Thursday, July 30, 2015

Olive and her precious six

A pregnant mama cat surrendered to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She was two years old, tiny and very sweet, but we knew by her big lumpy belly that she was ready to give birth.

Feline Rescue agreed to take her into foster care even though it is the peak of the summer kitten season. 

She arrived on a transport from RLRR on Monday July 20 and was to her foster caregiver who had a lovely little room all ready for her. She walked confidently out of the carrier to check out the room and quickly settled into the window to breathe the fresh air. The evening of the next day she had the kittens.

It was a long, exhausting delivery of six kittens for the little mama. The foster caregiver helped by cutting the cords to release the last two kittens from their placentas, so they could crawl over to mom to nurse. She rested and let them nurse and now she is super mom! All the kittens are clean and active and growing quickly.

Mama Olive loves attention for herself and her foster caregiver is happy to oblige. It's hard to believe that six kittens were stored in this tiny girl! We're all so happy this is her last litter.

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