Thursday, June 4, 2009

Queenie and the Bees

READY-TO-POPWhen my tiny foster cat with the huge pregnant belly finally gave birth, she had EIGHT kittens. That's an unusually large litter and one kitten, we named Bitsy, failed to thrive and died at ten days old. She had lots of love and care and actually passed away very quietly on her own as we held her.

QUEENIE AND HER EIGHT NEWBORN KITTENSThe good news is that the other seven are seven weeks old today and doing great. Because they are such a swarm of kittens, I called the group the Bees. Naturally their mom is the Queen Bee or Queenie and the kittens are Beasley, Buzby, Bixby, Barnaby (the boys) and Barbie, Bobbi and Bree (the girls).

MILK BAR OPENQueenie is the sweetest cat around and an excellent mom -- we know she had at least two litters before this one, so she is experienced (we do keep assuring her that this is her LAST litter). She is weaning the kittens now because they eat soft and dry food and drink water just fine.

MILK BAR CLOSEDThis family can meet potential adopters soon and they can go home once they are 12 weeks old, healthy and spayed/neutered. We strongly recommend getting more than one kitten, because they want to play all the time and need a snuggle buddy, too. They will be posted soon on our website.


  1. The Open Milk Bar photo is amazing. What an accomodating momma cat, can't believe all 7 fit at one time at that age.

  2. These are great photos! I hope I get to meet these sweeties soon :)


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