Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nelson is 10!

It is so gratifying to get updates on our foster cats and kittens from their adopters. It's really special when you still get updates after ten years!

Nelson Axel celebrated his 10th year with me in his forever home. He was born 10 years ago yesterday and, thanks to you and Feline Rescue, I’ve had the pleasure of his company all these years.

I’m including some pictures taken over the past few months of my boy and his 4-year-old adopted sister, Lana Kitty Pierson, as well. Lana is a little petite Torbie, also from Feline Rescue.

I’ve also included a photo of Alvie, Nelson’s biological sister who lives at Calhoun Pet shop. I still visit her and she is doing well. Every time I look at her all I can see is that her face is just like Nelson’s!

Nelson still hates Lana :-(, but they live in separate spaces in my home and both are happy and thriving. 

I was hoping that when I adopted Lana that Nelson would be tolerant of her but that never worked out. As you know Nelson has some serious behavioral problems due to a neurological issue so I knew going into the adoption of Lana that it may not work. I was concerned that Lana would not get the life she deserves nor would he however I was wrong. Both seem very content, affectionate, and happy so life is good for them and me

I adopted Lana from another Feline Rescue foster caregiver, she was the mother of 5 beautiful babies. 4 out of the 5 had already been adopted and one of her babies, Frankie, was still living with her. Lucky for me, Lana was available and, knowing that Mama cats don’t get adopted as readily as kittens, I wanted to give her a good home. She is very petite and I cannot conceive how she managed to carry 5 kittens.

Lana is very affectionate and kind. She is also very friendly to all who visit and loves to watch birds, bunnies, and squirrels, just like Nelson.

Nelson still has to eat raw rabbit only and take Prozac, but his issues are now under control, so he is happy in his own skin and able to give and receive comfort and love. He is very bonded to me and very routine-oriented. If his routine gets interrupted he gets anxious and irritated, he lets me know this by being very vocal. He has always been very vocal and enjoys telling me just how he feels about things.

He brings a smile to my face every day and has become quite a snuggle bug. I feel very fortunate to have both him and Lana in my life.

Thanks to you and Feline Rescue for all you do to help our feline friends. What a bunch of caring and compassionate folks you are!

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