Thursday, April 16, 2015

Help! It's Kitten Season Once Again

Same time each year Feline Rescue is inundated with orphaned kittens, pregnant cats and moms with babies.  Kittens are cute, innocent and happy.  They are so much fun. We love to view photos and videos of their silly antics, but unfortunately there are too many of them being born to homeless or abandoned cats.

Our foster homes are already filling up and Kitten Season has just begun.  The season began with momma cats coming in with their newborn babies and now the urgent pleas from local animal control facilities as orphaned kittens some too young to eat on their own are in need of rescue.

Yesterday a VERY pregnant momma cat was left at our shelter and two six week old kittens were rescued from an animal control facility while just days before a two week old kitten and a four week old kitten were quickly taken into our care from another animal control facility.

VERY pregnant momma, now named Clementyne, shortly after rescue

Before and after photos for recent orphaned kittens rescued from animal control facilities.


Jumpin' Jack Flash

Bibi and Bibbles

So how can you help?  Not everyone is able to open their home to provide foster care for cats and kittens but Feline Rescue is always in need of supplies and funds to pay for medical care.  Check out our Kitten Supply Wish List or donate to our foster program.

For more information about our foster program read our Foster Program Frequently Asked Questions and if interested in becoming a foster caregiver please fill out our online Foster Volunteer Application.

Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted litters.

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