Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gracie and Lily Update

Yea! Sisters Gracie and Lily found a great home together and they're doing very well with their new family.

Hello everyone!

We are so happy to have added Lily and Gracie to our furry family. They have adapted to our house surprisingly well over the weekend. They have now met big sister Ushi and although they are keeping their distance and there is still some hissing and growling, there has been no swatting and they are getting closer and closer to each other. We are hopeful that we will find them in a big cozy pile sometime when the weather changes and they have gotten to know each other better.

Lily is still the bold one and could not be contained by the second day she was here. We put Ushi into her own room and let the new babies explore the house. Lily immediately ran out and explored every inch of the house. A few minutes later, Gracie followed. When they met Ushi, Lily ran up to her and they were nose to nose. Although Ushi hissed a little, she seemed ok with Lily boldly introducing herself. Lily and Gracie have now had the full run of the house with Ushi overnight and everyone seems content. It seems like the favorite spots for the kittens are in the front picture window where they have been sleeping during the day, and under the coffee table which affords the best view of everything without being spotted.

Gracie has come out of her shell a lot. As soon as she got to know us, she didn't hesitate to come running out of the room to see us. She has found a comfy spot at the foot of the bed that she likes in addition to the big window in the front of the house. She has also found a little sparkly ball that she carries around the house like a little mouse and trying to meow with it in her mouth. She enjoys playing with it and bringing it to us to play with her. Lily really likes to walk all over us looking for love and to snuggle as well as chase the monsters on the screen when Charlie is playing video games.

Both kittens seem to love poofy balls and sparkly crinkly things and have loads of fun chasing each other around the house. Thanks to both of you for taking such good care of our new babies before we adopted them. They are so social and loving and we couldn't have asked for better kittens.

We will update again soon and hopefully we will have some better pictures to send.

Laura and Charlie

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