Monday, October 26, 2009

Mason, Dixon and ... Add-a-line

It was inevitable, I suppose.

Last weekend Feline Rescue took in two kittens who had been found in a window well. They had been observed by the finder for two days with no sign of mom, so they were starving, flea-bitten and suffering from upper respiratory infections by the time they came in.

They were named Mason and Dixon, and here they are enjoying the warm fleecy goodness of their new foster home.

Later in the week a fuzzy gray kitten was surrendered by her finders, who didn't know how to take care of a 3 week old kitten, and were afraid they couldn't afford her veterinary bill, as she was also starving, dehydrated, and suffering from URI with severely affected eyes.

Of course, Mason and Dixon were just waiting to add a line... and thus we have Adeline.

It didn't seem hospitable that Adeline was curled up by herself while her new brothers had extra room in the soft donut, so we moved her a little closer.

Greeting ensued, with awkward tumblings and tastings. (Milk? You got milk on you?)

Mason thinks she fits right in. She's just the right size and everything.

That's just the ticket - a new family nap. Welcome, Adeline.

Adeline was seen again by the vet today, and has severe changes in her eyes resulting from her infection. We greatly fear that she will be blind, or even lose her eyes completely. She's seeing a kitty ophthalmologist tomorrow. Please purr for her, and if you would like to make a donation to Feline Rescue in her name, it would be greatly appreciated, as specialty care can get expensive.

You did get the joke about the Mason Dixon Line, didn't you? No matter, Sweet Adeline is a lovely name all on its own.

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