Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oscar the Grouch Needs Your Help

Oscar the Grouch was found in a trash can earlier today. Not only did he stink to high heaven but his right eye was not in its socket. It's not a recent injury but it's not one that's healed fully or properly. Gangrene is setting in (another reason he stinks). He was rushed to our vet where he is receiving medical attention. The extent of his injuries is not quite fully known yet. He's getting blood work (and a bath!) and will soon have surgery to repair his ocular cavity. He will recuperate in Foster care.

Oscar would like to point out that he's not grouchy. He's actually taking his ordeal in stride. He's being a good little patient and even put up with a bath and being poked and prodded by the vet. He's keeping his spirits up and is particularly happy to not be living in a trash can anymore.

To contribute towards Oscar's vet bills, you can donate online via "Network for Good" or "Pay Pal" or see our Donate Now page for additional options. Please enter "Oscar the Grouch's vet bills" in the Designation field if donating via Network for Good to ensure that the donation is recorded for Oscar's vet bills. Any amount will be thoroughly appreciated.

Donating by credit card via Network for Good Online:

donatenow verilogo

Please enter "Oscar the Grouch's Vet Bills" in the Designation field.

Donating by PayPal or credit card via PayPal Online:

Donating by Personal Check:

Donations by personal check can be mailed to:

Feline Rescue, Inc.
Attn: Donations
593 Fairview Ave N
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  1. Any updates on Oscar's progress?

    1. Oscar is doing very well. We'll post a more recent photo soon. His rescuer/foster caregiver has decided to adopt him.


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