Wednesday, March 14, 2018

We Need You!!

Become a Feline Rescue foster caregiver! You'll be in great cat and volunteer company! Foster once, foster forever.. whatever works for you. Homeless cats and kittens are in greatest need of rescue in Spring and Summer months. 

Learn more about our Foster Program and apply online.

Not able to foster? Pass this along to a friend who might be willing. Every little bit helps!

Here's what people like you say is the best parts of being a Feline Rescue foster caregiver:

"Having the success stories. Seeing them grow and be comfortable in their furever home."

"Having all the kittens I want!!! Watching the transformation they go through. Learning to trust and love humans. To growing and discovering what it is to be a cat."


"Having been the recipient of unconditional love by fur babies my entire life, I am humbled to be able to give that back to the forgotten and so called unadoptable ones who are on the euthanization lists. Watching their personalities shine after some acclimation is so wonderful. All we need is LOVE."

"Short answer - snuggles 
Long answer - seeing a cat that is consider a lost cause or unhandable find a loving forever home."

"Happy reports from forever homes."

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