Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amazing Tricolored Dreamcoats!

Tricolor cats – it’s like having 3 cats in one! Feline Rescue has several beautiful tricolor momma cats that have been the very definition of selfless caregivers, yet during the very busy kitten season they are often overlooked as potential additions to families looking to add a feline companion to their home. Many of the Feline Rescue moms are just youngsters themselves at only a year or two old!


While the lure of adorable little fluff ball kittens is understandable, don’t forget the momma cats who have cared for their little ones for several months and now want a chance for a forever family of their own or maybe together with one of their kittens!


Momma cats at Feline Rescue are colorful, social and like to play! Come meet one of them today in their foster home and see what a joy it would be to have a momma cat as part of your family!


For more information about visiting some of our gorgeous tricolored, momma cats, submit an adoption inquiry form or contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

For a listing of all of our available cats and kittens, check our web site's Available Cats and Kittens page.

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