Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mother and Son - Best Friends

When photographer KrisKreativ met Mercy, it was hard to get a photo of the momma cat. Mercy wasn't hiding. Mercy wasn't fighting with the scary camera. Mercy wasn't zipping about the room. No, Mercy was difficult to photograph because she kept rubbing all over the photographer's legs, weaving in and out. Mercy loves attention. She loves people. She loves to be petted. And if the photograph included sound, it would be vibrating because Mercy was also loudly purring. Loudly. All the time.

 Mercy is one happy cat. Her July is much different than how the year started for her. Mercy gave birth to her kitten outside on a very cold January day. She then ended up at Animal Control as a stray and was almost put down after she caused some commotion protecting her kitten. Feline Rescue stepped in, begging for Mercy to be released to our foster care. She now has a roof over her head, a lap to sit on, good food in her bowl, and her favorite thing of all - her little boy Mojo.

Mercy and Mojo are quite the pair, so very much alike. As they play together, they leap and twirl and twist in the air, mirror opposites of each other. Although Mojo is brown and Mercy is grey, it is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish one from another. They have astonishingly similar personalities. Their movements are
also almost identical. Swift, agile, playful, and sleek. Both love to play. Both purr amazingly loud. They're just so happy to have each other.

Mojo is a sweet, quirky, funny little boy with a good heart. He is incredibly gentle and adores his lap time. In fact, he begs for lap time. He thinks being petted is the best thing in the world. Next to his toys. And his momma.

Mercy and Mojo are up for adoption as a pair. Come meet them in their foster home and fall in love with their amazing bond. Mother and son, best friends for life.

If interested in adopting this pair, call Joan at 651-705-6264.

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