Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brothers Ace and Zen in Their New Home

Ace and Zen were part of a litter of five bottle baby kittens rescued from an animal control facility. Their foster family cared for them round the clock and loved them up preparing them for new homes.

Foster volunteers LOVE getting photos and updates from adopters, makes letting them go a bit easier. Ace's and Zen's family have sent a bunch of fabulous photos to share.

They love laying/sleeping in bowls or on backpacks.

They also love to jump into my daughters stroller, play catch the fish on the iPad, snuggle and kiss, and lay on more backpacks.

Snoozing, playing with feathers, watching for birds, chipmunks and squirrel's.

They also love to play in a tunnel we have and sleep in bed with us!

Thank you to their new family for giving them a loving home and updating us with photos!

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