Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patience and Perseverance

Along with love it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to keep day old kittens alive.  Sue, one of our expert bottle feeders, has been fostering two kittens, Ollie and Wally, since they were newborns.
These two kittens go every where with Sue whenever she may been away for more than a few hours.  Every week day Sue packs the kittens along with their formula, food, heating pad, and bedding to take them with her to work.   They've also accompanied Sue to various events including the Feline Rescue plant sale last Saturday where Sue was volunteering.
Ollie's and Wally's mom is a feral cat who had been being fed by two Feline Rescue volunteers. On Sunday, April 26, she left them on their porch and did not return for them after a day. Feline Rescue took them in and they have been bottle fed by Sue and are going strong.
More from Sue:Their eyes opened on day 10.  Wally is a few days behind his brother, Ollie, as he was a little sick his first week of life. But he has since grown by leaps and bounds and is doing very well.  This week, they both learned to start grooming themselves.  Ollie is also learning to jump up onto things.  It is great fun to watch them develop into kittens.  Every new milestone is interesting to watch.
Lots of photos in this posting but we had to include every last one.  These two are so cute!

Thank you Sue for caring for Ollie and Wally.
And thanks to Anita for the photos.

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