Friday, August 12, 2016

Looking for More Foster Caregivers

If you were a foster caregiver, this is something you could see every day!

A plea for more caregivers
We're well on our way to another record year, with this year's numbers pulverizing last year's pretty awesome numbers.  The one thing that is holding us back from saving more cats and kittens is open foster homes. We have no open homes right now but our phone is always ringing with requests to help another stray cat. If we had more caregivers, we could have more cats in the foster care program. We need you to help us.

What does a caregiver do? 
Being a caregiver is fairly easy. It does take a bit of your time. Part of the caregiver experience is chores - cleaning litter boxes, washing dishes. Another part is putting on your chauffeur hat and transporting the kitten to the vet (usually 1-2 times) and to our Foster building (usually twice). And finally the best part is playing with kittens. You will find yourself saying over and over and over again, "You are the cutest kitten EVER!" to each and every one of your fosters. Being a caregiver means some chores, some transport, and lots of cuteness. But mostly, it means saving a cat.

Who qualifies as a caregiver? 
Anyone over 18 who is fine driving to St. Paul for vet visits, has a spare room to confine the fosters, and who has a few extra hours a week to spend with their fosters.

What cats go to the Foster program? 
Kittens under 5 months of age, pregnant momma cats, moms with kittens, special needs, and the elderly are all candidates for the Foster program. We need caregivers for all of these cats and kittens.

How do I learn about fostering?
We've got a great support network of caregivers who can help guide you and answer questions. We even have written instruction manual and classroom "training." You won't go this alone. We're here to help you.

In a nutshell
We can provide you with food, litter, medicines, and pretty much any other cat supplies you need. We pay for vet visits. You simply need to transport them there when needed and spend time kissing them, petting them, cooing over them (and.... cleaning litter boxes and washing their dishes). If you've got some time to spare, we'd love to have you.

Okay, being a caregiver isn't all kissing bellies and cuddling with kittens. For the most part and most days, it is fun. But sometimes kittens unexpectedly get sick. There may be more vet visits. There may be some sleepless nights, up caring for a sick kitten. You will clean litter boxes more than you've ever cleaned before. And vacuum more. And pick up toys more. And ask, "Okay, which one of you did this?" more times than you care to count. And worry more. And analyze litter box contents more than you ever thought in a million years you would. And have more cat hair on your clothes than you think could possibly be on the kitten itself. And sleep less.  But it means saving more cats. That can't be stressed enough. The work a foster caregiver does is rewarded when that little face looks up at you and you realize, "He may not be alive right now if I hadn't started fostering."

To apply
You can apply online here:
We'd really love to have you. And so would the cats.

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