Saturday, May 16, 2009

"My Skye"

A couple weeks ago Skye went home and we recently received the following update with photos (we always love photos).
Already ten days in and he's settled nicely, both in the house and my heart. He has adjusted much more quickly than I expected, even when getting used to the presence of another cat. They're both on civil terms with each other by now (not even the smallest growl or hiss) and are willing to sleep on the same bed at night only a few feet apart - neither of them wants to give up the comfy spot by a warm, sleeping human.
Skye has claimed a small couch as his own, a place where he likes to nap or just keep an eye on the rest of the lower floor. If someone walks by, human or animal, he hops down to follow and see what we're doing. I knew that he was a sweetheart when I met him in the shelter, and since bringing him home those qualities have only grown stronger. He loves to give face washings and openly asks for affection (especially if his food dish happens to need filling). Many times I've turned around and almost tripped over him, not knowing he had quietly trailed after me. Apparently I still need some training.
I'm so grateful to have this curious, loving cat in my home, and he is just as happy to be here. Thank you again for sharing the special experience that is adopting an animal - and not just any animal, but my Skye.

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