Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pauline and Ivy: A Purr-fect Match

Sometimes things just turn out the way they are supposed to, and this is certainly the case with Pauline and her little friend Ivy. Ivy was a stray kitten, born outside in St. Paul this summer and rescued along with her mom Juno and her sisters, the Shoebox Kittens.

Pauline was a stray in North Minneapolis, captured for Trap-Neuter-Return. But the garage where she took shelter burned and was not a safe place to return. Plus, life is hard on the streets for a little cat like Pauline. Volunteers could pet her and tell she was sweet, but she sat in a kennel for a long time waiting for someone to give her a chance and take her home to foster.

Once in her foster home, Pauline continued to seem depressed. She was healthy and ate well but was barely responsive to her foster mom's attempts to interact and make her happy. Then along came Ivy.

Ivy and her siblings Wilson and Pippi came to stay with Pauline for a couple days on their way to another foster home. But when her siblings left, Ivy had to stay behind for medical care, having succumbed to a bot-fly larvae in her eye and a respiratory infection that took two weeks to clear up. Ivy turned to Pauline for comfort. Pauline in turn began to blossom. She protected and cuddled little Ivy. And Ivy taught Pauline to play.

Now that Ivy is back to being a healthy and energetic kitten, the two are bonded and would love to  be adopted together. Pauline is still shy with people, though she waits eagerly for food and other positive interactions with her foster caregiver. Ivy is outgoing and just as loving with people as she is with Pauline.

Adopting this pair together would be fun and rewarding. They are just meant to be together. If you think they might be meant for you too, contact Molly for more information: call 651-295-37589 or email

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