Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brothers Together

Ted and Sam, fka the Seuss Brothers, are really enjoying life in their home.  Looks like they have a great view to do some bird watching.

We've come to fully learn and enjoy the Seuss Brothers' distinct personalities, though we still can't tell them apart from far off, without collars (so they wear collars!)

- Ted is the talker - meows in a high pitch, rouses us from outside the bedroom door in the morning. He likes to try to get into restricted spaces, including the fridge. He loves joining us in whatever room we're in, and sometimes will get on his hind legs and tap one of us on the arm when he wants attention. He likes being petted on the head/chin.

- Sam is usually silent and a little more affectionate than Ted. He loves tummy rubs, and will drape himself across us if we're laying down on the couch. He also has a loud purr.

- Both of them love the screened porch -- hard to get them off of it in the summer. Ted sometimes chirps at the birds or squirrels from his perch on the window sill.

- We've enticed them with a number of toys, but the favorite continues to be the cheap rubber golf ball that each likes to carry in his mouth, and then drop it to play soccer. After nearly a year, there are lots of these balls in the apartment, many under pieces of furniture.

We're very happy to have adopted them, and thank Denise for the great foster parenting. They came with great personalities!

Thanks to Ted's and Sam's family for the fun update!

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