Monday, May 24, 2010

Pierre (fka Little Man) and His New Family

Little Man, renamed Pierre to fit in seamlessly with his new family (Rousseau's Litter), moved to his new foster home today and he is already doing very well.

Pierre says "Hi" from his new foster home

From his foster mom:

He is doing great with the kittens and the mom cat is treating him like another one of her babies, I'm not sure if she even noticed he was new ;)

Top down: Berlios, Geniveve, Normandy, Antoinette, Pierre

For the first few hours he was following me constantly and if I left the room he would start crying now he is busy with his new brother and sisters and he isn't at all interested in my whereabouts! He has a great personality and beautiful markings (classic tabby swirls and he has spots on his tummy).

Thanks to two foster volunteers, one for nursing him back to good health and another for offering to let him join her foster cats!

More sweet photos of Pierre's new cat family.

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