Monday, April 25, 2011

Welcome the Barton Family

Feline Rescue took in one more new family this past Friday, the Bartons. Momma cat Clara Beth Barton had been trying to raise seven kittens out there on her own.

Clara Beth and Emma Lou

Clara Beth

She is quite thin and her two month old kittens are all small and underweight for their age. The smallest of the kittens, little Anthony, is just 14 oz. Now in a safe foster home they should all start gaining weight.

Gabbie Rae, Chase, Anthony, and Trina Ann

Clara Beth, Anthony, and Amy Jo

Trina Ann

Trina Ann, Grant, Gabbie Rae, Anthony, and Sonja

Piles of kittens

You may recognize Peggy, Dorothy, and Sonja in the photos. They are all temporarily together as the three one month olds prepare to move to another foster home tomorrow.

Emma Lou, Dorothy, and Peggy

We'll have more updates as they grow.

Please spay and neuter your cats to prevent unwanted litters.


  1. We adopted Trina Ann, Gabbie Rae, and Chase about five and a half years ago. They remain playful and adorable--though much bigger of course. We like to look at these pictures plus the video of Trina Ann really brighten our days.

    1. Thank you for adopting three siblings and giving them a loving home!


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