Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bonded brothers Fluffy and Tiny

Fluffy and Tiny were rescued from impound with their litter mates Bouncy and Shorty. They were all super scared at first but have come a long way! Bouncy and Shorty were recently adopted together.  Tiny and Fluffy are looking for a home together.

After spending a few weeks settling down and learning all about living in a foster home, Fluffy and Tiny have moved to Woody's Pet Food Deli in Woodbury so they can meet more people. Soon they hope to find their forever home too!

Fluffy is the naturally outgoing guy in the pair. He was ready to explore the cat adoption room right away. Fluffy loves to play, especially with balls.

Tiny is much more timid. But he is sweet. He just needs a patient family. Tiny likes petting and loves to play with his brother Fluffy. Fluffy encourages Tiny by chirping at him, calling him to come out of hiding.

To meet or hear more about these adorable brothers, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email outreach@felinerescue.org.

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