what they're learning and how they're progressing. They're still a bit skiddish but they're working on their own in their own ways to overcome that. 
Baloo (aka Jacko) does seek the most comfort in doing whatever Howard is doing but he's learning to do things on his own. He likes food. He goes where the food is. He even walked into the kitchen tonight as I was cooking dinner. Sounds spooked him so he would start to dart out of the room. I would call him back in a soothing tone and he would calm down.  He really wanted to be with me so he was willing to ignore the spooky sounds.
Howard (aka Grey) likes to play. He's the adventurous one. He likes our daily routine of playing with Superballs. He chatters up a storm at me when he wants to play. He's constantly seeking out places where he can be alone  - away from Baloo, that is. He curls up with Baloo a lot but you can tell he just wants his own space. First, he found our bed. A day later, Baloo found our bed. Then Howard found "the cave." A couple days later, Baloo found the cave. His new Howard spot is a cushy blanket in front of the heat vent. I make sure to give him daily "Howard time." He loves his friend Baloo but he really does want to be noticed individually. I get him purring several times a day. 
At night, Baloo sleeps either with his face on my cheek or with his head on my pillow. Howard sleeps curled up next to me. Both like to explore the house at night. I wake up many times to hear balls rolling across the hardwood floors. It makes me giggle. Baloo practices his Superball game at night. He wants to get good so he can join in one day. They're happy. They purr a lot. They're getting used to routine (and picking the parts they like best).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stuart --> Stewie

Thanks to the love and understanding of his new family, Stuart, who was a shy kitten, has become Stewie, a friendly, playful kitty.  Following is an update from his adopters.

We adopted Stewie from his foster home in October of 2008. He was a rather timid 7-month old, but he had bright eyes, a soft coat, and was eager to play, so we took him home to meet his new big sister, Taali, a 15-month old Maine Coon mix.

The introductory period took place between a closed door, then a screen door, and then finally face to face. Stewie eventually stopped growling and hissing and accepted his curious, fun-loving sister. Now they chase each other up and down the climbers, play hide-and-seek, wrestle, and give mutual baths before curling up together for a nap.

A few months ago Stewie surprised us with a new game that he taught us. I threw his crinkle ball across the room, and after chasing it down, he carried it back to me in his mouth and dropped it on my foot. He sat down and meowed. I laughed, picked it up, and threw it again. He retrieved the ball a dozen times before he decided to flop on the carpet for a breather. Since then he has also proved himself to be an excellent outfielder--catching his crinkle ball in both paws as a variation of his game of fetch.

The best surprise has been Stewie's demeanor around people. He has actually blossomed into a people person and has no problem with greeting visitors at the door (who knows, maybe he thinks they're bringing food).

We are glad to have Stewie in our home and to have such a caring group of people at Feline Rescue ready to help cats and connect them with their future families.

Milo and Sarah

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sonnet, Elise, Melody & Lyric

This family was abandoned when their owners left town without notifying anyone. The home was a rental property and the cats were eventually discovered by the property owner. It is assumed that Elise is a kitten from an earlier litter of Sonnet’s. Lyric and Melody were about 5 weeks old when they were found. Although they needed food, they seemed to have been well-cared for. They are all affectionate and sociable.


Sonnet is probably about 1 ½ - 2 years old. She is a beautiful tortie with a very sweet disposition who will probably be a lap-cat and bed warmer. She is very playful and likes catnip toys. Her oldest kitten, Elise, is especially bonded with her and they would make a great pair.


Elise is about 9 months old and is a flame-point Siamese or Balinese mix. (The Balinese breed is a longer haired version of the Siamese, but the fur is really more medium-length.) Elise is always looking for mischief – I don’t know if it’s a teen-age thing or her Siamese gene. She likes to annoy the "permanent" cats in her foster home just to see the reaction she gets. However, she loves to play with her mom (Sonnet) and her two little sisters (Lyric and Melody).


Lyric (above) is sociable, outgoing, and playful. She is a tortie and looks almost exactly like her sister, Melody. Lyric is a little darker, but the only way to really tell them apart is by their front paws. Lyric has one cream paw and Melody has two cream paws. Lyric is very affectionate and will probably spend time with her new person on a lap or in bed.


Melody is outgoing, playful, and sociable, but just a little independent. She is a tortie and looks almost exactly like her sister Lyric. Melody likes to explore, and doesn’t want to be caught until she’s ready (or until she’s tricked). Once you catch her, she’s very cuddly.

For more information on Sonnet and her daughters, please call Cathy at 651.230.3263.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vanna has a new home and a new name!

Remember lovely blue-eyed Vanna and her beautiful Easter kittens: Bunny, Bonnet and Beau? Well, Vanna recently moved to her new home with a couple that was actually looking for a cat with Turkish Van coloring like Vanna -- most people haven't even heard of the breed.Her new name is Blithe and her new cat companion is Bunny. That may be just a little confusing since her daughter was also Bunny, but the two are getting along well. All of these photos are from her new home; the last three are of her new friend Bunny. The adopters report, "We are very happy to have her. She is a great addition to our family and we love her very much."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Meet Annick! She is a spunky little gal with classic tabby markings and a playful disposition. She loves to play and cuddle with humans. She came to Feline Rescue all by herself, but she loves the other cats in her foster home and would love to join a household with an active young cat or be adopted with another young cat.

Like many young cats, Annick loves to play with crinkly balls, toy mice, and pretty much anything else that moves! Her foster mom is teaching her to play fetch and she's catching on pretty quickly.

For more information on Annick, please call Cathy at 651.230.3263 as she is in foster care.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rusty fka Duncan

Duncan was adopted the beginning of January and has already bonded with his new buddy Patches according to the following update we just received from his adopter Nancy.

Just a month ago, I adopted Duncan (now known as Rusty). I wanted a companion for Patches (also a rescue cat) who was 2 years old so that he had someone to play with because my senior, Kali (a 16 year old rescue cat) just couldn't handle a playful 2-year old. Rusty and Patches became best friends immediately and the scene in the attached picture has been a daily occurrence since 3 days after we brought Rusty home. When my son's cat visits, Patches defends Rusty if it looks like Joey might get too rough with him--he'll actually stand between the two cats. My senior is now able to live out her senior years in peace. Rusty is a real blessing in my house.

Update on Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown, an FIV+ kitty, found a wonderful forever home.  Here's an update from his family.
Just had to send a new picture and a note on Charlie Brown. We had adopted him in 2007.
He's still the most wonderful cat in the world and we love him!

I had surgery in November, and everything went fine. But the day before I came home, Charlie started insisting that he sit WITH Shawn. Now, he's NEVER done this, never wanted to sit with us before since we've had him. When I came home from the hospital, as soon as I was settled on the sofa with a blanket, there he was, staking out his claim on my lap. AND that's where he stayed. And ever since, if we're on the sofa or sitting in the rocking chair he has to be there too. I am convinced he knew I was sick and that we needed extra care from him and he was there to give it.
Thank you all for your great work! 
Jennifer and Shawn, and Charlie Brown

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adoption Event February 7

Foster cats and kittens will be meeting and greeting potential adopters this Saturday at the Roseville Petco from 11:00 to 2:00.   Hope to see you there!

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