Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The adventures of Wobblin Maude

Hello! My name is Wobblin Maude. I'm wobblin because I have a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). Basically this just means that I weeble wobble when I walk. I am still plenty fast and playful and I can almost keep up with my best friend Agnes. She's a little faster than me and she can jump higher than I can. But we love to wrestle and snuggle together for naps.

I just love people. I have a real good purr motor and I will purr as soon as you pick me up. I also love to pose for pictures, so if you Instagram, you should check me out @WobblinMaude to see lots of photos and videos of me. Even if you don't have instagram, you can still check me out here: https://instagram.com/wobblinmaude/

You’re going to see a lot of me in the next year because I got the most votes in the Kitten Video Fashion Show this fall at Pints & Purrs. That means I’m Feline Rescue’s spokes kitty for 2018 and I’ll be appearing in lots of Feline Rescue’s ads and things. Pretty cool, huh?

Plus it’s a bonus that a special needs kitty gets to be spokes kitty. If you're wondering about Cerebellar Hypoplasia, there's lots of good information on this website: CHcat.org

My foster meowmy says I have mild symptoms because I can do whatever I set my mind to. I have no problems eating or using the litter box! I am a good climber and I like scratching posts and cat trees to play on and nap in! Carpet and rugs would help me have traction under my paws and also provide padding when I fall.

My ideal adopter would give me lots and lots of snuggles, wave wand toys around for me and Agnes since we’re young and have a lot of energy and would be willing to make the minor special arrangements that I’d need to be safe and happy in my new home. Things like padding at the bottom of the cat tower for instance since I’ll probably try to jump down from the top. CH kitties don’t always stick their landing very well.

Foster meowmy says she’d be really happy to see someone help me keep up my instagram account. Do you like to take lots of pictures of cute kitties like me and Agnes?

Come visit me and Agnes in our foster home. We'd love to meet you.

Maude is a pair adoption with her best friend Agnes. To learn more about them, call Joan at 651-705-6264 or submit an online adoption inquiry form.

Maude's and Agnes's combined adoption fee is $250.

For more information about Feline Rescue, Inc. and a complete listing of our available cats, go to the Feline Rescue website. If you'd like to hear more Feline Rescue stories and see more pictures of our cats, check out the Feline Rescue Blog!

Photos by Kris Kaiser | KrisKreativ Photography

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