Thursday, August 15, 2013

Prayers and Purrs for Mickey

Baby Mickey came into foster care with Feline Rescue when we were contacted by the person who found him crying outside. He was probably born that day - possibly the day before and had lots of debris attached to his dried umbilical cord and placenta.

Mickey had been doing well with one of our fabulous bottle baby caregivers.  Growing, eating and playing just like any other kitten.  But as he got older his caregiver noticed that he hadn't started walking (well belly crawling) normally for his age and she was concerned.

From his caregiver: "Mickey had his vet visit yesterday and they took x-rays of his hind legs. It appears that he had some fractures mainly due to his very low bone density. His bones are difficult to even see on the x-ray. There is a rare condition that is indicated by very low bone density so the bones are extremely brittle and break quite easily... There is a medication we can try but in general the prognosis isn't good. This just breaks my heart."

Mickey needs all the positive thoughts and prayers he can get. Please send good thoughts his way.

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