Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Listen up! Lindy, Laurel, and Goldy Update!

Rosemary adopted sisters Lindy, Laurel, and Goldy (now Pujah, Saba, and Simba) together about a month ago. She is having lots of fun working with the girls as they come out of their shells. At first, the shyer cats would only come near at mealtime, but soon they were coming out to play too. Pujah (Lindy) is the outgoing sister. She made herself at home on Rosemary's lap almost immediately. The three sisters are definitely moving at different speeds. Here are some updates Rosemary has sent along the way:

Greetings, thought you'd enjoy this...

The bowls are only 6 feet from me so the shy ones have to approach me. I will celebrate when I'll be able to send you both close ups of the shy ones!

All 3 cats are willing to play with me at the same time.  Simba/Goldy got within 2 feet of me before she became surprised and backed off.   This evening we are enjoying a fire in my fireplace. These two photos are "selfies" of Pujah. My heart is full!

Sunday Pujah played with a friend of mine (long handled toy). They all know I am the food goddess. Slow progress with Saba and Simba... Funny- the two shy ones are so much more shy in the mornings. They love a fire in the fireplace. I briefly got to brush Simba while she was eating--I don't think she realized it (!). Progress slow but we are hanging in there!

Hunting a box elder bug:

Last Sunday Pujah played with my friend Gary and 2 days ago she and Simba played with my friend Gail. Saba is still under furniture but she is watching, watching.

I am So pleased to tell you that this evening Simba/Goldy allowed me to pet her, brush her, and pick her up into my lap to pet her!!! Thank you both for your ongoing encouragement. In the meantime Saba is watching...watching...watching. It is all good!

We will keep waitng for that close up of Saba. In the meantime, looks like they are enjoying being together. And they sure love their new cat tree!

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