Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brothers: Bootstrap Bill and Leopold

I adopted Leo and Boots (their names used to be Jade and Jazzy) from Feline Rescue Inc. almost 3 years ago. They just had their 3rd birthday last May 2. I bought them playtime cubes and they are nuts about it.

Bootstrap Bill is the black and white cat. He is a little trouble maker! He still love to steal things. He steals everything but the kitchen sink. He demands me to pet him for a half hour before he settle down at the bedtime. He melts my heart with his cuteness. He likes to sit in the middle of the living room and watch us. He is a curious boy.

Curious Bootstrap Bill

Leopold, the orange tabby, is so handsome and he knows it. He is also smart. I let him outside on  leash. He learn to not go outside until I put the leash on. He would jump on the top of tin garbage can by the window and wait patiently for me to get the leash. Leo also knows that meowing at me will not work. (I am deaf) He would tap on my shoulders, legs or butt. It took my other cats years before they figured out how to get my attention!

Handsome Leopold

They are very close brothers. They play together and sleep together. They can get wild sometimes, Boots love to run over us on the couch while Leo chase him. So far no injury but there were close ones! :)

Bootstrap Bill and Leopold with Tasha, Lisa's mom's cat

I am so lucky that they are mine.

And Feline Rescue is lucky that the boys found such a wonderful home with Lisa!

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